Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

mesotherapy for hair loss
Mesotherapy For Hair Loss

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Mesotherapy For Hair Loss


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Mesotherapy for hair loss is one of the best treatments doctors, clinics use in Turkey aims to treat hereditary baldness.

  • It stimulates hair follicles to grow and significantly reduces hair loss in men and women.
  • doctors currently consider mesotherapy as a medical treatment used as a catalyst for hair follicles to grow healthy.
  • We also use clinically in a non-surgical process that can also treat the most common problems experienced by women and men.
  • Also we use for cases of hereditary baldness, hair loss due to psychological factors, alopecia.

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Mesotherapy treatment

Doctors prescribed Mesotherapy treatment for women and men who suffer from the following problems:

  • Hereditary baldness.
  • Bald patches in the hair.
  • Gradual hair loss.
  • Some hair nourishing vitamins are combined together in a special way, Mesotherapy injections are used in Turkey to treat hair loss problems by reviving the scalp and stimulating the blood circulation in the required using needles method.
  • When we inject the spaces between hair through the scalp we help to enhance and activate the blood circulation of all hair follicles.
  • Then we gradually improve the shape of the follicles and hair growth.
  • Mesotherapy injections are performed in our hospital in Turkey by the best doctors and specialists, and this method is one of the best treatments used, which results in less pain and we can notice a clear improvement in the density and shape of the growing hair during a short period.

After completing Mesotherapy sessions for hair loss

When undergoing the treatment and after a short period if we noticed an improvement in hair growth patient will not need surgery, in order to get the best results the patient must commit to a healthy diet, do exercise and avoid foods that contain toxins.

Side effects

  • Some swelling may occur.
  • Some scars may occur after receiving the injection.
  • Slight bruising.
  • Some patients may experience a burning sensation.
  • Irritation and itching.

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