Fractional Laser in Turkey

Fractional laser in Turkey Istanbul Due to the benefits of lasers that have achieved a huge achievement in the past two decades, many laser departments in large hospitals have special departments.

CO2 considered one of the modern lasers that treat most skin problems and stimulate collagen to generate new layers in the skin and at the same time, superficial peeling of the skin to get rid of skin problems and the effects of acne and scars and the resulting pits.

As result Fractional laser is considered one of the best solutions at the present time, especially for those who have a fear of undergoing surgeries

Here below some quick information about Fraxel Laser session:

Anesthesiatopical cream
Session DurationApproximately 45 minutes
Results AppearanceAfter 2 weeks
Process AimUnifying skin color, removing pigmentation, scars and acne, and getting rid of light wrinkles.
results effectivenessAlways
RecommendationsAfter procedure: Use sunblock, avoid hot water and soap for a week
Sessions NumberOne or two sessions, maximum
Turk Aesthetic cost100$ – $ 500, depending on where the fractional will be applied
session details

Fraxel laser treatment video

Fraxel Laser before and after

Fractional Laser
Fractional Laser

FAQ – Fractional Laser in Turkey

What is Fractional CO2 Laser?

It is a technique to stimulate the skin to produce collagen through a laser beam that delicately peels the surface of the skin

Is fractional laser painful?

Fractional does not cause any pain, so using a topical cream to relieve pain may not be used by some.

Does fractional laser treat large pores?

Yes, it treats large pores by working on a face lift and light wrinkles.

Does fractional laser treat acne?

Yes, it treats the effects of acne and works to hide the scars and scars resulting from old acne pills.

Does fractional laser remove hair?

The fractional laser session has nothing to do with the topic of hair disposal, the aim of the fractional procedure is to unify the skin color, remove pigmentation, scars and acne, and get rid of light wrinkles.

Fractional laser, when will it peel off?

After the session ends, the skin begins to peel off gradually for two weeks, and after that the results begin to appear.

Do you use a fractional laser for cracks?

Skin cracks cannot be treated with fractional.

9 Uses for Fractional Laser

The following are the most common fractional laser applications recently requested by patients that give great results!

  1. Treatment of dark knees
  2. Fractional laser for bikini and butt, and to lighten sensitive areas
  3. Lips peeling and supplying
  4. Get rid of pigmentation
  5. Remove traces of burns
  6. Get rid of acne scars
  7. Treating the scars of wounds
  8. Treating light age wrinkles on the face
  9. Drooping eyelids

My experience with Fractional Laser

  • Ms. Maryam Al-Ali, 25, from the Kingdom of Bahrain, says about her experience in conducting a fractional laser session:
  • I was suffering from some pigmentation under the eyes in addition to some skin protrusions that resulted from the effects of acne on the cheeks
  • In addition to the effects of burning my skin in the left shoulder as a result of an accident when I was a child.
  • Burning was not an obstacle in my life as long as it was covered with clothes, but what was visible and disturbing to me were facial skin problems.
  • I did not hesitate to conduct the session when I read about the experiences of many girls, especially that this procedure is non-surgical and does not require anesthesia.
  • Just I was waiting for the right time for it!
  • During my visit to Istanbul with a friend of mine, she wanted to get orthodontics done in the Turk Aesthetic clinic
  • I escorted her to the center and inquired while I was waiting about the fractional laser procedure and its cost.
  • The answer was positive for me and I preferred to invest my waiting time in completing the session.
  • Without any introduction or prolongation, the session started after applying the topical cream to relieve pain, after that I did not feel anything. The session ended after about 40 minutes.

After Session

  • After my return to the hotel, I started to feel the feeling of sunburn, which was possible, but I used the moisturizing cream that the fractional doctor prescribed, and I felt better.
  • Two days later, the skin began to peel off and the results began to appear when the peeling stopped for about 10 days, as I remember.
  • I had an improvement rate of more than 75%, but it was acceptable to me, at least the pigmentation or skin lesions are no longer noticeable.
  • I will do another session soon to completely remove the scars as the doctor advised me, and I will remove the traces of burns also because I feel satisfied with the results.

Fractional Laser Session in Turkey

Fractional laser session includes two stages:

Preparing for the session

Medical information is taken from the patient such as:

  • chronic diseases
  • Medicines used
  • Previous operations
  • The reason, goal, or purpose of the procedure
  • The patient is informed of the approximate number of sessions required
  • After that, some topical creams are applied in preparation for the session, which contains some local anesthetic to relieve the feeling of pain.

During the session

  • Start with a session that lasts about 45 minutes less or more, according to the same case
  • During the session, a device attached to the fractional device is used as a file for the surface of the skin to relieve pain

Fractional Laser Benefits

  • Eliminate deep wrinkles, sunburns and raised scars resulting from wounds, incisions, or chronic acne.
  • Use on darker skin tones without pigmentation on the treated area
  • Fractional can be used in cases in which the skin becomes more complex and its cells are less effective and more lazy. By this we mean the effectiveness of fractional with the elderly.

Fraxel laser Uses

  • Fractional can be used on any part of the body and has an effective effect in removing wrinkles and treating regular burns and sunburn.
  • It can be used to get rid of dark brown skin pigmentation that occurs after pregnancy in women (pregnancy mask)
  • Getting rid of surgical scars or deep healed acne scars
  • For use with the elderly
  • Sagging eyelids or wrinkles around the eyes or lips can be repaired
  • It can be used effectively to treat pigmentation

After fractional laser session

  • One session is not sufficient to treat the problem, but several 3 or 5 sessions are required, according to each case
  • The skin also needs a rest period between the two sessions, which may last for one or two months
  • The difference can not be felt immediately after a fractional session, but it takes a week, and then the results gradually begin to appear until all the sessions suggested by the specialist are completed.
  • Determining the number of sessions and the duration of treatment is done based on two factors: the person’s age and the personal care of the skin (such as exposure to sunlight or skin dryness and peeling, etc.)
  • After the anesthesia is removed, the person feels pain and tingling like a feeling of sunburn for several days. This feeling can be overcome by using moisturizing compresses and pain relievers.
  • It is worth noting the short duration of pain compared to the duration after using a regular laser
  • It is advised not to expose treated skin to sunlight and cover it to reduce discomfort

Fractional laser cost in Turkey

The prices of one session vary according to several criteria such as the medical center, the specialist doctor, the place to be treated in the body and the severity of the condition

The cost for treating small and limited areas starts at a cost of $ 100 and may reach $ 500 for a face, for example.

You can contact our center for beauty and treatment services to get the exact cost according to the situation via the link

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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