Nose Botox in Turkey

Nose Botox in Turkey: a technique that has invaded the world of cosmetics, especially after the development of plastic surgeries for rhinoplasty in Turkey in recent years

Because of the difference in civilizations and the tremendous technological development, several medical techniques have begun to appear that have facilitated the procedures of rhinoplasty without surgery, such as Botox, so in this article we will address how to beautify and reduce through the injection of Botox to the nose, in order to be able to show the beauty of the face and highlight the manifestations of beautiful consistency between all of its features.

Botox injections in Turkey

Botox is a protein substance that is brought from a specific type of bacteria. It was first used in 1980 for medical purposes such as treating cerebral palsy, migraine headaches and treating muscle spasms. Eye doctors also used it in the treatment around the eyes, and therefore it has been developed to include All other cosmetic procedures and it has become a non-surgical, easy, and low-cost alternative in order to treat the effects of wrinkles on the face, raise eyebrows, reduce the nose, tighten the face and neck, and many other procedures, as many people are now accepting its use in abundance.

Nose Botox in Turkey

It is a cosmetic and non-surgical technique, which is characterized by speed and ease and does not need more time and also does not need total or partial anesthesia, as it aims to do cosmetic and reduce the nose through very thin injections, which are intended for injection in the nose area and around the nose area and for the results begin to appear after the passage of time. Short period of injection, and often the result lasts for a year and a half.

Reasons for choosing nose botox over rhinoplasty

There are a large number of people who have deformities in the nose, and some of them do not want to undergo surgeries to modify the nose, and this is for several reasons:

  1. Since the surgical rhinoplasty is under the influence of general anesthesia, in general, general anesthesia has several problems and complications.
  2. Feeling of fear that pain will occur after the operation, especially its continuation for a while.
  3. After doing the plastic surgery, the person needs a recovery period to return to his normal life, which extends for several weeks.
  4. Many people are afraid of performing the operation because they do not know what the nose will look like after the operation, as they may need another operation in order to fix the deficiencies in the first operation.

Therefore, the appearance of rhinoplasty was without surgery, as this method appeared about 5 years ago, and this is by injection of Botox and Filler

As for rhinoplasty through Botox, which is an easy and simple procedure and does not require general anesthesia or a period of recovery and rest.

Where by nasal Botox, the patient is involved in evaluating the modifications during the doctor’s work and so that he is asked to increase or stop when the modification is completed to a satisfactory stage for the person, unlike surgery

Nose Botox treatment

Rhinoplasty is in order to highlight the beauty of the face as a whole and to do the work of consistency and harmony in the size to show the features of the entire face, where nose botox is used in order to solve many problems that can treat what a person suffers in his nose, for example:

  1. To treat crooked nose.
  2. Treating the widening of the nose when laughing.
  3. This is in order to reduce the nose.
  4. Because of the low tip of the nose.
  5. Treating wounds and scars on the nose.
  6. Eliminate wrinkles around the nose.
  7. To treat the widening of the nostrils.

Note: It should be noted that Botox injections cannot solve the problem of internal blockages and difficulty breathing in the nose, but the injection method is in order to improve the external appearance.

Nose Botox session steps

Where the nasal Botox is performed by preparing the patient at the beginning and sterilizing him after that, where an anesthetic cream is applied and locally for half an hour, where the patient is given a mirror and the doctor explains the adjustments, and then the Botox is injected, upon completion of the procedure completely the patient will feel the presence of Redness and swelling temporarily in the area, but this swelling will go away in a few days.

Side effects

Often, side effects and complications occur after a nose botox procedure, and these symptoms are such as:

The appearance of redness, swelling and some minor problems, and there should be no need to worry about the occurrence of these symptoms, as they are temporary and will disappear after a short period on their own. But if these swellings persist for a long time and do not disappear, then you should see a doctor quickly.

