Nose problems treatment

Nose problems treatment
Nose problems treatment

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Nose problems treatment


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Nose Problems Treatment in this article, Turk static talks about the most common nasal problems and their treatment in the following lines

Removal of nasal polyps (Nose problems treatment)

  • Polyps are glands located in the nose, roof of the mouth, and at the top of the throat whose function is to protect the body from germs as part of the immune system.
  • But these glands may enlarge and negatively affect breathing and be painful and cause a headache
  • Also, in chronic cases, inflation may affect the closure of the Eustachian tube connecting the ear and the nose and impede the drainage of fluids from the middle ear, thus ear infection, hearing impairment and other problems that require surgical intervention to eradicate them.
  • Lasers can be used to remove polyps, but there is a possibility of their growth again, so surgeons prefer to use regular medical methods in this process.

Deviated septum (deviation of the nasal septum)

  • The most common nasal problem, in which difficulty breathing is the main symptom
  • The nasal septum is the cartilage wall separating the two nostrils from the beginning of the nose to the end as a straight line
  • As for the deviation, it is the warp of this line, which leads to difficulty breathing, blockage of the nose, and loud sound during sleep, so the owners of the problem often prefer to sleep on one side to feel better
  • As for treating the problem, nasal sprays and antihistamines can be used for simple cases or for children and elderly people
  • As for chronic cases, surgery must be performed, which the laser interferes with
  • As for the operation, it takes an average of an hour, in which the doctor decides how to do anesthesia and prefers general anesthesia
  • After that, the doctor makes a simple incision in the nose to reach the frequency and then restores the septum to its straight shape by means of a laser removing the extra bone.
  • You can leave the hospital on the same day, as it is not considered a complicated process, but some tips are recommended:
  • Reducing effort and talking, raising the head in the event of sudden blood flow and complete relaxation, putting glasses especially on the site of swelling, avoiding bloating and moderation with meals.

Paranasal sinuses

  • The sinuses are the nasal cavities found within the bones of the skull and filled with air that surround the nose and eyes.
  • The sinuses are connected to the nasal cavity through openings that allow secretions from the nasal cavities to drain into the nose and the sinuses to vent.
  • The problem of sinusitis is one of the common nasal problems that occurs when the sockets become swollen and lasts for more than three months, hindering the removal of secretions from them, thus difficulty breathing, weak sense of smell, headache
  • Chronic cases require surgical intervention, and laparoscopic sinus surgery is the most important procedure for its treatment
  • The operation aims to remove the affected tissues from the sinuses, which in turn help to form a good drainage channel for the remnants of inflammation.
  • As for the use of the endoscope, it provides a clear view of the tissues and does not require external wounds, any bleeding and swelling less, greater comfort and shorter recovery period
  • The doctor recommends before the operation to stop using blood-thinning medications and quit smoking in order for the anesthesia to be more effective. As for the duration of the procedure, it is an hour on average according to the case.
  • Sinuplasty balloon technique for sinus treatment
  • The procedure is performed with a catheter and with the help of a balloon, then opening minute holes and inflating the balloon to expand the cavity and complete the process easily and easily. It also has several advantages such as helping to heat the air, humidify it and filter it.
  • The technology does not pose any harm to the sinus tissue, as it is modern and recommended for its high effectiveness
  • The balloon does not damage the tissues, there is no bleeding or scratching outside the nose, and the patient does not feel pain. The recovery period is short.


This procedure is resorted to when there is a congenital defect in the nose such as asymmetry in its shape affecting its function and other problems that require cosmetic. Read more via the link

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