Pink lips laser treatment

Pink lips laser treatment
Pink lips laser treatment

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Pink lips laser treatment


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Pink lips laser treatment (in Turkey) Having pink lips has always been a dream for all women

Some races, especially Arab women, have dark lips & pink lips always one of the most prominent signs of female beauty,

then lips lighten is the solution to beautify the skin.

Women have different traditional methods of medicinal herbs to prepare creamy essences, but with the development of medicine and the advancement of the field of plastic surgery, it has become easy to get pink lips in safe, effective and fast ways.

Here are the benefits, disadvantages and side effects of supplying laser lips.

Pink lips laser treatment – Video


  • The laser rays break up the cells of the pigment cells in the lips, the dark color occurs due to the accumulation of melanin pigment,
  • either due to aging, genetic factors, or as a result of sunlight, smoking or hormonal factors,
  • a local anesthetic is applied to the lips and then the doctor continues to shed the laser during the session
  • The one is between 3-5 minutes and the session is repeated 2-4 times with an interval of about 6 weeks. Some believe that it is a permanent tattoo,
  • on the contrary, in which a certain type of laser “Q-switch” is used, which breaks up the pigment cells and fights their accumulation,
  • and this is done under the supervision of a group of specialists In plastic surgery, it is done in the largest medical centers, which is one of the most important reasons for the success of the operation.


To prevent any complications, abide as much as possible with the following after the operation:

  • Stay away from cosmetics, especially lipstick
  • Apply appropriate moisturizers according to the doctor’s prescription
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight, drinking hot drinks for about a week
  • Avoid peeling lips in the period immediately after the operation

Side effects after session

  • Swelling of the lips after delivery: due to the sensitivity of the area, the thin tissues are felt in this area because the focus of the laser rays used is very strong
  • Anaphylaxis: It may occur after the operation, so doctors recommend staying out of the sun after the operation and using sunblock if it is necessary to go out.
  • Appearance of spots and scars: Scars may appear if the radiation is badly used or exposed for long periods of time
  • Misuse of lasers: It is necessary to select a doctor known for his skill using the best equipment, otherwise you will not get the desired results
  • Dry lips: Some people notice dehydration, and this is a simple matter that can be avoided by using appropriate moisturizers
  • Bleeding risk: bleeding may occur as a result of capillary and vascular sensitivity, and it is better to stay away from medications that increase bleeding before the operation, such as aspirin
  • Feeling pain: It is good that there is no pain when performing lip supply, but slight pain may occur for some, and then the doctor must be informed to treat the causes.

My experience with laser treatment for pink lips

Rand 35 years old tells about her experience with the supply of lips in Turkey through the Turk Aesthetic Center, and she says, “Because of the nature of my work and exposure to the sun for long periods, I noticed a change in the color of my lips to the dark, so I hastened to use many cosmetic products, but to no avail, and this increased the dark color over time until my colleague told me At work about her experience with the supply of lips in Turkey, specifically at the Turkish Esthetic Center, I never hesitated to make a reservation immediately and did not believe the result I got and the wonderful and carefully studied pink color ..! I can now enjoy a sexy smile.

Can I get pink lips at home?

Well, dear, here are some traditional home recipes that you can use:

Pomegranate juice: Apply pomegranate juice before bed and wash it in the morning with cold water. Repeat this process to get satisfactory results.
Red berries: Mix aloe vera gel with raspberry puree and apply it to your lips daily for half an hour
Mix rose water with honey with the use of a few drops of lemon

Pink lips laser treatment cost

The price starts from 100 USD, and in some places it may reach 350 or 400 USD.

To get the cost from the Turk aesthetic center, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube