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Penis enlargement the man believes that the length and size of the male penis is one of the important qualities that give masculinity to the male and self-confidence. And you see them dissatisfied with themselves

  • Small size is one of the most common causes of frustration and lack of self-confidence. Often, you find him feels shy and lacking self-confidence when he has sexual relation with his wife. We now notice at this time the large turnout of young people to conduct the penis enlargement operation Turk aesthetic to regain self-confidence again.
  • The length and size of the penis give self-confidence and a sense of contentment.

the following schedule show important facts that every one looking for:

The time to complete the operation3 Hours
Stay in the hospital after the operationOne night, must stay in the hospital after the operation
Return to daily activityAfter One week
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Cost per leave static (approx)About $ 3,500
The amount of the increase in length3cm*2cm
Quick Fact

Penis Enlargement – Video

Penoplasty Surgery

The plastic surgeon performs a partial incision to attach the male penis closed and to the pubic area. It takes time from three to four minutes. In this way, we take an increase in length from two to three centimeters. And the patient can return to the practice of his life normally after the completion of the operation, as for the practice of sexual intercourse, after three weeks have passed after the operation to enlarge the penis in Turkey

Following Video explain how the surgery is done under full anesthesia:

Penoplasty with Fat injection

  • Some men suffer from the concentration of fat in the area that lies below the abdomen and near the genitals. It appears that the accumulation of fat in these areas is a disturbing thing for a man, especially when practicing intimate relationship with his wife.
  • This is why men prefer liposuction from the area around the pubis in order to give the most beautiful shape to the area. The amount of fat accumulated around the pubis makes the penis appear smaller in size and the man finds it difficult when practicing intimate relationship with his wife. The time for pubic sculpting takes from twenty minutes to half an hour.
  • The patient is given local anesthesia, there is no need to worry, the operation is very simple and there is no pain, the patient gets the result immediately after completing the operation.
  • The penis is enlarged in Turkey by implanting a layer of tissue that is extracted from the same person. This tissue or fat is implanted around the penis under the skin.

Fat types:

Uses either special synthetic materials or vital fats that are extracted from areas of the body such as the abdomen, waist, thighs and neck. We can inject these fats either to enlarge the male penis or to increase its diameter. There we find a portion of the penis under the pubic bone that is hidden and we can get along from 2 to 5 cm. This, as we mentioned, differs from person to person and does not require that it apply to all men.

The doctor can highlight the hidden length by cutting the ligament

The average length of the male penis when it takes an erection is from 9 to 12 to 15 cm (5.1-5.9 inches), but we know that 97% of adult men have a normal penis length at erection (10.7 cm – 19.1 cm) to (4.23 – 7.53 inches).

Age, height, body, and puberty have no relation to the length of the male penis, as it is the normal height for most men below average.

Penis Enlargement Benefits

  • The man suffers from problems in the marital relationship due to the lack of reaching the full pleasure of the couple, and the woman believes that height is a major reason for reaching euphoria.
  • The length and diameter of the penis have no relation to the subject, just psychosomatic and lack of confidence of man puts him in trouble when practicing intimacy.
  • The benefit of doing the operation is to increase a man’s self-confidence when engaging in sexual intercourse.
  • Some people feel shy about this subject, now it is simple and it does not take long to get results.

Penis enlargement near me

Some men feel anxious because of the short penis when entering a relation or a marriage, and some also feel fear of being unable to conceive because it has a small organ, while others feel that it does not possess complete masculinity and feel inferior because it differs from the rest of the men, and is not likable for him for women and cannot satisfy it Sexually.

Turk Aesthetic in Turkey is near you to solve your problem with highest quality of service, good price comparing with other worlds countries such applying penoplasty in USA or Australia or even in the whole Europe. Penoplasty cost in Turkey is a very acceptable cost compared to other countries.

We can say that penoplasty is very easy and not require a long recovery period and has no side effects.

High experience compared to the cost of the cheap process is also an encouraging thing to conduct the operation in Turkey.

For more information about penis enlargement in turkey, please visit our YouTube channel or call us now

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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  1. hi there I am looking for stem cell penis enlargement
    Beginning of December can you help .?
    Can you send me price please
    Thank you John Bramwell

  2. Hi there I am looking for stem cell penis enlargement in being of December
    Can you send me a price please
    Thank you John Bramwell

    1. Hello Mr Bramwell please contact us via Whatsapp 00905070969872 to discuss the possible techniques for your case usually it start from 300 usd up to 2500 if it included the fat injection with the stem sell

  3. Hi there
    Ime looking for sten cell penis enlargement
    Can you give me a price please

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