Stomach Reduction Procedures

Stomach Reduction Procedures
Stomach Reduction Procedures

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Stomach Reduction Procedures


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Stomach Reduction Procedures There are many reasons for high weight and obesity, and sometimes it is due to genetic causes and hormonal change in the body resulting from problems with secretions in the glands, including problems related to genetics, and the psychological factor also enters and affects a person’s greed and increases his appetite for food and as a result the weight increases Exceeds the acceptable level

Due to the development of medicine, surgery and its techniques have intervened to be one of the most important solutions to lose weight and get rid of obesity today, and plastic surgery in Turkey has gained the largest share of people demanding it and from around the world due to its moderate prices compared with Europe and the development of medical techniques used combined with the skill of doctors And their fellowship in international universities, and the high level of services provided with the highest standards of quality and health care!

In this article, Turk Aesthetic Medical Center deals with surgical solutions in the stomach for weight loss (Stomach Reduction Procedures), the advantages and disadvantages of each technique, the results, the estimated cost

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Stomach Reduction Procedures Options

Stomach Reduction Procedures falls under obesity medicine, which can produce excellent results within two years after the operation, whereby the person loses from 25% to 35% of weight in addition to health improvements such as cure of type 2 diabetes. Also, one of the advantages of the operation is that it reduces the rate of early death by an amount. 30% and also recovery from some health problems such as arthritis, asthma, infertility, high blood pressure and cholesterol, Bariatric Surgery, and the goal of all operations is for a person to feel full by eating a small portion of the usual meal they eat, and weight loss surgeries are classified into:

1- Stomach Reduction – Restrictive surgery

which aims to reduce the size of the stomach by binding or gagging, thus reducing the amount of food, the procedures are:

Reducing the stomach by banding the stomach (Adjustable gastric band)

  • One of the types of restrictive surgery that works to reduce the amount of food absorbed in the stomach to help rapid fullness and a feeling of satisfaction and satiety faster.
  • Anesthesia is performed for the whole body and it is not required for surgery, so it is possible to make 5 holes, each hole does not exceed 1 cm in the abdomen, then use an endoscope (a thin tube with a camera at the end)
  • The upper part of the stomach is connected through the used endoscope, so the stomach is divided into two parts, in the middle of which is a passageway for the entry of food slowly and little to allow the feeling of satiety early and of course the width or narrowness of this passage is controlled.
  • One of the advantages of gastric banding is that it does not need surgery, and therefore it is performed in a faster time compared to other operations, as its complications are few, and the ring can be removed when necessary.
  • One of the disadvantages of this procedure is that it leads to vomiting if eating quickly or if the ring or passage is small and narrow, and the silicone ring may slip and disappear, and thus another operation is required.
  • The results of the operation appear after a few weeks, when a person is forced to burn fat due to the little food that has been eaten, thus losing weight, and the results sometimes last for two or three years.
  • As for the costs of laparoscopic gastric banding, we mention the average cost in the United States about 12 to 16 thousand dollars, and in Europe in general the average cost is estimated from 15 to 18 thousand dollars
  • And as we mentioned above, Turkey considers in recent years the first destination for these operations due to the moderation of prices, the skill of the doctors, the quality of health and service standards provided in the hospitals, and the average cost of gastric banding in Istanbul is estimated from 7 to 10,000 dollars.
  • To know the cost of gastric banding at Turk Aesthetic Medical Center, please contact our staff via the link