– Although Botox is considered one of the operations that is not dangerous and is very safe, but there is always the possibility of some problems that result due to the doctor’s mistakes, so it is necessary to be careful when choosing the doctor who will perform the operation and one of the most important risks that may occur in treating Nose Botox is:

  1. Paralysis in the injection area or in the face.
  2. General risks and complications as it is considered a serious complication, but it rarely occurs, and it results from a mistake by the doctor.
  3. The occurrence of infection This problem is caused by the non-sterile use of tools or from the polluted air, and therefore a reputable hospital or center must be chosen.
  4. Lumps occur in the injection areas, and this is a result of the doctor’s lack of experience in the process, and also because he did not distribute Botox properly and proportionally in the treatment area.
  5. Noting the emergence of severe inflammation in or around the injection area, and of course this is due to the lack of experience of the doctor.


One of the advantages of Botox used in order to beautify and reduce the nose and quickly shows its results, as we only need two or three days in order to enjoy a more attractive face and appearance, as these results last for a period of about a year and a half, and then the person must do the injection again .

There are many who have narrated their experience after being treated with Botox, who said that they had obtained distinguished results.

For example, there was a girl who was disturbed by her inability to laugh comfortably because her nose was getting bigger and looking wide when she laughed and this was considered a problem that caused great anxiety in her life. This forced her to search for a good method for rhinoplasty and to solve the problem.

Where the doctor advised to perform a nose botox operation, and despite her fear and anxiety at the beginning, she considered it an easy and simple method, especially after the doctor explained to her about this method and its ease. And after the girl underwent a nose botox operation, she waited for two days until she got the result she wanted to appear, as she could laugh without any problem in her nose and also showed her happiness for that.

Tips after session

All operations, no matter how simple we see them, the patient must adhere to caution and commit not to rush to do any cosmetic procedure, and this is in order to preserve the patient’s health and safety, and these tips:

  1. It is important for the patient to stay away from smoking and drinking alcohol, and this is for a week before and after the nasal Botox injection.
  2. Choosing the clinic or hospital specialized in cosmetic medicine, so it must be ensured that the reputation and eligibility of the medical center has obtained the most important certificates and documents required that show the competence and skill of this center.
  3. Refrain from applying cosmetics, before and at least two days after the Botox injection.

FAQ – Nose Botox in Turkey

When making a decision about performing a cosmetic nose job using Botox, and choosing the appropriate doctor, so you should not hesitate to ask about anything that comes to the patient’s mind regarding Botox injections for the nose, and also ask various questions and make sure that the patient gets all the answers that convince him and satisfaction.

Among the questions that the patient may ask the doctor are:

  1. Know the potential risks of nasal Botox injections
  2. Determine the appropriate date for re-injecting Botox into the nose.
  3. Knowing the costs of nose botox.
  4. Knowing who are the potential candidates for this procedure.
  5. Knowing the time that will be taken to implement this procedure.
  6. The patient knows whether there is a need to use medical drugs after the procedure or not.
  7. The patient’s knowledge of his ability to leave the clinic immediately after completing the injection, or the need to stay overnight in the medical center.
  8. Knowing the time taken for the results to appear, and the extent of the continuity of the results.
  9. Knowing the recovery period and the time to return to normal life.

Where the specialist doctor is not randomly selected to perform nose botox operations, but rather according to conditions and standards that are guaranteed to be followed in order to maintain the safety and integrity of the patient, in addition to avoiding the patient many complications, risks and problems that may occur to him.

Nose Botox cost in Turkey

As for the costs of Nose Botox in Turkey, they are different from one country to another and from one doctor to another. The costs in countries such as Tunisia are the lowest for nose botox, ranging between 150 and 300 dollars, while in Jordan it ranges between 150 and 450 dollars.

For Egypt and Turkey, the costs range between 200 and 600 dollars.

For the most expensive countries, Qatar and the UAE are the most expensive for nose botox, with costs ranging between 500 and 900 US dollars.

Finally, for additional details about nose botox in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube

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