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Pigmentation Treatment

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Pigmentation Treatment


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Pigmentation treatment both sexes and people of all ages face the problem of pigmentation in the skin and face and the color difference between its parts due to the excessive secretion of melanin that colored the skin, so the person affected will experience discomfort and embarrassment.

Turk Aesthetic addresses the issue of skin pigmentation at length to help the reader solve this problem and in the appropriate form and time.

Skin Pigmentation Reasons

Let’s start by mentioning the most important causes that lead to skin pigmentation, sometimes prevention is the best way to avoid the problem before it occurs, but as for the reasons it is:

  • Excessive exposure to hot sunlight leads to an inflammatory response resulting in skin pigmentation, and thus the opportunity for pigmentation increases with increased exposure to the sun.
  • Wounds lead to skin damage, increased production of melanin, skin diseases or skin pigmentation.
  • An allergic reaction to the skin that causes skin irritation and chromosome appearance.
  • Effects of side effects such as antibiotics and drugs that stimulate hormones, such as estrogen, as well as chemotherapy.
  • Removing hair with creams or wax.
  • Obesity or diabetes.
  • Using unreliable makeup.
  • Acne.
  • Excessive friction activates pigment cells and leads to skin pigmentation.
  • Aging leads to a disorder in the production of melanin.
  • Hormonal change in the body.
  • Genetics an auxiliary role in the occurrence of skin pigmentation.
  • Some skin diseases, the side effects are pigmentation of the skin.

Pigmentation treatment options

There are many natural home solutions and medical solutions that we will mention mentioning in this article due to the speed and the permanence of its results. As for it, we mention:

1- Topical medicinal creams: which contain soy and niacinamide components that open the skin or hydroquinone and kojic acid in addition to vitamin C.

2- Chemical peeling: Professional hands are taken by doctors every month to remove the darker outer layer of the epidermis.

After the peeling session, the skin becomes dry and sensitive to sunlight and excessive heat, so it is advised to use moisturizing and protective creams against UV rays.

It is worth noting that it is not recommended for those with sensitive skin to follow chemical peels as a way to get rid of pigmentation, so they should follow other methods that suit their skin better.

3- Lasers for treating facial pigmentation: used to exfoliate or break the pigmentation of moles, birthmarks, or freckles.

Care must be taken when selecting a doctor before conducting the laser session, which takes about half an hour, and there is no need to conduct more than three sessions. As for the pain, it is possible and does not require anesthesia.

Tips to avoid skin pigmentation

  • The use of sunscreen when forced out and direct exposure to sunlight, as excess heat is one of the most important causes of pigmentation.
  • Use moisturizing creams especially for dry and sensitive skin.
  • Drink plenty of water and fluids to moisturize the skin and skin.
  • Consult people with experience and experience and be patient when indicated.
  • Not to peel the skin while there are pills or skin infections, because this leads to the appearance of permanent scars.
  • Immediately discontinue the use of medication, noting unexpected complications such as a sudden change in skin color or sensitivity.
  • Make sure to eat foods rich in minerals and vitamins, such as nuts, fish, spinach, and broccoli.

Pigmentation Treatment Cost

The cost of treatment varies according to the medical method used, which is determined according to the opinion of the doctor, based on the situation of the person himself.

It also varies according to the location, medical center, physician’s experience, and popularity.

To find out the cost of skin pigmentation treatment in Istanbul, Turkey at Turk Aesthetic Medical Center, you can contact the support team via the link.