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Scar Treatment

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Scar Treatment


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Scar treatment where there are multiple solutions for treating the effects of wounds and scars that appear on the body or face as a result of accidents, acne and skin fats. Are these solutions simple or complex, do they require surgery or can they be treated by laser?

What is the cost, and what are the scars, all that must be known will be explained by Turk Aesthetic during the following lines:

What is Scar?

  • It is a change in the color of the skin and a disturbance on its surface to appear as bumps.
  • These scars do not appear automatically, they appear as a result of burns, accidents, skin infections, and severe infections, due to pimples that appear to accompany smallpox.
  • Treatment varies according to the depth of these scars, some of which are masked with ointments or topical creams and cosmetics for girls.
  • And the removal of these effects may require surgery or laser intervention in the event that the scars and wounds are deep and penetrated into the skin tissue and do not disappear with the use of topical creams.
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  1. Scar removal solutions
  2. Removing scars with topical creams and ointments.
  3. Laser treatment of scars.
  4. Fractional laser scar removal – read about fractional via link.
  5. Scars treatment with filler.
  6. Surgery to remove scars by removing or patching.

Scar treatment Steps

  • Local or complete anesthesia as a first step, as in all plastic surgery procedures, the type of anesthesia is determined according to the individual differences and the individual case of each patient based on the doctor’s decision to perform the most appropriate.

Treatment is divided, as we mentioned, in several ways, including

  1. Topical using creams and suitable for superficial scars only.
  2. Injecting materials that fill the bumps and voids, and this method is considered temporary and does not last for a long time, due to the absorption of these substances by the body so that the scars return and reappear.
  3. Laser phototherapy is done by removing the affected layer by laser beams, to give an opportunity for a new layer of skin to grow properly.
  4. Chemical peels by solutions penetrate the skin and help to exfoliate the skin to grow a new, healthy and homogeneous layer with texture and color.
  5. Bleaching the skin with powders that help the skin get rid of unwanted chromosomes.
  6. Surgical incision in the event that the scars are deep so that a skin layer of the body itself is used, removed from another location and used as a patch to cover the incorrect layer in a surgical manner.

Recovery period

  • After proper treatment and closing of the wound, doctors advise a number of things, including:
  1. Avoid sunlight.
  2. The use of ointments, skin moisturizers and anti-inflammatory.
  3. Complete rest and eating vegetables, fruits and liquids in abundance.
  4. Commitment to medicines that should be used to relieve pain and swelling.
  5. Not to remove the bandages prematurely and exclusively under the supervision of a doctor.
  • The recovery period is simple and prolonged and shortened according to the different treatment methods. The recovery from surgery needs two weeks, for example.

The costs of scar treatment in Turkey

  • Health insurance does not cover this type of cosmetic operation, as it is complementary or secondary operations, unless the scars are deep and affect the movement of the muscle and the effectiveness of its work.
  • The costs of treating scars vary according to the type of scars and their area accordingly according to the method of treatment.
  • The cost of a laser session, for example, for treating scars is about $ 300, and may reach $ 1,500, according to some complex cases.
  • As for surgery, it is the most complex and the most expensive, which starts from 2,500 dollars and reaches 4 thousand dollars.

Finally, to get the exact cost from the Turk Aesthetic Center, you can contact our support team via the link.