The Obalon Balloon System

  • One of the alternatives to gastric banding is a simple and temporary non-surgical procedure that lasts about 7 to 9 months to be removed from the stomach after obtaining the desired results using the endoscope.
  • Its main purpose is to fill the stomach by inserting an empty balloon through the mouth and then fill it with a liquid solution to occupy a large area of ​​the stomach and thus reduce the amount of food consumed and feel full early so that excess fat is burned instead of food and then weight loss.
  • It should be noted that the operation is performed under local anesthesia and it is simple and lasts for half an hour only, and people who suffer from simple obesity may resort to it as well (not only severe obesity).
  • As for the advantages of reducing the stomach by means of a slimming balloon, it is, as we mentioned, non-surgical and simple, it does not require incisions, sutures, or full body anesthesia, and it is safe and its complications recorded are simple and its results are excellent when the patient adheres to the doctor’s instructions. Its costs are low compared to other procedures.
  • As for the defects of the balloon, it is perforation of the balloon for some reason and the exit of its contents through the urine tends to be blue in color and the need to see a doctor immediately to remove it, also one of the defects of the balloon is the ulcers in the stomach as a result of friction with the inner wall and the increase of its acid secretions to lead to an ulcer. Or its shrinkage may lead to its entry and blockage of the small intestine, so when you feel pain, you should see a doctor immediately and finally, one of its defects is the occurrence of infection during the insertion of the balloon, and to avoid this, attention must be paid when choosing the place
  • The results appear after several weeks, after removing the balloon from the stomach, the patient adheres to a diet he used to while in his slimming balloon.
  • As for the costs, they are a little high because they are simple and non-invasive and depend on the type of balloon used.
  • In the United Kingdom, the entire cost of the operation ranges from $ 5,500, while in Germany and Switzerland it ranges from $ 7,500 to $ 8,500, and in Turkey, it ranges from $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 on average.
  • To find out the cost of Obalon Balloon System process or any Stomach Reduction Procedures at Turk Aesthetic Medical Center, please contact our staff via the link or visit our YouTube channel.

Reducing the stomach by folding or stapling (gastric plication)

  • One of the restrictive operations is a surgical procedure that is performed by inserting medical pins into parts of the stomach in order to reduce its size and reduce the amount of food and also help reduce the secretion of the hormone responsible for the feeling of hunger.
  • The operation helps to lose more than 50% of a person’s weight in less than one year, and it is called by several names such as stomach ruffles, stomach punching.
  • The patient is fully anesthetized and about 8 holes are made, each hole does not exceed a few millimeters, through which two-thirds of the size of the stomach is folded and sutured to shorten its total size.
  • The advantages of gastrectomy are that it is less risky compared to gastrectomy, and it promises results that last for about a year, losing half of the pre-operative weight.
  • As for the disadvantages of the process of reducing the stomach by folding, it is an alternative to cutting and it is recent and therefore its long-term results are still unclear, also one of the disadvantages is the lack of change in the secretion of the satiety hormone after the operation (as happens in the stomach cut), the absorption of food is not reduced. In the future, the operation may fail if the threads used in dismantling the edges of the stomach are loosened and return to what they were previously.
  • As for the cost of gastric banding, it varies from one center to another according to the doctor’s experience and skill, and the prices for the operation start from $ 3,000 and may reach $ 20,000.
  • Prices in Turkey are moderate, ranging from 3500 to 5000 dollars for the operation.
  • To get the price package for gastric plication operation or any Stomach Reduction Procedures including all expenses of hotel reservation, airport reception, and transportation from the Turk Aesthetic Center, please contact our staff.

Botox Weight Reduction

  • It is used recently for weight loss, but it is still in the process of experimentation, its results are still being studied in research and scientific centers.
  • Botox is generally based on temporary paralysis of the muscle, so it is widely used in plastic surgery.
  • When the Botox injection is performed, the muscle becomes temporarily paralyzed and remains tight in shape, thus wrinkles do not appear on the face or the injection site.
  • This idea is applied in the stomach by inserting a medical speculum through the mouth, and at the end of the endoscope, a Botox injection is placed.
  • When the stomach is injected with Botox, its walls become temporarily paralyzed and thus refrain from digesting food normally, which leads to the food remaining in the stomach for a longer period and not feeling hungry, and as a result the body loses weight.
  • The doctor may also target the nerve connecting the nervous system and the stomach. The function of this nerve is to give the stomach a command to digest. When injected with Botox, it sends signals to the brain of satiety and food sufficiency.
  • The operation takes about an hour and its results do not appear immediately, but after 4 months, and the results do not continue in the long term. Muscle failure as we mentioned is temporary and not permanent. Therefore, the injection must be repeated again after a period of 6 months.
  • One of the advantages of Botox is that it is simple compared to the aforementioned solutions, it is just an injection through the endoscope and not surgical, but one of its disadvantages is that it is under study and experimentation, and it does not help in losing weight, but only reduces the appetite.
  • As for the cost of stomach Botox Weight Reduction or any Stomach Reduction Procedures including the endoscope and injection packages, it ranges from 2000 to 4000 dollars.

