Laser Hair Removal Istanbul

Laser hair removal Istanbul, in this article Turk Aesthetic reviews the details of laser hair removal in Istanbul, as this topic is very popular with many people, both sexes and all ages.

Here below some quick information about Laser Hair Removal session

Procedure durationDepends on body area (Approx. 15 minutes per area)
Results AppearanceGradual with the completion of sessions numbers
Sessions number6-12 sessions depend on body Hair density
Continuity of results1 year then hair will appears slightly and sporadically need 1 session to get rid of it
ConvalescenceNo need
Turk Aesthetic CostFull Body 200 USD for Women / Full Body 300 USD for Men

Laser Hair Removal Istanbul – Video

Laser Hair Removal Session

  • Hair may appear in undesirable areas with women, or could be intense and exaggerated with men’s body.
  • Using traditional methods for hair removal could be harmful such using sharp objects or painful like using wax!
  • laser hair removal has become one of the most important solutions for many reasons after the revolution of medical and plastic surgery.

Easy use away from the annoying of the traditional methods.

The speed of the procedure that the laser hair removal session does not exceed more than fifteen minutes.

No need to have many sessions compared to traditional hair removal methods, so conducting one monthly session gives great results by getting rid of unwanted hair.

With the continuity of laser hair removal sessions and for a full year helps to prevent hair from appearing in undesirable places for a long period that may exceed 3 years.

Before laser hair removal

  • Experts advice some instruction before applying Laser hair Removal.
  • Not to be exposed to sunlight directly and for a long time, which affects the sensitivity of the skin when laser beams are shed.
  • Avoid solarium, nailing, or sauna before the laser sessions.
  • Stay away from cosmetics and creams.
  • Not to remove hair by plucking or waxing.
  • Gently shave the hair because laser removes short edges, not long hair.

During Laser hair removal

  • After following the mentioned recommendations above and at the beauty center, the customer goes through the following steps:
  • Expert observe the degrees of hair shortness, supposed to be removed by the cosmetologist, in case the length of the hair is greater than the necessary amount, the customer is required to shave again.
  • Then the moisturizing gel is placed on the place of the procedure on the body. Shed laser on the follicles to be disposed of.
  • The follicles receive and absorb then laser beams to destroy the hair root.

the Results

  • The results can be observed immediately after the completion of the hair removal session, with some minor symptoms.
  • Such as simple redness and itching, which disappear automatically after a short period (it is possible to use a moisturizing cream).
  • The results do not last for long, but the hair appears again after a period of two months.
  • The session must be repeated when desired to obtain, with time, more continuous results.

On average, laser hair removal session does not take a long time, but to determine the exact time period, it’s necessary to allocate the body area.

Removing hair from the face does not take more than fifteen minutes.

As for removing hair from the legs, it takes forty-five minutes appro.

Laser devices for hair remove

There are many laser devices used in hair removal at the beauty centers in Istanbul. best used for the device applied in accordance with the skin color.
We will review the most prominent types of these devices in the following lines:

  1. Diode Ironing Laser

    can be used on all areas of the body as the laser light is very gentle and does not cause a tingling feeling.

  2. Alexandrite laser

    is one of the advanced generations with high technology, accuracy and high speed, which is distinguished from others by speed of completion of the session due to the head of the device with a large diameter that covers a larger area with one click compared to other devices. It is also highly effective without feeling pain or burns.

  3. Electrolysis Needle (laser needle)

    is preferred by plastic surgeons to perform hair removal for white skin and blond hair because it does not depend on the light of the rays and therefore does not change or affect the skin color after the procedure.

  4. ND-YAG laser

    is preferred by cosmetologists to remove hair for dark and brown skin and can be applied to all areas of the body without any problems or side effects.

Good to consider that Laser hair removal devices varies according to several criteria like:

  • Skin color.
  • Body area of unwanted hair.
  • Hair thickness and strength.
  • The period or number of sessions to be held.
  • Beam strength, frequency, and diameter.

Other Classification for laser Device

Some lasers emit a red color beam that suits those with blond hair or fair skin and is characterized by a slow and short beam frequency.

It is not preferable to apply it on brown skin because it may cause minor skin burns due to their skin which absorbs the rays more compared to white skin.

Chrysoberyl laser is also applied to white skin and blonde hair, but is characterized by a high beam rate and a large diameter compared to the previous mentioned, which helps to complete the session faster and applied on large areas of the body.

Dual laser applies the procedure to dark skin, and is characterized by long waves, but a narrow diameter, thus its cost is a little high due to the length of time required to complete the desired results.

Andage laser applies for dark skin with a high and fast frequency and ability to apply it to all areas of the body in a short and standard time.

Cost of laser hair removal Istanbul

  • There are many criteria that control the cost of laser hair removal in Istanbul.
  • Body area. The facial area is less expensive than the legs area, for example
  • The laser device, as we mentioned earlier, the length and diameter of the beam affect the period of completion of the laser session and of course device is determined by the cosmetologist not by the client
  • The cost also affected by the cosmetic center itself. There are centers that seek professional and reliable experts, compared to other centers that use therapists who lack competence and experience.
  • Based on the information we provided, the cost of hair removal in Istanbul starts from fifty dollars to four hundred dollars per session.

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