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Spectra laser since since the introduction of the laser in medicine and treatment, there is no longer any need to cause surgical incisions, so the laser reduced the risk of bleeding and also reduced the period required for convalescence.

  • With the development of medicine and scientific research, laser performance has improved, the efficiency of its devices has increased, and its use has expanded in many areas and has been adopted in the treatment of many problems.

Turk Aesthetic will talk at length on this topic.

What is Spectra Laser?

A type of laser that is limited to the length of its waves within ultraviolet radiation, and is characterized by a gentle effect on the skin, high-quality results, and rare damage, so it distinguishes from many cosmetic methods by treating the following problems:

  1. Facial lines and wrinkles.
  2. Pallor of skin and skin.
  3. Freckles, melasma, and unwanted chromosomes.
  4. Wounds, superficial scars and minor burns.
  5. Pores, acne and blackheads.
  6. Spectra Laser also stimulates collagen production, thereby giving the skin the desired healthy pink color.

Before Spectra laser

  1. Stay away from smoking.
  2. Control the level of sugar in the blood.
  3. Not to take medications without consulting a doctor, and be especially careful with blood-thinning drugs such as aspirin.
  4. Healthy balanced nutrition.
  5. Drink plenty of fluids, especially water.
  6. Undergo general tests before the operation.

Treatment steps

  • The process does not take more than an hour and one may need several sessions to obtain perfect results. The time interval between the two sessions can be at least a week, according to each person’s condition, degree of wrinkles, and other criteria.
  • After the skin is cleaned and sterilized, a layer of carbon is placed on the face for a short period of time, lasting for about 15 minutes.
  • The eyes are covered tightly and then the rays begin to shine on the face.
  • The presence of the carbon layer stimulates the ease of absorption of radiation and the maximum benefit from it by stimulating collagen further.
  • Finally, the carbon layer is removed to make the skin appear more radiant and radiant.

After Spectra laser

  • You can go home and live a normal life without a recovery period.
  • The results begin to appear gradually after the operation a few days later.
  • Some redness of the skin and skin occurs for a short period, it will disappear automatically.
  • Spectra is four times better than chemical peels.
  • The best results can be preserved in full compliance with the doctor’s recommendations that we mentioned in addition to repeating the session when needed and of course after consulting the doctor.
  • Finally, the cost of a session in Turkey ranges from 300 to 500 USD, according to many criteria.

Spectra laser Contraindications

  • Do not use this technique to treat deep wrinkles, especially those that are located under the eyes.
  • Spectra is not allowed to be treated in the event of a chronic disease or if it is not good health.
  • Dermatitis must therefore recover from it before resorting to laser spectra.
  • The technique is not suitable for treating double chin, and it is not possible to tighten flabby skin.
  • And always it is necessary to consult a doctor before undergoing the operation because the doctor’s decision is the last and the last for the possibility of treatment or not.

Technique defects

  1. Eye problems from poor eyesight and retinal hemorrhage.
  2. Urinary system diseases where it is used to break up stones in the urinary tract and get rid of some tumors.
  3. Treating gynecological diseases related to pregnancy and childbirth, such as treating cysts and adhesions.
  4. The use of lasers as a substitute for sutures.
  5. Treating psoriasis and vitiligo.
  6. Vascular surgery.
  7. Lasers in the field of cosmetology.
  • Which we will specifically mention and explain at length in this article, specifically the Spectra Carbon Laser device, which is a type of laser that works by interacting with carbon.

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