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Plasma PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) features, benefits, and uses. In this article, there is a detailed explanation of the essence of blood plasma, using methods and benefits.

In addition to some other details that help the reader to make his/ her decision relying on them as a solution to his/ her problems or ignore it.

The human body has ability to self-heal by cells stimulating growth factors, hormones, and Plasma that may have emerged as one of the options that help to stimulate these cells to grow and heal.

To fully understand the plasma concept, we must first know the various components of the blood which each has a specific function

Here below some quick information about Plasma sessions:

AnesthesiaNo need
Process duration15 Minutes
Continuity of results12 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost200 USD

Plasma PRPVideo

What is PRP Plasma

  • Red blood cells, the function of them is to transport oxygen in the body. White blood cells, the function of them is to protect the body against foreign invaders. Platelets, the function of them is to react to bleeding from blood vessels.
  • The blood plasma is a clear yellowish fluid, which makes up about 55% of the body’s total blood volume in human body,
  • it gives blood the property of liquidity and mobility. Its function is to transfer salts, proteins, vitamins, and hormones in body through the cells that grow and multiply to metabolism (the process to convert the food to energy for all the functions in the human body) thus growth and health.
  • Plasma’s components must be mentioned to understand the importance of its indication and wide application in medicine.
  • 90% of water. 7% of proteins (bioamine – globulin – fibrinogen). 3% of enzymes, hormones, and other substances.

How to Extract plasma PRP?

  • A sample is drawn from the person’s blood. It is placed in a centrifuge for 20 minutes to separate components that may spoil it and remain substances that contain growth factors and preserve the stem cells and enzymes which are necessary to connect between cells.
  • It is activated by adding calcium chloride and thrombin to reach the concentration of the component benefits from 300% to 700% sometimes.
  • Then the liquid becomes more supportive to repair what is damaged by proteins and collagen production that gives benefits to the skin.
  • In addition to the formation of a barrier against the testosterone, which directly affects the hair loss to give an additional function of the blood plasma component to solve hair problems and prevent hair loss.

PRP Plasma uses

  • Plasma is safely extracted from human blood itself and does not pose a risk to it,
  • it is used for all, male or female & has been relied to treat many health problems, especially orthopedic & muscular.
  • Help and strengthen the follicles after hair transplantation. Treatment of osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. Rupture of ligaments and tendons.
  • Inguinal hernia and iliac problems. Sports injuries (tennis elbow). Plantar fasciitis (runners). Thumb joints (for skiers).
  • Sciatic nerve pain. Carpal inflammation. Chronic pain in the neck, lower back, knees or shoulders. Stimulate bone formation in the spine.
  • It also treats the loss of motor balance, rigidity, and loss of flexibility.
  • Indications for some cases of liver problems (liver transplantation) or in open-heart operations.
  • In addition, plasma indication has entered the plastic surgery for 30 years to treat hair loss, beautify and tighten skin & face.

Plasma prp Prohibitions

  • Uncontrolled diabetes where the body’s immunity decreases.
  • Liver patients that affect the plasma content of proteins and reduce their effectiveness use.
  • Hematology and bleeding disorders and anyone who takes an anticoagulant. cancer patients. Pregnant women. PRP needles do not help in cases of genetic baldness or burns caused by chemical radiation.
  • Turk Aesthetic considered one of the leading medical centers in plastic surgery chosen by many Arab and European customers due to the quality of health provided services and the skills of doctors in addition to competitive prices. Plasma use is one of the options which Turk Aesthetic provides whether to treat hair loss or skin tightening, remove dark circles around the eyes, Skin renewal, freshness and lip blushing.
  • we are going to talk in detail about the using of the plasma to treat hair loss and face injection.

During Plasma Session

  • The doctor’s skills increase the success rate of plasma injection which depends on the patient’s health status and his/her desired results.
  • As mentioned above, a sample is drawn from the person’s blood after making sure that the blood is healthy.
  • It is placed in a centrifuge for twenty minutes to separate components to make the liquid more effective and concentrated. The scalp is washed, sterilized and anesthetized topically then PRP is injected into the middle skin layer, which contains hair follicles.
  • All these steps do not take more than half an hour then the patient can get back to his/ her routine directly after the procedure.
  • After plasma injection, cells are stimulated by blood to regenerate themselves and secrete collagen and protein then giving the ability to germinate weak hair.
  • Although there are no complications or risks for plasma using whereas it is extracted from the patient’s blood, But the competence of the doctor is important to achieve the required results.
  • On the other hand, an inexperienced doctor may cause some minor symptoms such as scalp swelling, redness, and itching but they quickly disappear within hours.
  • The doctor should be chosen based on his/her reputation and experience, in addition to the patient’s comfortable feeling and the given information during the consultation.

Plasma prp injection for hair

  • It is easy for anyone suffering from hair loss to rely on plasma to solve this problem due to the easy using of it and the effectiveness of the results, but one treatment session is not enough, PRP treatment should be repeated about 6 times per year for best results.
  • It treats all hair problems, but it is unable to create new alternative follicles instead of the dead ones, it only maintains baldness and the hair against falling, it is used to treat the poor hair growth,
  • it’s split and to avoid hair loss before the death of the follicles in case of genetic baldness. Furthermore, plasma is an effective treatment for Alopecia Areata with excellent results.

Plasma PRP injection for face

  • All procedures regarding plasma extraction and composition for hair plasma uses, are the same for the facial plasma uses.
  • It works by pumping the blood to treat the damaged tissues and stimulate the skin cells to produce collagen through protein and mineral components, which helps to get rid of wrinkles, sagging and the pallor by giving the skin a healthy color.
  • It plays a role to remove dark circles under eyes and eliminate dry skin to obtain a soft texture to the skin and it also helps those who suffer from thin skin to get them thick and healthy skin.
  • Blood plasma injections also eliminate skin scars, treat acne and help to get rid of skin asymmetry due to age, fatigue, exhaustion or illness.
  • Plasma gives the lips a rosy color and beauty without the need for surgery or even anesthesia, it is a simple procedure that takes about 20 minutes over a few sessions.
  • However, it is not considered a magic treatment, it does not give those results that are mentioned once you get out of the doctor’s clinic!
  • It takes a period (an average of four to six weeks) so it requires patience to get results then comparing over time how skin was and how it becomes.

Factors increase success of plasma injections

  1. The patient’s mental and health condition. Doctor skill.
  2. Dietary habits followed by the patient in addition to sports habits.
  3. Smoking certainly has bad effects on the results of the plasma injection.

Plasma injections Cost

The cost of PRP injections varies according to the country where the treatment will be obtained.

  • Turkey: average price between 75 $ to 200 $
  • Germany: average price between 250 $ to 350 $
  • Egypt costs about 50 $ while costs about 250 $ in UAE.

For more information about the PRP injection cost or any other inquiries please contact Turk Aesthetic teams.