Men’s laser hair removal

Men’s laser hair removal in Turkey Istanbul With scientific progress and technical development in all areas of life, the cosmetic medical field had the largest share in this in terms of medical devices used in all cosmetic fields, and today in our article we will learn with you about the most important of these techniques in the field of laser, hair removal technology Laser hair removal, and hair removal operations are no longer reserved for women only, but there is a great demand by men for laser hair removal. The concepts of beauty and its standards with the passage of time, and its techniques developed and hair removal technology appeared in the nineties and at that time the laser device was primitive and of large size, slow and painful, and it lacked safety, but today we find various laser devices specialized in many fields, and they have become smaller, more accurate, and faster than Where to get fast and satisfactory results.

It is your right as a man to be comfortable in your society and enjoy an attractive chest free of unwanted hair, open the collar of shirts and stand out comfortably without worrying about the presence of thick hair with an unpleasant appearance, and far from the pain of cleaning with sugar, wax, or razor blade and repeat the process for life, You have to go to the beauty clinic and get rid of this problem using the laser hair removal technique

How does a laser hair removal device work?

The devices used in laser hair removal depend on shining high-focus and energy light rays directly on the hair root. The hair was strong, with a darker color, the greater the effect of the laser, so men find excellent results more than women, because men’s hair is characterized by its density, strength and dark color, also people with light skin and light hair today can benefit from laser because of the development of laser devices and programming to suit everyone .

Today we find many types of devices used in laser hair removal for men, and the difference between these devices is due to the power of the laser and the area on which the laser is to be applied (as the laser device used to remove pubic hair differs from the laser device used to remove chest and feet hair). The laser device to be used in hair removal depends on the type of hair and skin type (light or dark).

Types of laser devices

The difference between the laser devices used in hair removal is due to the length and strength of the waves used in each device, and we will learn the following about the most important types of lasers used in hair removal:

The Ruby Laser:
It occupies the first class among the devices used in laser hair removal, the wavelength of the radiation in this device is 694 nm, and it is used for men and women who have white skin color, and light light (blond) hair. It needs more sessions than normal laser to eliminate hair roots, because Its frequency is slow, the area of ​​​​the target area is small, its cost is high, but its results are excellent, and it is safer.

Laser Alexandrite:
The advantages of this device are the speed of hair removal, its high frequencies, and the large area of ​​effect. It is ideal for removing a large area of ​​hair in one session in a short period of time. It is used for men and women who have blonde hair more than those who have dark hair and dark skin.

Diode laser:
What distinguishes this type of laser with high wavelengths with a large impact capacity, but the effect area is small, and it requires more sessions.

Laser (ND Yag Laser):
This laser features a large area of ​​effect, and high frequencies. It targets a large number of hairs at one time. It is used by men and women and achieves a high benefit in removing hair on different hair types. The benefit is less when used for those who have light skin and hair color.

Areas of the body that can be laser hair removal for men, including:

With the medical technical progress in the field of developing and modernizing cosmetic medical devices, especially laser devices, which have become safer and more effective, it has become possible to use laser devices in hair removal for men in various areas of the body (face, pubic, chest, back, lower back, buttocks, hands, legs, and others…), and it is also possible to start laser hair removal at all ages when the hair appears clear.

Qualified for Men’s laser hair removal

The people who qualify and who get great results with laser hair removal are those who have white skin, thick dark hair (black, brown), and grow significantly.

While the degrees of benefit vary for those who have light hair (blond), and they need more sessions than white people with dark hair.

As for those who have dark skin, laser hair removal for them is dangerous for the skin if the specialist is unsuccessful and does not have good experience in determining the type of laser used in hair removal for each skin color and hair type in particular.

Factors to consider before laser hair removal for men

Choosing the clinic and the successful doctor takes the first place in achieving the best results when removing laser hair in men, because determining the type of device used by each person depends on the doctor’s skill in identifying several factors that differ from one person to another and then choosing the appropriate device to ensure permanent hair removal, the most important These factors:

Hair type (thickness and strength).
Hair color (white – blond – brown – black).
Skin color (white – brown – black).
The type of laser used (we mentioned the types previously).
number of sessions.
What should I tell the doctor before resorting to laser hair removal for men?

