HIFU Treatment in Turkey

HIFU Treatment in Turkey
HIFU Treatment in Turkey

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HIFU Treatment in Turkey


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HIFU Treatment in Turkey say goodbye to the annoying signs of aging, by using the HIFU device, the first device in the world that restores tightened skin and supple, more attractive skin. Turkey is the first beauty country in the world.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaNo need
Process duration30 minutes less or more depending on treated area
Session numberdepending on case 1-2 sessions
Continuity of results3 Years
ResultsGradually start after 3 months
Turk Aesthetic Cost500-1000 USD per session

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How does the HIFU device work?

  • HIFU technology relies on ultrasound, which is characterized by its high density and the ability to penetrate into the deep layers of the skin,
  • stimulating deep skin cells, revitalizing and enhancing their work, so they return tight and strong as they were before they were sagging,
  • it begins to become active and secrete the natural collagen substance that nourishes the skin and whose production decreases. After the age of 30 years – HIFU is easy to use,
  • it is passed on to the areas identified by the doctor and that need to be tightened, and HIFU is distinguished from the rest of the techniques used in plastic surgery by precisely targeting the cells that we want to stimulate and restore their vitality.

The most important areas of the body that are used to tighten HIFU in Turkey

Through an opinion poll, and several conversations we had with a group of plastic surgeons in Turkey, the doctors assured us that the most results achieved by the HIFU device are 99%, and they are highly satisfactory are the results that we get when using HIFU in a face and neck lift, and then Its rates vary in other areas of the body, such as tightening the arms – and the thighs – and the abdomen.

Reasons to use HIFU

  • Ease of use with one hand, because the use of HIFU does not require surgical procedures at all, all it needs to be passed on the outer surface of the skin and does its job by tightening the skin.
  • He does not need anesthesia or a large medical staff, the specialist doctor and one attendant is enough.
  • The HIFU session can take place in a clinic that does not need to be hospitalized.
  • HIFU is a device that ranks first among the beauty technology devices today.
  • It is characterized by its high accuracy in targeting deep cells of the skin that cannot be reached by laser or other cosmetic procedures.
  • It does not leave any traces on the skin / scars, cracks, and no annoying scars.
  • It does not need a long time in the session, that is, it is a fast and effective treatment.
  • You do not need a break after the HIFU session, and you can resume activity and work immediately.
  • It does not cause pain, and it does not exceed the pain if he got the feeling of a few very slight tingles that disappear during the day.

After HIFU treatment

Doctors confirmed that all the symptoms that were observed after the HIFU session were local and simple, almost negligible if we compare them with the symptoms that occur after plastic surgery, the symptoms were redness of the skin and slight swelling that usually goes away 24 hours after the HIFU session, in addition to a kind of superficial sensitivity, but There is no need for fear, it all disappears within the 24 hours after the session, and these symptoms are not an obstacle to resuming work and activity immediately after the session, and there is no need to stay in the hospital or clinic as a period of rest or recovery at all.

Duration of the HIFU Treatment (in Turkey)

It ranges between 30-45 minutes, per session, and also this period is related and affected by the percentage of sagging, its area and the target area, so the length of time for a haifu session to tighten the face and neck differs from the time required to tighten the arms, thighs, abdomen …

How long should I wait for HIFU results to appear?

Although the HIFU device has gained great fame in the cosmetic field, it is not a magic wand that can give a hundred percent immediate result, due to the satisfactory age of the flabby skin, the large treatment area, and the response of the body.

This is not considered talk that frustrates the patient, as there are quick results that appear immediately within days, and the results appear better and better after about 4 to 12 weeks, because HIFU depends on activating cells to come back and work again and secrete collagen, and this matter needs the period we mentioned.

Is there a demand for HIFU Treatment in Turkey?

Through what we do in terms of research and studies about the country that is most popular with the request for the HIFU device, we found that Turkey is one of the first countries to be popular with the HIFU device, due to the time, effort and satisfactory results that it achieves previously, and many Turkish personalities, actors and singers, resorted to experience Hifu, and they liked it, and they had magical looks on television ..

the Required HIFU Sessions

The number of sessions that the patient needs cannot be determined except after the first visit to the cosmetic clinic, then the specialist doctor determines the number of sessions, and the number of sessions starts from one or two sessions for the face and neck area with a time difference between the first and second sessions ranging between 30-40 days, while the tightening area needs Skin with haifu in other areas of the body to more than one session according to the size of the area and the degree of sagging.

Can HIFU be used more than once?

Yes, this can be done with a time difference of 9 months – a year, and the opinion of the attending physician should be taken in this matter.

Is HIFU used for skin tightening only for women? What is the best age to start using HIFU?

Of course not, men also suffer from wrinkle problems as women do, and they can take advantage of HIFU in order to get a firmer and more youthful complexion.

Since the skin begins to lose its freshness after the age of thirty, cosmetic doctors advise to start using HIFU between the ages of 30-50 years to obtain the best results, and since HIFU relies on stimulating cell activity and re-secreting collagen, it cannot be used at young ages before thirty because the skin is in the pride Youthfulness and activity in the secretion of collagen nourishing the skin.

HIFU treatment, or surgery?

We cannot evaluate which is the best without evaluating the problem at hand, for each of them has a use depending on the degree of sagging, the chronological age of the problem, and the area occupied by the sagging, there are cases of skin tightening in which the use of haifu is better and there are cases in which resorting to surgery is better, and the only one in which The specialist doctor will help you in this choice. After the examination, he determines what is the best procedure, whether HIFU or surgery.

What is the difference between HIFU & Surgery for skin tightening?

HIFU requires a local anesthetic cream, the surgery requires local or general needle anesthesia.
The duration of the HIFU session is relatively shorter than the time required for a skin-tightening surgery.
The results of using Haifu are better in the case of slight sagging and small wrinkles, and for large sagging, which occurs after the age of fifty, the surgery is the most successful solution than HIFU.
HIFU does not require a recovery period after a skin tightening session, while the surgical operation requires a recovery period ranging from 2-4 weeks, depending on the type of operation.
HIFU does not leave scars, while the surgery results in scars at the incision site, which the plastic surgeon makes to tighten the skin and cut the excess from it.

Cost of HIFU treatment in Turkey

  • A new technology that is widely accepted by everyone does not mean that it is expensive compared to other countries,
  • But it ranges approximately between 750- 1000 dollars, and this cost is related according to the area treated with HIFU,
  • According to the skill of the specialist doctor, HIFU targets a small area of ​​the skin if this is The area is small,
  • the cost ranges between 500 and 750 dollars, and if the area is complete, such as the entire face, for example,
  • the percentage ranges approximately between 750-1000 dollars.
  • These percentages remain approximate, but the cost in Turkey is the lowest among other countries,
  • it may need to double the cost for the same operation, for example in another country,
  • in America you need an approximate cost of about 4000 dollars, if the area is small, it will need between 800- 1000 dollars,
  • For the whole area such as face lift The cost ranges from $ 5,000 to $ 7,000 for a neck.

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