Thread Rhinoplasty

Thread Rhinoplasty Today, with the scientific progress in the field of aesthetic medicine, cosmetic threads have appeared that are commonly used in all cosmetic fields, and today our article is about cosmetic nose threads, which do not need surgery, many people who are afraid to undergo rhinoplasty surgeries can try cosmetic nose threads Instead of surgery, they are successful experiments and enabled those who underwent them to get a smaller, more symmetrical nose with a beautiful appearance similar to the results of surgical rhinoplasty.

What is the process of cosmetic nose threads? What distinguishes it from rhinoplasty and nose fillers?

The nose, as the eyes, the teeth and the lips are, is one of the organs that occupy the face and give it its attractive beauty. Today, it has become the focus of everyone’s attention, both men and women, young men and women, and it has met an important position in the field of development in terms of the techniques and equipment used in beautifying it and giving it a harmonious and beautiful view, from these The techniques we mention (surgical rhinoplasty – nose filler – cosmetic nose threads) – so what are the cosmetic nose threads?

The threads that doctors use in “rhinoplasty with threads” are the same ones that are used to sew surgeries and wounds. Recently, doctors have resorted to using these threads to tighten and pull the view of the nose to become more harmonious, beautiful and smaller. This process is distinguished from the surgical operation in that it It is less expensive and gives immediate results and does not cause the swelling caused by the surgery, and the patient does not need a long time to rest or notice the difference and get the results, and the rhinoplasty with threads gives results that last for long periods, unlike the filler injections for the nose, which disappear within a short time and the nose returns back to normal.

The doctor begins by inserting these threads, as we mentioned previously, into the tissues of the inner skin of the nose, and then tightening and fixing these threads to give us the final appearance of the nose, which was determined by the doctor before performing rhinoplasty with threads, a very simple process. It dissolves with time in the body tissues and does not leave a side effect, which is the reason why doctors choose it for stitching wounds and surgeries. The material from which these threads are made is called polydioxanone, and it does not cause any allergic reactions in the skin.

Thread Rhinoplasty Steps

When you visit the doctor’s office or medical center where you will perform the operation, the doctor will do the following for you:

First, the doctor will look at the nose, whether he needs an operation or not.
Secondly, the doctor explains to you the results that can be obtained using nasal threads, and also gives you tips whether you will benefit or not, and offers you alternative methods such as surgery or fillers.
Thirdly, when the doctor is sure that your condition will meet a good result with the threads and you accept that, the doctor will conduct a comprehensive examination of the nose internally and externally, and determine the size of the nose before the operation in order to compare it with the results after the operation.
Fourth, the doctor asks about the medications you are taking, and if there is a need to stop them before the operation, he will tell you that, and there are some pictures that you must take before the operation to photograph the view of the nose externally from four sides to compare between the view of the nose before and after, in addition to a radiograph of the head to know the position of the nose internally.

Process Advantages

Cosmetic nose threads have been talked about by plastic surgeons as giving beautiful results at the lowest cost and least damage, and in a short period of time, and they have beautiful advantages, including:

Do not put you at risk from rhinoplasty surgery.
You need a simple recovery period after the operation, and in the event that you need to carry out your work, you can do so immediately after the operation, with some slight swelling if it does not cause you embarrassment.
The duration of the procedure ranges between 30-45 minutes maximum only.
The aesthetics of the cosmetic nose threads is that they give us the lifted and defined shape of the nose and the face looks more beautiful than before.
The results that you will get appear to be natural, unlike the cosmetic surgery that is noticed by those who look at your face directly, and even those around you will notice the improvement in the appearance of the face, but without knowing that the reason is the use of threads in rhinoplasty because its appearance will be natural and beautiful.
The most beautiful feature of rhinoplasty with threads is that these threads stimulate the body to produce a large number of collagen, which is the important element in tightening and vitality of the skin. This process lasts longer than fillers.
Simple process, no need to worry.
The anesthesia used is local only.
You can apply make-up directly after the operation, lightly, and avoid pressure (or wait 3-5 days), and there is no need to wait, as is the case with fillers and surgery for a month or more.
The threads are fixed and do not move from their place, unlike the filler, which can clump in some cases.
Less expensive than surgery, and anyone can perform it by women, men.
The doctor can treat more than one problem in the nose using threads.

