Plasma For The Skin

plasma for the skin
Plasma For The Skin

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Plasma For The Skin


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Plasma for the skin one of the means of providing the skin with freshness and vitality, what is this medical technology and how does the skin regenerate using it.

Turk Aesthetic Medical Center for Beauty addresses everything that concerns the reader regarding plasma to the freshness of the skin.

Here below some quick information about Plasma sessions:

AnesthesiaNo need
Process duration10 Minutes
Continuity of results12 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost200 USD

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It is a transparent liquid with a yellowish color extracted from the human body. To understand its composition, it is necessary to know the components of blood.

Blood is a liquid composed of several elements, each of which has a specific function and these elements are:

  • Red blood cells have the job of transporting oxygen.
  • White blood cells to defend the body.
  • Platelets help clotting in case of bleeding.
  • The plasma fluid is the one that contains these elements, and that gains blood, the property of liquidity and movement, which constitutes 55% of the blood.

How to Extract plasma?

  • A blood sample is drawn from the body of the person himself (who needs indication) and this sample is placed in a centrifuge for twenty minutes.
  • The device expels the substances that may spoil the plasma and keeps the materials that contain growth factors and stimuli to produce stem cells and the enzymes needed to link the cells, and thus the plasma fluid becomes ready for use and injection into the skin.

Plasma Benefits

  • After the plasma injection process to the face, which takes 15 minutes and does not require anesthesia.
  • Plasma injection results start to appear after a period of two weeks.
  • Plasma gives the face a pinkish color and gives it freshness and radiance by pumping blood and treating damaged and damaged tissues and stimulating the skin to produce collagen through protein and mineral compounds.
  • Thus, the face gets rid of wrinkles, sagging and pallor, and gives it a healthy color.
  • The plasma also helps to hide the dark circles under the eyes and eliminate dry skin to give the skin a smooth texture, especially for those who suffer from thinning of the skin to give it the natural thickness.
  • In addition to that, plasma eliminates skin scars, treats unpleasant acne, and eliminates skin inconsistency as a result of aging, fatigue, fatigue or illness.
  • As we mentioned, the results begin to appear after a period of two weeks and complete after four weeks have passed, and not a single plasma session is considered sufficient, it is not a magic formula, but a person needs several sessions and injections in order for the person to obtain all the benefits that we mentioned.

What supports plasma implantation success?

  1. Doctor skill.
  2. The person’s health and psychological condition.
  3. The nutritional and health activity followed by the patient such as exercise, smoking, alcohol.

Aging effects such as sagging skin, loss of its smooth texture and healthy color.

  • Scars, grooves and pits.
  • Pimples and dark circles, and to treat the dark color under the eyes.
  • Plasma is also used to supply the lips as well as to the plasma for many medical uses. Read more.
  • The secret of the treatment and the quality of the results of indicating plasma lies when compared as an option with other indications that the plasma has a liquid consistency that is injected to fill cavities, treat scars and existing sinuses and make them flat.
  • As for the other means, they may be of a solid texture or work to establish tissues and fibers, which take a longer time compared to plasma.

Costs of plasma for the skin

  • There is no fixed cost everywhere but it varies from country to country, from one health center to another, and from one doctor to another.
  • The cost of a single plasma syringe ranges from $ 200 to $ 500, according to what we mentioned.
  • To get the most accurate cost, you can contact the technical support staff of Turk Aesthetic Medical Center via the link.