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Rhinoplasty or nose job is a term that refers to the cosmetic procedure that not only aims to change the nose shape but also aims to fix some nose problems.

Let us introduce you to Rhinoplasty or nose job and what it means?

People usually have Rhinoplasty in many cases such as:

  • Shortness of breath caused by nose structure defects.
  • The nose shape is not in accordance with the face.
  • In cases of non-symmetric nostrils.
  • Sometimes if the nose was too small or too large, and these cases are all for both women and men alike.

All medical information will be mentioned as accurately and briefly as possible away from long, complex texts.

Here below some quick information about the process:

Procedure duration2-3 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Procedure aimRe-shaping nose to increase harmony, treating breathe problems
Continuity of resultsLife Time
Convalescence2 days
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Rhinoplasty Video

Before and After

  • It is preferable to have before and after photos and even videos to notice the difference before and after the operation.
  • The results of Rhinoplasty in Turkey or other countries takes quite a bit of time, so it needs some patience, the patient should learn about the surgery details before making any decision, the final results of Rhinoplasty surgery takes about 6 months.
  • Any nose job surgery should be carefully studied, the patient should choose an expert doctor and a competent hospital to perform such operations because he will undergo it once, that is why he should not underestimate it even if nose job surgery is (non-therapeutic) so he can get as positive results as possible.
  • Committing to the doctor’s instructions to reduce the side effects and get a pleasing result.

Rhinoplasty – FAQ

Does Bleeding Occur After Rhinoplasty?

Bleeding usually occurs after the operation and it is simple and non-continuous. If there is continuous bleeding, contact and follow up with the doctor immediately.

Are there any negative effects associated with the procedure?

After the surgery, there may be swelling and scars, so you should follow your doctor’s instructions carefully, take antibiotics regularly and avoid polluted air.

Will I feel my nose directly after the procedure?

The patient may feel a slight pain after the operation with little discomfort due to the anaesthesia.

Before I decide to undergo Rhinoplasty in Turkey what should I do?

Like any other surgery, Rhinoplasty, along with the advantages that successful operation achieves after a certain time it results in temporary negative effects that should be noted by the doctor.
A person who intends to undergo an operation, whether cosmetic or therapeutic should know as much as possible about the correct medical information such as healing period, medications used, side effects, the average cost and compare it with the rest of the hospitals.
Do not take a fast decision and choose a hospital before asking about the staff’s credibility and performance and the doctor sufficient expertise.

Rhinoplasty Cases

  • Each person has a different condition and a specific diagnosis where the doctor must first check up the case, then takes the appropriate decision, plans a specific procedure and the patient is informed about all the details.
  • Sometimes the nose size is larger than the normal size, and there is no facial harmony or the two nostrils are large (pug-nosed).
  • Some cases of nasal obstruction, or crooked nose also are a reason to undergo Rhinoplasty
  • Turned up nose and turned down nose.

Good to mention the following points:

  1. Before undergoing the surgery the patient should be aware that Rhinoplasty would change the nose shape to fit the face as much as possible.
  2. Do not choose the hospital depending on the operation cost, you must choose a hospital with high credibility and an experienced surgeon.
  3. Many people have deviated septum problem, the nasal septum is the bone that separates the two nostrils, this problem cause many health problems, the procedure purpose is not just correcting the deviation only to look more beautiful, but it is to correct the problems associated with it; like breathing troubles and common cold and flu infections also people who have deviated septum usually have an excessively runny nose with some rare fainting cases due to the accompanied hypoxia.
  4. The surgeon should check the septum condition and make sure that it is in its normal position after Rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty candidates

  • Over 18 or 20 years old and their facial development has been completed.
  • Do not have any diseases such as diabetes, heart, or Hemophilia disease, or Anemia.
  • Those who expect reasonable and logical results after they choose an efficient hospital and an expert doctor who has the necessary techniques to perform such operations.
  • Non-smokers and non-alcoholic people, their procedure success rate and fast recovery chance are bigger than those who smoke or take drugs.

Rhinoplasty process steps

  1. General or local anaesthesia is applied before starting the procedure, whether it will be general or local anaesthesia is decided by the doctor first then it depends on the patient condition and desire secondly.
  2. The surgeon makes an incision in an almost hidden place of the nose to make the necessary adjustments to the nasal septum structure and cartilages if required. In other cases, the nasal structure of the nose does not require any adjustments.

The plastic surgery is completed on the nostrils, its shape or direction.

  1. In case of large nose or if the nose is not fitting the face shape after lifting the skin the nasal bone and cartilage is sculpted, then the skin that covers the cartilage is returned like it used to be to get the new nose shape and some part of the skin may be removed to fit the new form.
  2. In certain cases, additional cartilages are taken from other body parts and used either to improve the shape, correct deformity, or in deviated septum case or similar nasal deformities some people have.
  3. The final step of Rhinoplasty, the nose shape is unstable and deformable, the nasal septum is removable and may move from its virtual position so a cart or pad is placed to stabilize and maintain the new nose shape.

Be careful not to touch or hit the nose with anything and keep away from things that may cause bruises or nose injuries.

  1. Medical fillings or gauze are placed inside the nostrils to absorb blood resulting from the temporary bleeding after the operation.

After Rhinoplasty Process

After Rhinoplasty, follow the given instructions with complete accuracy and have your medicine such as antibiotic on time.

  • The more accurate instructions are followed and the more regularly the medications are taken, the less the side effects associated with Rhinoplasty happens.
  • Stay in touch with the hospital and the surgeon to inform them if anything abnormal thing occurs and to observe the condition development to reach the desired results.
  • The internal filling of the nose is taken, which usually should be after 5 to 6 days.
  • The doctor removes the bandages from inside the nose, which remain for a period of time to absorb the temporary bleeding.

You should also ask about all the important things that you must do in the recovery period and that includes:

  1. The medications I can take after the surgery.
  2. What are the contrabands during the recovery period?
  3. What to do about touching my nose and exposing it to sunlight and water.
  4. When will the patient start breathing normally through his nose?
  5. Can I go back to my normal life immediately or do I have to stay a recovery period at home?

Recovery period

  • Often, in the recovery period following Rhinoplasty, a cast is placed to keep the nose in its new shape and a medical dressing is put in the incision place to absorb the temporary bleeding after the operation. This period is very important after nose plastic surgery.
  • Sometimes, a slight swelling occurs during this period that disappears within a few days after the operation when the wound is healed.
  • Doctor instructions the more accurately followed the shorter the recovery period will be, and the faster you will get the nose final look.
  • Invisible swelling remains in the nose and can be felt while touching, it takes about a year to disappear completely, this swelling occurs as a result of the wound healing process.

Good to consider the following:

  1. Making a decision to undergo Rhinoplasty in Turkey or anywhere else is a personal decision, so it must be a result of an absolute comprehension of all the steps that accompany this surgery.
  2. All details must be carefully checked. Do not be affected by advertisements, exaggerations, and social media.
  3. The hospital credibility must be checked.
  4. All the steps that will be done during the procedure will be explained by your doctor and will explain what you should do before and after Rhinoplasty.

Side effects

  • Shortness of breath in the following period of the Rhinoplasty.
  • Change in normal nose shape with slight redness.
  • A slight swelling of the nose with a change in colour.
  • In rare cases, a hole may appear in the cartilage that separates the two nostrils.

For more information about cost or other details please contact us.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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