PRP injection in Turkey

prp injection in turkey 2020
PRP injection in Turkey

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PRP injection in Turkey


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PRP injection in Turkey is one of the most common things that some people ask about. Let’s find out what plasma material is. It is a substance taken from the blood, as the blood is made up of red and white cells, platelets and plasma.

What are PRP Plazma injection?

It is taken from the blood of the same person and placed with a device called centrifuges to isolate blood components from plasma rich in platelets. And it is applied by injection of a very fine needles, the advantage of it  that it doesn’t  hurts.

It is also distinguished by its presence in proteins and vitamins as well as glycogen and they work to nourish damaged hair and help it to rebuild and strengthen itself.

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PRP injection benefits

It has many uses, but one of its most important uses is to prevent hair loss and strengthen it, especially for those who are beginning to experience baldness.

Among the benefits:

  • Hair strengthening.
  • Preventing hair loss.
  • Rebuild damaged hair.
  • It should be noted that the plasma results are very successful and useful.
  • Skin care and cell regeneration.
  • Stimulating collagen.
  • Sometimes it is combined with hair transplantation to strengthen the cultivated follicles.

Is PRP injection in Turkey effective?

Of course, the plasma has great effectiveness, but it needs a long time as a treatment, but its results remain semi-permanent. It is one of the slow treatments, but its effectiveness is great.

Whoever suffers from heavy hair loss in order to obtain satisfactory results needs approximately 6 to 8 sessions of PRP , and a session is done every month or every 20 days as an average.

People must adhere to the instructions of the doctor and the medical team.

PRP Contraindications

As we have already mentioned the benefits of PRP and the extent of its strengthening and benefit on hair, not every person can inject a plasma, as there are people who are not qualified and cannot inject plasma and they are:

  • People with blood clotting.
  • They have chronic skin diseases.
  • People with cancer.
  • Who have a dysfunction (weakness or deficiency) of blood platelets.
  • People who have strong and chronic infections.
  • People with liver disease.
  • And those who suffer from disorders of the circulatory system.
  • And people who have a deficiency of fibrinogen in the blood.

PRP Instructions

  • An obligation to schedule specific sessions and not delay the date agreed upon by the doctor because the plasma needs to adhere to its appointments and conduct the sessions on time not like other treatments.
  • Follow a medical diet program because what we eat affects the entire body.
  • Apply a light massage to the head during the shower, in order to stimulate blood circulation.
  • Stay away from products that contain harmful chemicals.
  • Not to wear hats or things that cause suffocation of the scalp.
  • Those receiving treatment can take vitamin capsules for hair in conjunction with a PRP injection in Turkey.

Is PRP injection Painful?

The injection hurts very little, that it is not even mentioned, because the needles used are very soft as they relieve pain as much as possible.

The doctor’s experience is an important percentage in relieving pain and increasing the success rate of plasma injection. As for the cases that are afraid of needles or cannot tolerate any minor pain, an anesthetic cream can be placed at the injection site, plasma is not limited to hair only, but can be injected into the face to restore the freshness of the face. It is worth to mention that people may feel a slight tingling sensation as soon as it goes away on the second day.

PRP injection in Turkey Advantages

  • Plasma’s results are quick to compare with other treatments like oils, vitamins, pills, and sprays.
  • The PRP does not leave any trace behind surgery.
  • It does not take long to show results.
  • It does not have side effects because it is taken from the body itself, that is, it is not a foreign substance from the body in order to reject it or to cover a reaction to it and put it outside the body because it is a very safe substance and the rate of benefiting from it is high.
  • The cost of plasma is very acceptable and encouraging if we compare it with the prices of other medicines and the speed of their results makes them very encouraging for plasma therapy.
  • It is not only limited to hair, it can also be used for the skin to restore freshness, burns and wounds. The PRP works to rebuild cells and is also used for skin ruptures caused by obesity. It can be used to eliminate some skin defects and mild wrinkles due to poor cell regeneration.

Side effects

There are two effects, but they do not last for a long time, the two effects are:

  • The first is the appearance of red spots that disappear in the first days of injection.
  • The second is minor pain and a feeling of being taken after the plasma as well, as soon as it disappears the next day.

Can PRP Injection session fail?

Of course, plasma injections can fail, but the reasons for failure are:

  • Weak blood activity and blood movement as well.
  • Genetic causes that cause severe hair loss.
  • The use of harmful and chemical substances on the hair.
  • Wearing hats and other head dresses that suffocate the scalp and skin. Because the skin, as we know, needs to breathe in order to stay healthy.
  • In the case of hair loss related to other things such as food or one of the diseases of the gland.

PRP injection in Turkey Cost

The cost varies from place to place and we cannot give a specific cost for PRP because it varies according to the following matters:

  • Experienced doctors and reputation medical team.
  • The reputation of the medical center.
  • Quality provided in the service.

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