Before the procedure

Refrain from taking blood-thinning medications.
Refrain from smoking for at least three or four days before the operation.
Not taking anti-inflammatory drugs.
Excessive intake of vitamin C.
Refrain from drinking alcohol a week before the operation in order for the patient to respond to the anesthetic.

Thread Rhinoplasty Steps

The plastic surgeon begins preparing the nose area for the operation, and works to clean the face of any materials stuck on it, such as cosmetics or any type of moisturizing cream.
Sterilization of the area with special sterile materials (iodine – chlorhexidine), to ensure the cleanliness of the face and to avoid the occurrence of any kind of bacterial and other infections when starting the operation.
3- After making sure that the entire face area is clean and sterilized, the anesthesia stage begins, where the doctor uses a topical anesthetic cream from the outside, and from the inside he uses local anesthesia for the nasal septum, thus the entire nose is anesthetized.
When making sure that the nasal area has become completely numb, the doctor begins to work on inserting the needle containing the thread from the front of the nose along the nasal septum and tightening the threads in the way he needs and deems appropriate to obtain the final appearance of the nose.
The nose sutures are fixed with other sutures that are removed after a period of surgery.

Thread Rhinoplasty Results

It is normal for some symptoms to appear on the nose area after undergoing rhinoplasty with threads, including a slight swelling and redness in the skin, and in some cases, a rash in the form of a small love was observed, which disappears after a short time of seven days maximum after the operation and no treatment is needed Medication, and it is possible to return to follow-up work and simple sports on the second day of the operation, and the patient seeks good results immediately after the operation, accompanied by some swelling. After about a week, the patient visits the doctor to get rid of the electrode, and after a period of 30-90 days, the patient gets beautiful results. Very due to the stimulation of the skin threads to form tissues that support the action of the threads.

The results of rhinoplasty with threads are very impressive and give an appearance similar to nose surgery, but these cosmetic threads are absorbed by the body after about 180 days, but the appearance of the nose you got lasts for a whole year, and then the nose returns to its normal appearance before the operation, so the surgery is considered Better for lifelong results.

Thread Rhinoplasty Defects

As every surgical or cosmetic procedure has its pros and cons, rhinoplasty with threads, although it is a simple cosmetic procedure and does not require a surgeon’s scalpel, has some drawbacks that can occur, including:

A simple tumor in and around the nose area disappears within two days or more.
It may cause minor nerve damage to some nerves in the nose, but only 1%.
The results disappear and the nose returns to its normal state before the operation, after six months.
Yes, we get a beautiful and fast satisfactory appearance and result, but the surgery remains better because it is permanent.
The work of the threads is by tightening and lifting the nose by tightening the skin, but the plastic surgery of the nose is by tightening the internal muscle and fat tissue, so the result is permanent.
It is not preferable to use threads if you have thin skin, and the threads appear through it.
The threads may move and slip out of their attachment places, rare in certain cases.

Thread Rhinoplasty Candidates

Rhinoplasty with threads The most important results that the patient can get is a raised and tight nose, so among the people who benefit most from the threads rhinoplasty are those who have a flat and wide nose who can get a nose that is less flat and more beautiful than it was, also those who have a beautiful nose but he has Sagging or drooping in the front due to the person following a diet and losing fat from the skin of the nose in the foreground. In this case, they can also benefit from rhinoplasty with threads and get a raised and tight nose. Also, those who have asymmetric and large nostrils can perform the nose threading operation.
Important Notes:
Nasal threads cannot be used in cases where the problem is caused by bony or cartilaginous deformities.

Thread Rhinoplasty Cost

Several factors related to the cost as in any cosmetic and non-cosmetic work, including:

If the doctor uses the filler material with the threads, the cost may increase.
The patient may not need rhinoplasty as a whole, i.e. the nose may be beautiful and need a slight modification in the front or only part of it, which does not include the entirety now, and this reduces the cost.
You choose the country in which the operation will be performed, as European countries such as America, Canada and Russia may increase in cost, and be less expensive in Turkey.
The most important component of the cost is the doctor’s experience, the threads, and the quantity used in the operation. It may be partial and do not require a large number of threads, and it may be complete, including the entire nose, so you need more threads.

The quality of the threads plays an important role in determining the cost and the most famous and used types in this process are the French threads and the golden threads.
The prices of the threads range between: 250-400 US dollars, depending on the country in which the operation will be performed.

As for the entire process, it ranges between 2500-4000 US dollars.

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