Filler Under Eyes

Filler Under Eyes People became confused between giving in to what happened to them and coexisting with the idea of ​​their continuous low attractiveness, or undergoing surgeries that do not constitute an attractive solution for them, and this remained until the filler appeared under the eye.

In this context, there are many options and different methods, the most important of which is the under-eye filler, to overcome these problems:

  • Dark circles vary in the degree of darkening of their color.
  • Decreased amount of fat under the eye.
    Sunken eyes, hollow eyes.
  • Sagging under the eyes.
  • Aging (with age, collagen production decreases, which leads to less elasticity and thickness of the skin, and the appearance of wrinkles).
  • Genetic factor.
  • Some environmental factors and wrong habits (exposure to sunlight, smoking, and insufficient intake of water).
  • Psychological problems (frequent crying and lack of sleep).

These problems are always aesthetic and have nothing to do with the health aspect and do not affect them, and if some of these problems have health consequences and are related in some way to vision problems, the under-eye filler will not be a solution in that case, but your ophthalmologist needs to find surgical or laser methods to treat your problem.

Filler Under Eyes Substance

Collagen with hyaluronic acid. What is hyaluronic acid?

It is a substance that occurs naturally in various areas of the body, but its concentration increases in certain fluids inside the body, such as: fluids in the eyes and fluids in joints.
Hyaluronic acid is one of the substances that have natural moisturizing properties, as the molecules of this acid can bind to a large number of water molecules, equivalent to a thousand times their weight or more, as the production of some types of important substances in the body such as (collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid decreases). Hyaluronic) with age, which leads to the skin gradually losing its tight appearance and moisture.

Difference Between Botox and Fillers

There is no comparison or competition between Botox and Filler under the eye due to the different method of each, because the filler fills the voids and cavities, while Botox paralyzes and relaxes the muscles and prevents them from contracting, which does not serve us much in this case. The only cases in which Botox can help is to try to lift Cheeks or treating wrinkles around the eyes, Botox needs a muscle to affect it in a place where the muscles around the eyes are less, so you find the filler more useful and used.

Finally, the filler is a safe and effective treatment for light to medium facial wrinkles and scars, and for adding volume and thickness to the skin. Most side effects are mild and self-limited, and more serious side effects rarely occur.

FAQ – Before Filler Under Eyes session

  • What are the expected results for me?
  • What type of filler do you use and what is your method?
  • What are the possible complications and what is your plan in case of emergency?
  • How can I prepare before the injection date? Avoid dental procedures before and after the filler injection, and completely quit smoking before the appointment, and dispensing with highly salty food does not hurt, as it may increase the chance of swelling.
  • What can I expect during the injection process?
  • What care is required after filler injection and what are the side effects? Use ice packs, arnica, vitamin K, or bromelain for any swelling and bruising after injecting the filler under the eye.
  • How long will the filler last? The shelf life of the majority of filler materials is 12 months, however it depends on the area where the filler is used.
  • How do I know if something is wrong with the filling? Paleness is an indicator and pain is another indicator. As for redness, it is often due to blockage of blood vessels, and the occurrence of any sudden change, and changes in color and clear changes in vision are the most important indicator.
  • When will the results of filler injections appear under the eye? It may take up to two weeks for the swelling to subside and the final results to appear.
  • Will there be a meeting with the doctor after the operation? Two weeks after injecting the filler under the eye, in order to check for any remaining side effects, and to make sure that the filler material is stable as expected.

Filler types

1- Permanent filler:

Permanent facial fillers are attractive. This type of material is made of materials that are difficult for the body to analyze and deal with, but permanent materials cannot easily adapt to the possible changes in the skin and bones that will inevitably occur with time and aging processes

2 – Temporary filler:

The most common type, there are three types of temporary dermal fillers:

Calcium Hydroxyapatite: A natural substance found in bones, it is thicker than hyaluronic acid fillers and usually lasts longer as well, about 12 months. Calcium hydroxyl apatite also helps stimulate natural collagen production, and is commonly used for deep lines and wrinkles.

*Polylactic acid: It is a bio-compound, synthetic biodegradable material, whose main mechanism for smoothing fine lines is to help your skin rebuild its natural collagen, and the filler gel itself fades after a few days of treatment, polylactic acid is commonly used to treat deeper facial wrinkles, The results can last more than two years.

Filler Under Eyes steps

Applying a local anesthetic to avoid the needle stinging sensation.

The filler is injected under the eye with very fine needles.

The eye filler injection process takes less than ten minutes.

What are the benefits provided by filler injections under the eye?

Hide the lines that appear in the area around the eyes.

A radical treatment for dark circles, and the restoration of the color of the skin under the eyes to normal.

Filler Advantages

  • Returning home after completing the eye filler injection without the need to stay in the hospital or to recuperate.
  • There are no scars or wounds after the injection.
  • The operation is performed without the need for general anesthesia.
  • Filler injection time is very simple, less than 10 minutes.

Before filler session

If you suffer from a disease or infection that caused you to have these problems, treat them so that your problems disappear, drink enough fluids daily and do not underestimate the importance of water for your body, adequate rest for your body and the period of sleep it needs, and stay away from sources of disturbance, tension and stress as much as possible, use cucumber slices or packets A little iced tea and put it on your eyes every once in a while, taking care of minerals and vitamins and providing them to the body.

Candidates for under-eye fillers

  • The person must be in good health without any medical conditions or allergies.
  • Ensure that the person is not allergic to the substances that will be injected under his eyes.
  • Those who do not suffer from blood thinners or any problems with injections.
  • Those who do not suffer from any chronic disease were the main reason for the appearance of these problems under the eyes.

People not suitable for under-eye fillers

  • Not suitable for persons under the age of 18.
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding women.
  • People who have any type of sensitive skin and acne.

Filler lumps under eyes

One of the most important problems that the patient may suffer from after injecting the filler under the eye is the appearance of solid lumps in the injection sites after the operation, and this lump can be solved in two ways:

Permanently massaging the face, making ice packs, and the lumps improve within a few days or weeks.

And you may need to do surgery if the lumps are many and do not disappear with the passage of time and spread among the tissues,

Which compels the surgeon to make more than one incision in the skin to extract the filler, or if the spread between the tissues is large, the doctor may have to excise the skin in the area beneath it and restore this area with skin patches.

Filler Under Eyes cost

The price of a filler procedure under the eye ranges, as the average price ranges from 500 US dollars and may reach up to 1500 US dollars, and the cost of filler injections for a result that lasts for six months is 400 US dollars up to 750 US dollars, and those that last up to 18 months range from 800 US dollars And up to 1500 US dollars.

This difference is related to factors including:

  • Choosing a specialist doctor.
  • The country in which you will perform the procedure.
  • Aesthetic center.
  • Filler type.

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