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Otoplasty or ear plastic surgery, What details a person who intends to undergo Otoplasty needs to know?

There are two basic types of it:

  1. Reduce the large ear size while maintaining its shape and appearance.
  2. Adjust the ear place to become next to the head.
  3. There is also a third rare case, called the bat ear and in this case, the ear is half-closed and forward.

Otoplasty apply in a hidden area where the incisions and the stitches are all behind the ear.

Here below some quick information about Otoplasty surgery:

AnesthesiaFull or Local
Procedure duration1-2 Hours
Results AppearanceImmediate
Procedure aimRe-shaping ear to increase harmony
Continuity of resultsLife Time
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic CostDepending on Anesthesia 1500 – 2000 USD

Otoplasty Video

Before and After

Otoplasty candidate

For most children who have problems with their ear appearance, it may negatively affect their social life and psychological state.

The surgery is suitable at early age after (from 6 to 10 years old)

Adult people who do not have health problems can also have the surgery.

A person who is a right candidate for this surgery must have these conditions:

  • Fully aware of his resulting appearance after the operation and not unrealistic in his expectations.
  • People with unacceptable ear appearance.
  • People who have an abnormal shape of their ears, which constrain them to have the procedure.

Otoplasty Procedure

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  1. Thirty days before Procedure

    For a whole month before, smoking, alcohol and blood-thinning medicines should be reduced as much as possible, you should also tell your doctor about any medications you use if any existed.

  2. 7 days before

    The medical follow-up team will contact you to explain the procedure details with complete accuracy.

  3. 24 hours before

    Preferably wear comfortable clothes that can be opened from the front and refrain from food and drink from 8 pm the day before the plastic surgery.

  4. Surgery day

    You must come in time to have Otoplasty done following all instructions and tell the medical team about anything abnormal if any happened.

  5. Operation steps

    It is done under general or local anaesthesia depends on the patient’s age or his own desire.
    It takes 1 to 2 hours.
    Surgical incisions and stitches are hidden in the area behind the ear to be invisible to anyone.

  6. The first day after procedure

    In some cases of Otoplasty, a headband is set on the ear to ensure the ear’s fixation during the first day of Otoplasty and a slight swelling may occur while wearing it.

  7. 7 days after

    During the first week of the procedure, patients should avoid touching the ear directly, where they can practice their daily activities normally after the first week of the procedure.
    One of the most important things in this regard is during sleep the patient must keep his head elevated in a way that avoids touching the ear with the pillow and avoid sleeping on the sides.
    Taking care during the recovery period ensures reducing side effects and also helps the fast healing process.

  8. After 30 days

    As in any other procedure, the patient should be careful after having Otoplasty done; he should refrain from fast and sudden movements, and sneeze or blow his nose strongly.
    All of that during the first month after the procedure to reduce the risks of side effects as much as possible. Stay away from hard efforts or sports, and carrying heavy objects.

Otoplasty Side Effects

  • Slight pain and numbness in the ear.
  • Itching and aching in the procedure area.
  • Minor bruises and a mild swelling.
  • In some cases, irritation and inflammation of the ear cartilage occur as a result of allergies or atmospheric factors. This case is very rare.

Otoplasty FAQ

When can I return to normal life?

The patient can return to normal life immediately after the operation but should avoid touching the ear, being hit or bumped, avoid exposure to dust, sunlight and water in the first three days.
Bathing can be done on the second or third day after removing the bandage but no water is allowed to get into the ear, you can place a piece of cotton in it.

When will the surgical scars disappear?

The incision behind the ear is very small and not abnormal, and that makes it impossible for anyone to notice that you had undergone an Otoplasty.

Will my hearing be affected?

Otoplasty has nothing to do with hearing sense. As the it means the outer part of the ear only, and it is the pinna.

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