Filler Injection In Istanbul

Filler injection in Istanbul  Turkey. It is a simple cosmetic process that may obviate many cosmetic procedures.

In this article, we will talk extensively about what a filler is and everything that the reader need before and after the procedure

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration10 Minutes
Process aimFace lift
Continuity of results15 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost300- 350 USD per 1CC

Filler Injection In Istanbul (Video)

Filler material

Filler material It is a soft tissue injected under the skin to support face lifting or places that contain wrinkles in order for the skin to restore its youthfulness and youth.

  • It is a temporary process that lasts according to the type of injections. There are qualities that last for a year and there are qualities that last for two years
  • Applying Filler procedure depends on the condition of the skin, as it is not related to an appropriate age,
  • It is not considered exclusive for women
  • Rather, men apply it as a cosmetic measure, especially celebrities
  • As for determining the age, the filler can be performed from the age of twenty without any significant complications

Before filler session

  • You must tell the doctor if you suffer from any allergies to a specific substance, such as collagen or others
  • Reducing smoking and alcoholic beverages
  • Good cleaning of cosmetics before the procedure
  • Stopping blood thinners such as aspirin or any other substance at least two weeks or a week before injection

During filler session

  • The injection procedure should not take more than fifteen minutes
  • It is a simple needle prick that can be performed with a simple anesthetic cream or spray can be used at the injection site

After filler session

  • It is preferable to avoid cosmetics during the days after injection
  • Commitment to pre-injection instructions, such as reducing smoking and avoiding blood thinners
  • Avoid hot water, as it is bothersome when used on injection sites, as it may affect the effectiveness and continuity of the materials

Side effects

  • There are no significant risks or complications and minor superficial bleeding may occur as a result of an acupuncture
  • Mild redness appears after injection and lasts for two days

Fillers injection uses

It is used to hide defects that may appear, either in the youth stage in many places.

Like laughter lines descending from the sides of the nose to the ends of the upper lips, under thin lips and fill cheeks to restore a healthy look. Places under the eyes and sagging.

Here are some details of the most important uses of Filler:

01- Lips

  • One of the most important and most common places for applying injections is the lips.
  • And lip-blowing is not confined to women only, but also by men to obtain a larger size of the lips, especially in the case of thin-thick lips as a result of a congenital genetic factor for Filler to add beauties to it.
  • filler’s function is not limited to the lips by filling and thickening them, but it also hides the lines appearing on the edges of the mouth as well.

02- Cheeks

  • It aims to enlarge sunken cheeks and correct their imperfections to give the face an allure.
  • It is used on the cheeks also when there is no consistency in the features of the face and in the event of weight loss so that wrinkles appear clearly when the fad is gone, as the Filler injection on the cheeks treats paleness of the face.

03-Under eyes

  • Eye Filler treats the problems of dark circles of all sizes.
  • Puffiness and bags under the eyes.
  • Eyes and eyelids swelling and withering under the eye.
  • Decreased or increased fatty lumps around the eyes.
  • The optical filler hides all the mentioned defects.

04- Palate (Texas)

  • Filler is used in Texas technology to expose the lower jaw and show the chin, to give greater consistency in facial features.
  • It also aims to overcome the problems of atrophy in the temple and cosmetic pointed chin.
  • This name has been popularly known to the people of Texas who have wide chin that is symmetrical with the side face lines.
  • Most of those who apply this procedure are young age groups for both sexes.

05-Nose Filler

The nose filler aims to correct minor problems that do not need a full effect on the body of the nose, such as an asymmetry between the sides of the nose

Filler procedure can also be applied to the nose as a complement to complex surgical work

nasal filler
nasal filler

06- Fill in deep wrinkles

  • Botox is usually performed to hide surface wrinkles, but in the case of deep wrinkles, Botox injection is not enough.
  • To hide deep wrinkles, a filler is used to fill these lines.
  • One of these lines is the face lines.
  • Smile lines on both sides of the mouth.
  • Some lines under the eye and lines between the eyebrows.

07- Smile lines

  • Filler is injected into the smile lines on both sides of the mouth to get rid of the annoying shape that gives the features to aging.
  • The length of the injections takes to disappear from eight months to a year sometimes.
  • It is called the Nasolabial folds.

Filler injection Types

There are many types of filler injection in Istanbul according to the used materials.
We will review in detail about the finest types:

  1. Juvederm

    one of the best types of Filler, as it gives an appearance closer to natural.
    Because it is characterized by a flexible and easy flowing texture between the tissues when injected, it also contains an anesthetic substance that helps to reduce punctures during injection.
    As for the results of Juvederm, they appear after a week and last for one year.juvederm istanbul

  2. Teosyal 

    The Teosyal is one of the famous quality Swiss-origin fillers compared to other types.
    This type is characterized by its frequent use in sublingual injection to conceal dark circles, as it is called optical filter.
    There are other types of it that are injected into the cheeks, lips, deep wrinkles and smile lines.
    teosyal filler

  3. Other brands of filler injection in Istanbul

    There are many types of European Fillers / Chinese origin, the most famous is German and Italian.
    These brands are less expensive than high-quality brands.
    But in terms of content, it is not completely different from the other types.
    All of them depend on the substance Hyaluronic acid in its content and may disappear its effect slightly faster than the high-quality Filler.


  • Everyone who wants to make a filler should pay attention to the type of filler that is injected, whether in the lips, cheeks, or anywhere
  • And make sure not to use the unknown qualities.
  • And stay away from permanent brands that causing many side effects (the type of fillers that do not depend on the substance Hyaluronic acid)

The cost of filler injection in Istanbul

Filler cost varies according to the following:

  • Type of filler
  • Place of the injection on the body
  • Purpose of the procedure, that determine sessions needed number
  • Generally, the cost per injection is between $ 200 and $ 400 for 1 cc.

Let us give you static services in the field of cosmetic procedures in the finest hospitals and clinics where we use high-quality international brands in order to satisfy all customers.

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