Physical Therapy in Turkey

Physical Therapy in Turkey
Physical Therapy in Turkey

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Physical Therapy in Turkey


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Physical therapy in Turkey some may suffer from movement problems that impede the normal functioning of the body, and these problems may be related to nerves, muscles, bones or other organs that may be the cause of the problem

In this article, we will talk about the details of physical therapy in Turkey, the solution to these problems, to restore normal functionality

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy is one of the therapeutic specialties related to the motor performance of the patient, which aims to increase the mobility capacity to the farthest limits based on scientific foundations and clinical professional experience in accordance with the patient’s condition and the specificity of each case separately.

How does physical therapy include:

  • Exercise
  • Hot or cold treatment
  • Massage
  • The laser
  • Ultrasound
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Electric currents
  • Intermittent compressive therapy
  • Tightening to stretch the soft tissues
  • Hot water treatment (such as sulfur lakes)

Who is a qualified physical therapist?

A qualified physical therapist is located at the following locations and addresses:

  • Orthopedics specialty
  • In the field of pediatrics.
  • Post-neurological rehabilitation centers
  • Occupational health.
  • Musculoskeletal treatment centers
  • Elderly treatment centers.
  • Therefore, physical therapy is a specialty that relies on medical fields based on movement as an essential component of the patient’s health.

Problems addressed by physical therapy in Turkey

A physical therapist can be a partner with doctors of other specialties, the following are the most important problems that require physical therapy:

  • Treatment of sports injuries and after traffic accidents
  • Treating aging problems such as maintaining independence
  • Rehabilitation, as after accidents, falls or after strokes
  • Treatment of Parkinson’s patients and neurological patients
  • Rehabilitation of children, especially those with congenital problems
  • Can back pain be recovered with physical therapy?
  • Physical therapy can help get rid of back pain in the short term and through only one session with the benefit of advice and assessments that alleviate the problem, but these are not considered radical solutions for the long term

So the patient may feel comfortable after the session, but it is not considered a radical treatment of the problem

Finally, Turk Aesthetic Center provides physical therapy under the supervision of a group of highly qualified medical personnel with a free consultation service by communicating with our team via the link