2- Restrictive surgery malabsorptive (Bypassing the stomach)

As it changes the way food is absorbed by making the stomach 80% smaller than its original size, in addition to cutting a portion of the intestine, thus reducing a person’s ability to eat, reducing food absorption and absorbing fewer calories, the procedures are:

Sleeve Gastrectomy

  • The operation is done by cutting the oblique part of the stomach and shortening its area to be a narrow tube only that takes the shape of a well-known shirt sleeve, hence the name of it as a sleeve gastrectomy or reduction of the stomach, the procedure is of course under complete anesthesia for the patient and he may use semi-anesthesia with the help of a hypnotist and a muscle relaxant .
  • As for the advantages of gastrectomy, it has quick and ideal results for people who suffer from severe obesity, and it is less dangerous than the solution of gastric bypass, and the vertical pocket (sleeve) is not expandable and does not affect the way of digestion and absorption.
  • Defects or risks of gastrectomy are multiple, and it is worth noting that the decision to sleeve gastrectomy is not retracted, in case it is performed, as the patient must accept the full results and possible complications, which we summarize as bleeding, which is the most dangerous possibility that exposes death if it is not controlled. Another possibility as long as surgery is involved and its possibilities are reduced, of course, if the endoscope is used, paralysis of the muscles of the digestive system and stopping the movement of the intestine, so the patient must stay for a whole day after the operation to ensure the safety of the operation, leaks with infectious acids in the event that the pins are not implanted tightly, vomiting for muscle relaxation after Anesthesia, GERD as a result of secretions in excess of the new stomach size is very common.
  • Also, there are risks that may appear in the long term such as fibrosis of the remainder of the stomach, thinning and excessive weakness, esophageal fibrosis, anemia.
  • Finally, we mention the cost of cutting the stomach in some countries, such as Britain, about 7500 dollars, Germany about 10,000 dollars, Turkey leads the countries in the moderate cost due to the multiplicity of centers and the skill of doctors in it, ranging between 4000 to 5000 dollars.
  • To find out the cost of gastric sleeve or gastrectomy at Turk Aesthetic Medical Center, please contact our medical staff.

Gastric Bypass

  • Complex surgical outcome is categorized under restrictive and altered resorption procedures.
  • It reduces the size of the stomach by 90%, as the food bypasses the stomach and the upper part of the intestine in the form of a Latin letter (Y). The operation is called bypassing the stomach because the surgery is done on the basis of bypassing the upper part of the stomach through an egg-sized pocket to cut a part of the small intestine and connect to the stomach pocket And reconnect the other end to the intestine so that the food bypasses 90% of the stomach and part of the small intestine also, according to the figure below.
  • The operation is performed under full body anesthesia, after which the patient needs to stay in the hospital with diet and body nutrition through solutions, then convalescence for 15 days with a specific diet.
  • Many people confuse sleeve gastrectomy and gastric modulation because they are similar to some extent in the procedure and fall under the same classification (restricted and non-absorbable), but there are important differences between them, including:
  • Weight The body loses more weight in the transduction process than the amount of weight that the body loses in the sleeve gastrectomy.
    Time The modulation process takes about three hours. The sleeve gastrectomy process takes about two hours. The time difference between the two operations is not taken into consideration, but the additional period of anesthesia during this hour is dangerous for those suffering from heart problems.
    Research and studies have proven the efficiency of gastric bypass surgery than of gastrectomy (sleeve gastrectomy).
    The bypass technique exceeds a larger area of ​​the stomach and intestine compared to a gastrectomy.
    As for the disadvantages of reducing the stomach by modulation, the stomach may expand as a result of not following a specific diet and exceeding the amount of food recommended by the doctor, the body does not get the beneficial food elements for the body to exceed a large area of ​​the stomach, lung and heart attacks in addition to the nausea and sweating syndrome and To faint with diarrhea after eating
  • Finally, it is worth noting the cost of modifying the equipment on average in some countries, in the United Kingdom the average cost of the operation is 9000 dollars, in Germany 12000 dollars, while in Turkey the costs are moderate, ranging between 5000 to 7000 dollars.
  • To obtain the cost of gastric bypass from Turk Aesthetic Medical Center, please contact our staff via the link