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Skin Tightening

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Skin Tightening


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Skin Tightening in this article, we will talk about the causes of sagging skin and the most important features and techniques used to tighten the skin in Turkey – Turk Aesthetic.

There are many reasons that cause sagging skin, the most important of which is aging, where the appearance and shape of our skin changes, and this is a natural occurrence. During skin tightening operations, we can combat these unwanted changes.

It is a medical procedure performed by surgery or by non-operative methods aimed at eliminating signs of aging, sagging and other skin imperfections.

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Sagging skin reasons

We all wish that he did not show signs of aging, and that he always had a tight, beautiful, radiant complexion, so we often resort to skin tightening procedures. The following are the causes of sagging skin.

  • Age is one of the most common causes of sagging skin
  • Smoking being one of the important reasons that affect collagen protein and reduce its production
  • Poor eating habits
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Permanent exposure to sunlight without working to protect it by using sunscreens
  • Recurrent childbirth.

Skin tightening process

The first plastic surgeries began at the beginning of the twentieth century and were limited to skin tightening operations. With time, doctors work on the connective tissue layer and the muscle tissue under the skin layer.

In tightening the skin, the doctor makes incisions on the edges of the flabby area and raises it from the muscles

For example: a face lift, where incisions are made on the edges of the face, and the skin and tissues under it are tightened and removed from the muscles in the face in order to reduce the signs of aging.

Before the patient is subjected to the operation, he must hold a prior consultation session with his doctor in which he answers all the doctor’s questions about whether there are certain diseases that may not enable him to perform the operation.

The question about the reasons that prompted him to perform this operation, and the patient’s skin quality, structure, thickness, and so on are examined.
The doctor also asks if the patient is taking specific medications that he must stop before undergoing the operation

It also prevents him from drinking alcohol for 48 hours before the date of the operation, and he must stop eating completely for 8 hours before the operation.
It also orders several tests according to the patient’s condition and age.
Where the operation is performed under general anesthesia
If it is a face-lift, it may take approximately 2-5 hours.

Skin tightening Before and After

Side effects

  • An infection that may be superficial and this type is treated locally, but the most dangerous infection is that which infects the tissues under the skin, and then the doctor must open the wound again and remove the germ residue.
  • Bleeding Local bleeding may occur in the surgical area as a complication of the operation as a result of local tissue trauma. Bleeding can occur immediately after the operation for up to 24 hours, and in rare cases it occurs after several weeks or months.
    Scars, the healing of which is often related to the quality of the skin and the success of the sutures.

Why Skin tightening?

  • Appearing a more youthful appearance, free of wrinkles and sagging, as it makes the skin tighter and more youthful.
    Boosts self-confidence.
    Highlighting the beauty of many facial features such as chin, cheeks, and others.
    Treating some problems resulting from health diseases, such as sagging skin resulting from fat accumulation.
  • Its results last for many years if the treatment is supplemented with skin treatment sessions and the products are maintained regularly.

Skin tightening techniques

  1. FREQUENCY radio technology

    3 radio frequency of sound waves, which is one of the most important techniques used to tighten skin, that still used till today, it works to stimulate natural collagen through radio waves that penetrate the skin, this technique have possibility of applying it to several body areas (face, arms, buttocks, abdomen) which takes 15 minutes depending on skin type & problem, it is safe and does not have any side effects.

  2. Thread lift

    A new technique that relies on inserting very fine strings into the fatty tissue directly under the skin, as this is done by very thin needles, and these strings are tightened in certain places of face that need to be tightened & the desired results are obtained immediately after operation, the effectiveness of this technique varies according to Skin type, elasticity, & age play a role as well
    Technique considered painless & affordable compared to other methods.

  3. Laser skin tightening

    It is one of techniques that depends on stimulating the skin to form collagen by exposing skin to laser rays, thus obtaining a tight, smooth, glowing skin free of impurities.

  4. Botox skin tightening

    It is one of the most popular techniques in the world of beauty and the easiest, as it lifts the face without resorting to any surgical incisions

  5. Face lift with HIFU

    As this technique depends on exposing the skin to ultrasound waves of high concentration & intensity, as these waves enter the depths of skin & make it tighten itself in order to regain its elasticity & cohesion, which induces the skin to produce collagen, which in turn improves the shape of skin and the result of this technique lasts for a year.

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