Light Filler in Turkey

Light Filler in Turkey The beauty of eyes almost all beauty, so the eyes did not leave an opportunity for others to capture the attention of others and capture them in their depths, but with age, sleep disturbance, fatigue, genetic structure, smoking and alcohol abuse are all major causes of dark circles and sagging under the eyes, and this may suggest the appearance Old age and fatigue does not bring about the radiance of beauty in the face, and this in turn may affect the psyche of a person, whether a man or a woman, so we find most women rush to buy cosmetics that help them hide these pigmentations on the skin or circles under the eyes, but this is often temporary when leaving the house Therefore, the actual and final treatment of these discomforts is necessary, as doctors have recently created a wonderful technique, which is optical filler.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration10 Minutes
Process aimunder eyes dark circles removal
Continuity of results15 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost350 USD per 1CC

Light Filler in Turkey (Video)

Light Filler Before & After

What is light fillers?

Light fillers is a therapeutic application for problems such as bruising, brown ringing, packing and swelling for various reasons and other factors, which the optical filler comes to treat, and it is a medical procedure that can be applied to men and women without pain.

It is a substance or group of substances that are injected with specially designed needles under the eyes. These materials are used first to fill the void, modify the shape of the cavities and fill the flabby skin until it returns to normal.

Secondly, the therapeutic and biological properties of the materials that are injected are used in the treatment, and there are several types of fillers, some of which are permanent but more dangerous than the non-permanent type.

Acid and collagen are found naturally inside the body, which means that they are not foreign substances, which may expose it to any problem when injected, and besides being that they help to fill those cavities, they stimulate the cells to divide and increase the production of collagen in that area.

Under eyes problem causes

  • The first and simplest reason is aging and the emergence of problems that accompany it, especially in the skin, its loss of elasticity and luster, its sagging, and the appearance of wrinkles
  • We may find these manifestations also in young people, which is due to genetic factors and genetics. Often if your parents or one of them suffers from hereditary dark circles or bulges under the eyes, you may get it genetically.
  • These problems sometimes appear as a result of some wrong practices such as not consuming enough water and fluids and the body is always in a state of dehydration or eating salty food in large quantities, which affects the balance of salts and fluids in the body
  • The cavities find their way down the eye in those who suffer from light cheek muscles that sag and relax with time and age, and some may suffer from sinuses that reach them with swollen eyes.
  • The psychological state sometimes affects the emergence of these problems, such as constant stress, constant tension, and the body’s lack of adequate rest
  • Sometimes these problems are indicative of other medical problems that the body suffers from that needs attention and treatment, such as thyroid dysfunction and kidney failure.
  • Often the pockets will appear under the eye because of too much fat or fluid accumulation in that area

Light filler uses & benefits

The optical filler treats many problems, namely:

  • Dark circles under the eyes in different degrees of the areola and how dark it is
  • Permanently bags and pockets under the eyes that make them look swollen all the time.
  • Swelling of the eyes and the eyelids around them.
  • The presence of a visible vacuum below the eye makes it look wilted
  • Skin increases and sagging around the eyes and under them.
  • Decreased or increased fatty clusters under the eyes.
  • Decreased volume of the lower eyelid of the eyes.
  • Increase the size of the upper eyelid, which leads to sagging of the skin around and below the eye.
  • The big eye
  • Sunken eye
  • The eyebrows sag and slacken, leading to sagging under the eyes and the appearance of sockets.

Light Filler candidates

  • Of course, the best candidates are those with cosmetic problems only, without health or medical problems in their eyes and eyes.
  • It must be made sure that the person does not suffer from allergies to the substances that will be injected under his eyes and used as a filler for treatment.
  • People who have skin free from any kind of infection, disease, or inflammation are recommended for the operation.
  • Who do not suffer from blood thinning or any problems with injection.
  • It is not preferable to involve children in this process, but rather to wait until they grow up.
  • Young people who have these problems due to genetic reasons.

Light Filler session

Before starting the filler procedure, the place to be injected is disinfected.

After numbing the area of ​​application with anesthetic cream, the filler material is injected into the area to be injected with the help of a cannula.

This type of filler is injected above the bone and not under the skin like other types of fillers.

Due to the injection, very slight redness may occur in the points where the cannula is under the skin, and this redness disappears after 3-4 hours without intervention.

The most important steps that are taken when injecting fillers under the eyes

  • Filler injection consists of a group of natural ingredients such as collagen, silicone, and hyaluronic.
  • This syringe contains safe materials that do not harm the skin.
  • The injection of filler into the eye does not take more than ten minutes and is absolutely painless.
  • Fillers are also injected under the eye in cases of cavities and fine lines in that area, by injection just below the socket bone.
  • It is worth noting that the filler takes a little time for its components to start working and its results appear after a few days, as it is due to the appearance of ideal results on the nature of the person’s own body and the extent of its ability to respond to the filler.
  • Some people undergo filler injection in the eye once and do not need to undergo a second injection (rotoche), while others undergo more than once.

Can botox treat these problems like fillers?

Botox cannot enter the field of comparison and competition with fillers in under-eye injections, due to the way each of them works, while fillers fill in voids and cavities,

Botox paralyzes and relaxes muscles and prevents them from contracting, which is not very useful here.

The only situations in which botox can help is to try to lift the cheeks or treat the wrinkles around and under the eyes.

Light Filler Cost in Turkey

The cost of optical filler injection in Turkey varies from approximately $ 300 per package, and the cost sometimes reaches $ 800 or more.

This cost is considered low, with the average costs of various plastic surgeries.

To get Light Filler in Turkey cost from Turk Aesthetic , you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube for more information.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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