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Smile Lines

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Smile Lines


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Smile lines do not always mean that they are a cause for pleasure and happiness. Rather, they may be a metaphor for two lines that extend from the sides of the nose down to the mouth as a result of aging and aging.

In this article, we will talk in some detail about the reasons for the emergence of smile lines and their treatment with Turk Aesthetic Center.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration15 Minutes
Process aimSmile Lines treating
Continuity of results18 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost300- 350 USD per 1CC

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Smile lines reasons

  • Aging as the face loses volume due to the incline of the oily pad under the skin in the cheeks.
  • These lines may appear clear when using makeup to turn into an annoying facial detail.
  • Excessive sun exposure.
  • Excessive smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Sudden weight loss.
  • Volatility in weight gain and loss.
  • Biological reasons, such as the loss of collagen which is important for the freshness of the skin, which leads to sagging and increased wrinkles on the face and skin.

Traditional solutions

  • Drinking plenty of water helps rejuvenate the skin, moisturizes it and protects it from dryness.
  • Lemon juice contains vitamin C, which helps prevent free radicals and gains firm, healthy skin. Lemon slices can be used as a mask for several minutes on smile lines.
  • Green tea contains anti-aging and anti-oxidant compounds.

Smile Lines treatment

  1. Medical solutions differ according to the age and severity of the appearance of the lines. Below are the types of procedures followed according to ages.
  2. Doctors in the thirties to the forties likely to hide the smile lines by injecting fillers that carry out the task of filling the lines with hyaluronic acid.
  3. The effectiveness of this procedure lasts from six months to a year and a half and can be repeated if needed.
  4. From the age of the forties to the fifties doctors recommend Botox, which is to slow the growth of lines and relax the muscles around the mouth, thereby tightening the skin.
  5. From the age of fifty to sixty can be used to use laser technology to tighten and hide the smile lines and its results last for about two years and the laser session does not require more than an hour of time and the session can be repeated according to the need and the degree of intensity of the appearance of lines.
  6. Over 60 years of age, plastic surgeons recommend a surgical solution, which is a radical solution that will last for five to ten years.

Before session

  • Preparations differ depending on the solution used to hide the lines.
  • For example, when following the technique of injecting Botox or Filler, the injection session does not require a period of time exceeding thirty minutes.
  • There is no need for anesthesia.
  • When using laser technology, the duration of the operation is about two hours or less, according to the degree of depth of the lines, and there is no need for local anesthesia because the degree of pain is possible.
  • The matter differs with the radical solution, which is the application of surgery, as it requires a recovery period of ten days. It also requires that the hospital stay about 48 hours after the operation. And surely the surgery needs total or local anesthesia according to the doctor’s recommendations.

Smile Lines Treatment Cost

The cost varies according to several factors, among which we mention:

  1. Country and city In Europe, the cost is relatively high compared to the cost of the procedure in India, for example, or the countries of the Middle East. The cost also differs in the same country, for example in the Emirate of Dubai, the cost is considered high compared to the cost of the same procedure in the Emirate of Ajman.
  2. The medical center and its technologies.
  3. The doctor’s skill and experience in this field.
  4. The procedure injected Botox and Filler at low cost compared to the cost of the laser.

Finally, to get the exact cost from the Turk Aesthetic Center, you can contact directly with the support team via the link.