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Lip filler in Turkey
Lip filler in Turkey

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Lip filler in Turkey


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Lip filler in Turkey who does not dream and loves to have full and beautiful lips at the same time and full of beauty.

Despite the fact that full lips were not common in previous ages, where small, thin and very thin lips were the common fashion at the time and as a distinctive aesthetic difference, but in our time, the trend of thin lips has been replaced by the fashion of full and filled lips with fillers. Yes, the filler, which is no longer a woman Or a girl, who did not seek to ask about the types of fillers for the lips, how they are injected, and how the lips become after the injection, as lip augmentation operations became the basis and the first in various cosmetic operations.

And the main reason for the trend of most women and even men recently towards beautifying the lips and filling them with fillers is that full lips make a person look younger than his real age, and facial features become clearer and more defined.

So, in our next article, we will learn about the Lip filler in Turkey

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What is Lip Filler

The fillers are injected into the lips in order to increase their size, and to treat some lip problems and due to the problem of the lips where the type of material that makes up the filler is used.

Where it is considered the ideal way to fill the spaces in the lips in order to obtain fuller lips whose goal is to increase the beauty and features of the face and through a natural method, which is by using a natural substance and injecting it into the lips with certain dimensions by using a thin needle intended for injection, which is one of the best types of fillers for the lips.

When making the decision to do a lip filler, it is important to know the most important and best types of fillers for the lips that can be used in this process, as there are many types of fillers for the lips that are different from each other in terms of their flexibility, softness, chemical composition, the duration they will last and the results they will give as well.

Lip filler injection reasons

There are several reasons behind lip filler injections, which are:

  1. There is a desire to increase the size of the lips in order to keep pace with cosmetic trends.
  2. To treat lip wrinkles that result from aging.
  3. To treat the small size of the lips, which is the cause of its occurrence as a result of some diseases, and because of an imbalance in the distribution of fat.
  4. In order to get the lips supplied and to get rid and remove the pigmentation in them.

Types of lip fillers in Turkey

  1. Hyaluronic acid This type of filler contains hyaluronic acid, which is a substance naturally produced in the body that moisturizes the skin and is injected in order to increase the size of the lips, and treat the effects of wrinkles in them. The advantages of hyaluronic acid injections: Of course, hyaluronic acid injections facilitate effective control of the lips, depending on the amount that will be injected, which will increase the size of the lips, and the excess amount is dissolved easily if the desired increase in the size of the lips is more than required. Since hyaluronic is a natural substance, it rarely causes an allergic reaction in people. As for the defects of hyaluronic injection and its use as a lip filler, its results are not permanent, most of them last from four months to a year, and this may cause some redness and swelling for a period after the injection. * Types of fillers that use hyaluronic:
  2. 1) Juvéderm
  3. 2). STYLAGE


  1. 4). Restelan and these injections are all made of hyaluronic acid and the difference is in their thickness and how they look on the lip. Usually all hyaluronic acid products are mixed with lidocaine, which is an anesthetic, and the person will feel a small tingling and slight pressure, but not very painful while injecting the best types of fillers for the lips.
  2. Lip filler with fat injection This type of lip injection is continuous for a long time, unlike temporary lip fillers, which last from one to three years, where these fats that will be injected are extracted automatically from the same person, so they will not cause allergies, but It is more expensive than hyaluronic lip fillers.
  3. Lip filler with collagen. Where collagen is naturally secreted into the skin cells, and some other cells, for example, cartilage cells, and collagen works to increase the elasticity of the skin and fill it, as with age, the secretion of collagen is reduced and this gradually causes the appearance of wrinkles, so collagen injection is one of the types of fillers for the lips Which has become widely used and collagen is extracted from the connective tissues of cows. Despite the results of collagen, which is very good in lip plumping, due to giving it instant volume and softness to the lips, it does not last for a long time compared to other types of fillers, ranging from two months to eighteen months at the latest, and during this period it may be necessary to work on re-injection to maintain results; Also, bovine collagen causes allergic reactions; So allergy tests should be done before the injection is given.
  4. Plasma lip injections. We cannot consider the plasma to be a type of explicit filler, because it is not given to the large size of the lips after being injected immediately, but it is considered among the lip fillers; Because it enhances the secretion of collagen and elastin, which fill the lips and give them volume and freshness.
  5. Botox lip injections: One of the types of lip injections that help the filler hide wrinkles is Botox. It is also similar to plasma, but it is not a filler, but it helps to relax wrinkles around the mouth area, and the lines that appear when expressing a smile on the sides of the mouth, Therefore, it is often combined with filler injection sessions to obtain a complete result that includes inflating the lips with the filler and improving the appearance of wrinkles around the mouth with Botox.
  1. Articol injections and lip determination with fillers. It is a chemically manufactured substance by mixing a group of substances with each other, and it is an unnatural substance, so the person will be exposed to anti-allergic reactions from the body, in a large percentage compared to the natural collagen that is found in the body, but as for the results of injections with Articol, it will Long lasting collagen and other natural substances.
  2. Injecting the lips with Restylane. It is one of the best types of fillers for the lips whose composition contains hyaluronic acid as its basis, but it is a material with temporary results because Restaslane will decompose to be absorbed by the body within approximately six months from the injection process, so it is considered a safe material and does not need to do an allergy test before the filler injection process For the lips because it does not cause allergic reactions in the body against it.
  3. Permanent lip fillers: The types of fillers talked about are temporary types that do not last for more than three years, and the person needs to renew them after a while, but there are permanent types of lip fillers, which do not need to be repeated except after a long period of time, and these types They are made of silicone or polymethyl acrylate fillers, where the last substance on the market is in the brand (Bellafill injections), and the disadvantage of these types is that any error in them will be difficult to treat, since they are permanent.

