Rhinoplasty For Men

rhinoplasty for men

Rhinoplasty for men where plastic surgery is no longer the prerogative of women, but men now find cosmetic solutions to problems that they may suffer from.

Turk Aesthetic will talk about men’s rhinoplasty in this article.

Here below some quick information about the process:

Procedure duration2-3 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Procedure aimRe-shaping nose to increase harmony, treating breathe problems
Continuity of resultsLife Time
Convalescence2 days
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Rhinoplasty For Men Video

Before and After

Nose problems & Rhinoplasty For Men

They differ according to the cause. Some problems are hereditary, others may occur during childbirth, and other problems may occur shortly after birth.

Also, the types of nose problems differ, some of them have a clear defect, and some have an invisible defect as a small problem with cartilage or a lack of growth.

The most common nose problems for men

  • Big nose compared to facial features.
  • The long is noticeably prominent.
  • The little one, usually the reason for not growing his cartilage, looks like a child’s shoulder in the face of a man.
  • The flat nose that sticks to the face unlike the prominent long.
  • Asymmetric, so one side is larger or more prominent than the other.
  • Deviated nose due to deviation of the nasal septum itself completely or partially.
  • Nose protrusions in the middle or top.
  • The problem with the limbs of the nose is usually longer or shorter than normal, which affects its full shape negatively, which calls for plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty for men (Candidate)

  • If a person has exceeded the age of growth 20 years, so his nose has taken a steady growth limit.
  • Everyone whose nose was disfigured in an accident.
  • People with a disfigured nose have a psychological or functional effect on one.
  • He does not have a chronic disease or any problem with anesthesia or bleeding.
  • He does not suffer from allergies or skin problems, and therefore he must definitely be treated before performing the operation.
  • Fillers and other injections are not suitable for complicated nose problems, and vice versa. There is no need for surgery simply because of minor nose problems.

Rhinoplasty for men surgery

  • The performance of the process varies according to the type of problem and the goal to be achieved.
  • As a result, unwanted wear and tear is eliminated, and sometimes the process may lead to reshaping the nose from scratch to appear good and consistent with the shape of the face.
  • Most of the nose problems are based on the nasal septum, so that the tissue, bone, or cartilage is removed according to the nature of the problem, and sometimes the procedures are simpler than that.
  • The doctor discusses with the patient the problem, and the results are visualized using some methods and illustrations so that the patient is already aware of the result.
  • The laser may be used to cause cracks instead of using a medical scalpel, and this of course avoids the patient from bleeding during or after the operation.


The doctor performs comprehensive medical analyzes of the patient to ensure the integrity of his body and in addition to some tests for the nose to know the thickness of the skin of the nose, bones and cartilage.

Avoid blood-thinning medications before the operation to avoid bleeding, and the patient must inform the doctor of all medications he takes.

the operation

  • After determining the required nasal form in coordination and agreement with the patient, total or partial anesthesia begins.
  • It is worth noting if the patient prefers local anesthesia, then the nose bones should be heard while sculpting or modifying them.
  • After the effect of the anesthesia takes effect, the doctor begins to make cracks, sculpt or remove bones, and to fix them again at another place or angle with the help of supports or foil.
  • Thus, the duration of the process varies depending on its difficulty and degree of sophistication.

Rhinoplasty Aftercare instructions

The patient may have to wear a mask or splint on the nose, depending on the type of operation, while sleeping on a high pillow, we raise the head from the body level to avoid any bleeding

Avoid touching the nose and avoiding emotions, such as intense laughter, and trying to take the breath from the mouth, not the nose.

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