Plastic Surgery After Childbirth

plastic surgery after childbirth
Plastic Surgery After Childbirth

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Plastic Surgery After Childbirth


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Plastic surgery after childbirth in Turkey that many women resort to plastic surgery after childbirth to reduce the volume of emergency change on the body in a desire to restore their original body shape before pregnancy.

Turk Aesthetic talks about this topic in detail in the coming lines.

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Plastic Surgery After Childbirth Options

  1. Liposuction and skin tightening

    After lose excess weight, fat remain in the body that meet as a result of pregnancy, so that the goal of the process is to remove those fats and then tighten the skin. Of course, the two steps are considered to be inseparable in all cases.
    There is little point in tightening the skin without liposuction, because the fatty lumps will meet and look like lumps above the skin.
    So the doctor always starts removing fat to make the skin flat and then the skin is tightened.
    The process takes approximately 3 hours and is performed under full anesthesia.

  2. Chest plastic surgery

    The process is ranked second in postpartum plastic surgery.
    The goal of the operation is to lift the breast and beautify it due to the deformity caused by the breasts being filled with milk and breastfeeding, thus stretching.
    The operation takes place after weaning, and doctors may use silicone to help the chest regain its shape in agreement with the mother and what is appropriate for the skin.

  3. Get rid of cellulite

    It is the inconsistency in the distribution of the fat cells to stand out unevenly on the surface of the skin, but its cause is the hormonal change that occurs as a result of pregnancy.
    Treatment is done by injection that melts these fats or is done by laser or surgically by aspiration.
    Sometimes doctors recommend the use of topical creams, but its effect is limited and minimal and does not help to get rid of the problem.

  4. Vaginal narrowing

    This procedure is not only considered cosmetic, but often a dysfunction occurs during the process of urination or excretion as a result of the expansion of the vagina that occurs after birth, thus the priority of the surgical work becomes repairing the dysfunction first, then plastic surgery

Natural VS Cesarean

Many women resort to the natural, inborn, birth that takes place through the birth canal, which causes many complications such as vaginal enlargement and rupture.

Although hormones support the body and help it get rid of changes in the body during pregnancy and childbirth more quickly, they are not considered sufficient to restore damage, which forces many women to consider cosmetic procedures after birth.

The same applies to a cesarean section, which is done by cutting the abdomen and uterus and extracting the baby, which leads to the result of scarring that requires a plastic surgery to hide the scars.

Especially because hormones do not contribute to cesarean delivery by restoring and restoring the body to its shape, as is the case in the natural process.

Cases require cosmetology after birth

  • Skin cracks caused by stretching the abdomen.
  • Stretch muscles under the skin and increase the waist circumference.
  • The extra weight and fat that the body acquires during pregnancy as a result of hormonal change and diet.
  • Pelvic expansion and increase the size of the buttocks.
  • Sagging abdomen as a result of losing extra weight after birth.
  • Sagging chest during and after breastfeeding and weaning, which necessitates the need to lift and tighten it again.

Plastic surgery after childbirth procedures

There is no need to wait for a period of months for plastic surgery after birth, but it is possible to perform plastic surgery immediately after birth.

So that the mother agrees with the doctor on many details, we will mention it in detail, without taking into consideration that the decision of plastic surgery after birth is only after the last child the mother decides to give birth because the second birth after plastic surgery will spoil what has been fixed.

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