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Ozone Therapy


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Ozone Therapy You may have heard of the ozone layer, but what about ozone therapy? What are its uses? In this article, we will explain everything about this topic.

Ozone therapy and benefits

Ozone is a form of oxygen gas, as it consists of three oxygen atoms and it is a colorless gas.

People apply ozone gas to the skin or use ozone-treated water, or ozone sauna is used, or it can be given in the form of injections.

Ozone therapy is a treatment that mainly depends on the application of a high concentration of oxygen and ozone, this helps to dissolve gas molecules quickly in the body, which generates severe oxidative stress, and this gives the treatment many benefits.

Ozone therapy is a form of alternative medicine treatment, as among its goals is to saturate the body with oxygen by injecting a mixture of oxygen and ozone in various ways, and there are some purported benefits, including the treatment of AIDS, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and others. Medical ozone is produced as it consists of a mixture of a maximum of 5% ozone and 95% oxygen, as it has been proven that high doses are toxic to all tissues.

Among these benefits are the following therapeutic uses of ozone:

  • It may help treat arthritis
  • It works to increase the oxygen reaching the tissues
  • Antiplatelet effect may work
  • It may improve the antioxidant system in the body
  • It can help cleanse wounds
  • May contribute to treating ischemic heart disease
  • It works to stimulate the immune system
  • It may help treat cancer
  • Contributes to the prevention of viral diseases such as: SARS, HIV.

Therapeutic uses

Ozone treatment is done by introducing ozone into the body through various means, such as mixing ozone with various gases and liquids before injection, and from places where it may be injected into the vagina, rectum, muscles, subcutaneous or directly intravenously, and it may also be introduced by autohemotherapy, meaning That the patient’s blood is exposed to ozone gas and then re-injected to the patient again. In order to facilitate the use of the gas without causing side effects, it is mixed with distilled water, olive oil or sunflower oil to obtain ozone-treated water and ozone oils respectively, and in any case, certain medical products, if any, or ozone-resistant products must be used.

Ozone dissolves instantly in body water, whether in plasma or in extracellular fluids, because its solubility is ten times higher than oxygen, and this allows immediate interaction with soluble compounds and biomolecules present in these fluids.

Main uses of ozone therapy:

  • When wound healing is delayed, it is the oldest indication for ozone therapy, as venous ulcers and diabetic foot are the clearest indications for this.
  • Herniated disc: in the case of patients who are unlikely to have surgery and the usual drug treatment is not sufficient, as the method of administration is intramuscular or by injection into the muscles adjacent to the vertebrae
  • In the spine, it is used to reduce the symptoms of osteoporosis and is an intra-articular approach.
  • In hemorrhagic proctitis. In the case of patients treated with radiotherapy. The way it is taken is inside the rectum
  • In the case of recurrent vaginitis it is suggested here only in the case of recurrent and chronic infections and the method of administration is intravaginal
  • Oral diseases: for gingivitis and chronic and recurrent infections of the oral cavity. Method of administration: Ozonated water
  • Ozone can be used in the treatment of a large number of diseases such as diabetes, inflammatory diseases, atherosclerosis and autoimmune diseases.
  • Ozone therapy has been suggested in diseases such as cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, arthritis and Lyme disease. Although the evidence supporting these applications is limited as the theories that postulate the ability of ozone to kill cancer cells along with oxygen gas do not have a reliable scientific basis yet, ozone has the ability to inactivate viral particles outside the body.

There is some controversy regarding the use of this treatment by athletes in an attempt to increase performance, although its use is not permitted on its own.

How Ozone works on skin treatment?

Natural ozone gas stimulates metabolism and becomes more dynamic in the sense that the person who is exposed to the ozone sauna session while sitting relaxing in the cabin, the ozone activates the metabolic processes and the body burns a lot of calories equivalent as if he did some rounds of running around a stadium The ball thus loses a lot of fat around the body and turns storing objects into incendiary bodies. As it is a strong oxidizing agent, it works to oxidize fats into easy compounds, so they can be eliminated easier with a simple diet.

Ozone injection under the skin: It is done by using fine needles such as those used in administering insulin to inject medical ozone gas in the areas where fat is deposited directly below the skin (cellulite). Areas and restore its elasticity and freshness. Usually, the sessions are three times a week and the treatment period varies according to the nature of each case.

Ozone ointment and ozone mask: This is done by placing a layer of ozone ointment mixture and other ointments especially in the face area for a period of 20 minutes and repeated every 10 days for an average of three months and this works to remove sagging, wrinkles and dark circles in a certain way.

Ozone therapy prohibited

Patients with toxic overactive thyroid gland, ozone therapy should not be used in addition to some blood diseases such as bean anemia, myocardial infarction and severe bleeding.

What are the disadvantages of ozone treatment?

Exposure to ozone gas poses a health hazard as it has toxic effects on the lung when it is associated with nitrogen dioxide in smog. It also increases the possibility of death resulting from lung diseases. Exposure to small amounts causes lung and throat discomfort, which leads to suffering from coughing, shortness of breath and some damage. Lung tissues are susceptible to infection, but the treatment by using it is considered safe, noting the occurrence of some cases that suffered from adverse effects as a result of exposure to ozone itself, where the damages of ozone therapy appeared in these rare cases as follows:

  • Suffering from shortness of breath
  • Inactivation of some enzymes
  • Swollen blood vessels
  • Impaired blood circulation in the body
  • Heart problems
  • High risk of stroke
  • Damaged eardrum
  • Rupture of parts of the intestine
  • Injury pulmonary embolism is a blockage of a blood vessel in the lung by the transfer of a blood clot from another area of ​​the body to the lung through the blood.

Ozone therapy methods

The main method: It is done by taking 50-200 ml of blood and mixing it with ozone and giving it in a specific dose to the patient.

The simple method: It is done by taking 2-5 ss of blood and mixing it with ozone and given intramuscularly by injection.

The general method: It is done by taking a certain dose of ozone gas and giving it under the skin by means of a very fine tip injection

How ozone treatment affect the body?

Ozone treatment increases white blood cells that are formed against infections and infections in the body and increases cell functions in it, and it is the strongest protective and disinfectant for us.

The ozone treatment strengthens the body’s immunity and strengthens it against any infection that the body takes from the outside, increases its resistance and cures all diseases that are due to the decrease in the immune system, and the most important thing in the treatment of ozone is that it kills fungi, bacteria and viruses in the body

As for the effect of ozone therapy on the body:

  • It treats chronic diseases, lupus, herpes, Lyme disease, fibromyalgia, cancer, arthritis and much more.
  • Usually two different methods are used, the first is autohemotherapy and the second is intravenous therapy
  • The body gets rid of toxic metals such as lead, mercury, arsenic and aluminum, which is the process by which minerals are converted into oxides that are excreted from the body through urine
  • Treatment of infectious diseases, hepatitis C, B, measles, pneumonia and shingles
  • Treating chronic fatigue syndrome, regional chronic pain syndrome, dementia and scleroderma
  • It treats eye problems such as conjunctivitis, diabetic retinopathy, dry eyes, glaucoma and macular degeneration
  • It treats some skin problems such as eczema and acne

Ozon treatment cost

The cost of ozone therapy in Egypt is about 200 EGP per session

In Turkey, one session amounts to about $ 100, and a person may need several sessions

Taking into account the feasibility or lack of treatment with this technique.

For inquiries about any details, you can visit the link or visit YouTube for more information.