There are several things and questions that I should consult a doctor or a beautician about before starting laser hair removal, which are:

What results will I get?
What are the diseases that I suffer from now, in addition to the various diseases I previously suffered from, whether they were skin or chronic? Or any type of allergy to medications or devices.
What devices will you use in laser hair removal?
How many sessions will I need in laser hair removal?
the cost?

Tips before laser hair removal for men

After the examination is over, the doctor must inform you of the things that you must do before starting the sessions, which are:

Avoid direct exposure to the sun, and apply creams that contain a high protection factor.
Refrain from smoking or reduce it if possible.
Do not use sugar paste, hair removal device, or wax to remove the desired laser hair removal at least three weeks before starting the laser sessions.
The area to be laser hair removal should be shaved with a razor before the session.
Use a moisturizing cream to keep the skin hydrated after laser hair removal.

Session stages

The laser removal session begins by placing a sterile gel on the area to be laser hair removal, and there is no need for local or general anesthesia, the doctor asks you to wear protective glasses to protect the eyes from laser rays, and then the appropriate laser device is used, the duration of the session ranges between 30-45 minutes, You may need a number of sessions ranging from 7-8 sessions, and the time interval between one session and another ranges between 20-30 days (depending on the time needed for the hair to reappear), and in some cases the patient may need more sessions depending on the strength of the hair, its color and density, At the end of each session, the doctor requests the use of moisturizers and restorative creams such as Panthenol to reduce the redness caused by the session, and it is possible to return to work immediately after the session, and there is no need to stay in the clinic or to recuperate after the session.


The results of laser hair removal will begin after the first session, the area from which the laser hair was removed will be smoother and significantly less hair, and you may notice after more than one session that the hair has reappeared, but do not worry, there are some roots that do not die directly, but return to grow temporarily, but It is very weak and when you do retouching sessions, it will die permanently and disappear.

The final result is the death of the hair roots and thus not growing again by 99.9%, and the percentage of 0.01 can reappear sporadically and you only need a retouch session conducted by the doctor to get rid of unwanted hair permanently, and the results of laser hair removal for men are permanent, but in In some cases, it is possible to repeat the laser hair removal process again and it is rare as a result of hormonal pathological changes in men, or due to drugs that increase the activity of the male hormone for men.

(Note: The frill session is an additional session that the doctor performs after the completion of the sessions needed for laser hair removal in the event that some hairs appear scattered in the areas of the body from which the laser hair was removed).

Cons of laser hair removal for men:

Some light superficial burns may occur on the skin and cause redness, pain and discomfort, in addition to loss of feeling in the area on which the laser was applied, depending on the experience of the specialist doctor, and there is a possibility of melasma in the areas from which the hair was removed in case of non-compliance with instructions The specialist doctor and in case the doctor is also incompetent, so the Turk Aesthetic team always advises you to choose a good doctor and a medical center with a good reputation and good experience.

Pros of laser hair removal for men:

Get rid of thick hair permanently in a short time, easy and fast.
2- Get a softer and more attractive manly appearance.
The possibility of using laser hair removal for men from all areas of the body.

FAQ – Men’s laser hair removal

Does laser hair removal for men cause skin cancers?

No cases of skin cancer have been recorded so far due to the use of laser devices.

Does laser hair removal result in skin pigmentation (melasma)?

ointments when exposed to the sun to protect the skin from harmful external factors and prevent the occurrence of any pigmentation.

Does laser hair removal for men from the pubic area cause infertility?

This field, they assured us that the laser beams used in this area do not go beyond the hair root area and cannot reach the penis.

Men’s laser hair removal cost

There are reasons related to the cost, which may be more or less than the prices that will be mentioned to you below, such as the doctor’s experience, the accompanying medical team, the area from which laser hair removal is desired (face, abdomen, chest, pubic, back, armpits…..etc) and hotel service If you are going to the country for tourist and recreational purposes.

The cost of laser hair removal for men in Turkey: it ranges between 25-200 dollars, depending on the region, and the whole body is 200 dollars.

United States of America: Approximately $300, full body.

Egypt: the face is 600 Egyptian pounds, the armpits are approximately 100 Egyptian pounds, the legs are between 1500-2000 Egyptian pounds.

Lebanon: full body $100, full face $50, half face $25.

Finally, to get an answer to any question about Men’s laser hair removal you can contact us via the link or visit Youtube for information.

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