Lip filler using factors

Choosing the right type of lips will be based primarily on the problem that the person suffers from, or the final shape that you want to get, so the discussion and dialogue will take place between the doctor and the person about the shape he wants to get first, then start to nominate the appropriate types for the person .

The commercial types of lip injections contain different concentrations and various combinations of the types of lip fillers that were mentioned previously, so one of the types of lip fillers contains hyaluronic and collagen in the same syringe, and the doctor also mixes plasma injections with hyaluronic injections in order to obtain a better result.

Lip filler injection steps

At first, the doctor evaluates the patient’s condition and determines the best type of lip filler suitable for the case.

After that, anesthesia is done, and this process is through local anesthesia using a spray or cream.

Then the patient waits about 20 minutes for the anesthesia to take effect at work, and the patient will feel numbness in the lips during the filler injection to the lips.

Then the doctor injects the best types of filler into the lips, and the person usually does not need more than two injections.

After injecting the best types of filler for the lips, there is often a large swelling in the lips after the filler, and of course this is normal, and the swelling will decrease gradually within two weeks. Of course, after the injection, the person will need ice packs, so that the lips do not swell after the filler and cause inflammation.

Then the doctor will give the person some instructions for taking care of the lips after the lip filler injection process, such as a commitment not to smoke.

A person can return to his normal life immediately after the filler injection process for the lips.

While in the case of autologous fat injection, the patient will need to go through a liposuction procedure before undergoing the fat injection procedure.

Lip filler in Turkey (Advantages)

Among the most important features of the lip filler are:

  1. Filler injection is a non-surgical procedure; It does not bleed when done correctly. Therefore, it is a painless procedure, because it is under the influence of local anesthesia, and the same types of injections contain a local anesthetic.
  2. It is a quick procedure and does not take more than half an hour.
  3. As for the recovery time, it is short, and the person can go about his life normally within 24 hours after the injection.
  4. For most types of lip filler injections, those that use hyaluronic acid are safe.
  5. The result is immediate, as the person can see it directly after the injection.
  6. Lip filler injection is one of the fastest and most modern techniques in beautifying and filling the lips to make them more attractive and beautiful.

Filler Defects

  1. Lumps or a heterogeneous shape when injecting the lips with fillers, especially when it is injected incorrectly.
  2. The filler caused some sensitivity; It is the duty of the plastic surgeon to test the sensitivity of the person to the substance that will be injected before the procedure.
  3. Types of fillers, including those that are expensive, especially that they need to be re-injected every once in a while.
  4. Filler injections should not be performed at home, but only under the supervision of a specialized cosmetic doctor.
  5. Fillers are not used in cases that suffer from blood-thinning diseases, or some types of skin diseases such as herpes.
  6. One of the risks that afflict people when injecting fillers is that they resort to doctors or people who are not specialized and inject cheap and non-original materials, and this causes problems, errors and diseases.

Natural way for Healthy lips

A person can plump lips and maintain them naturally through:

  1. Stay away from smoking, because smoking leads to pigmentation and death of lip cells, and causes poor blood circulation to reach them.
  2. Drink plenty of water, because water is the first source of moisturizing the lips and skin in general.
  3. Use lip balms and lipsticks made of tested materials that do not cause allergies, so it is preferable to have a type of sun protection factor; And that in the event of exposure to sunlight.
  4. Be careful to sleep regularly, because this leads to the renewal of skin cells, and reduce the rate of formation of wrinkles.
  5. Eating healthy food, with high water content, antioxidants, and vitamins; This will result in an increased rate of collagen secretion.
  6. Use homemade lip supply and inflate mixtures on a weekly basis, after testing the person’s sensitivity to it.
  7. When there is a lack of vitamins in the body; A person can take some nutritional supplements that contain vitamins such as vitamin B and important minerals such as zinc and iron, and this is of course under the supervision of the doctor because these minerals and vitamins are among the most important elements that will make the skin flexible, supple and young.

Cost of Lip filler in Turkey

There are several factors that play a role in determining the cost of lip injections with fillers, the most important of which are the type of material to be injected, the doctor’s experience and competence, the type of anesthesia used, the person’s general condition, in addition to the equipment and techniques used and the cosmetic center or clinic in which the filler will be applied.

Where the value of lip fillers in the United States ranges from 2000 to 5000 dollars, while in Europe, the cost of lip fillers ranges from 4000 to 2000 dollars, except for some Eastern European countries where all plastic surgeries are low.

Finally, to get more details about the lip filler in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for information.

If you need any information about Lip filler in Turkey from Turk Aesthetic, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for information.