Facelift in Turkey

Facelift in Turkey Are you bothered by the signs of aging and sagging that began to appear on the face?

And you guys, did you feel that there are signs of aging on your face?

By virtue of our work and our daily life, we are all exposed to sunlight, various pollution factors and a number of stressors such as stress, tension and insomnia, the effects of early aging and fine lines begin to appear on the face, wrinkles and skin cracks, and dark spots begin to appear around the mouth and neck sagging resulting from the accumulated fat.

With the availability of cosmetics and natural recipes that restore vitality and freshness to the skin, but it is not the best solution to solve the problem of the face because with the passage of time and time, the effects of aging will appear again and cause the skin to lose its freshness, luster and attractiveness.

Therefore, a face-lift has spread, which is considered among the best solutions that will make beauty absolutely without fear of aging and the appearance of its annoying effects on the face and skin.

The goal of this operation is to tighten the face and its muscles and tighten the skin to make your skin more youthful and younger.

So, in this article, we will talk about a face-lift in Turkey.

Facelift operations in Turkey

Facelift surgery in Turkey is one of the procedures that are widespread among women and men alike who are looking to highlight the attractive appearance of the face and reduce the signs of aging and aging. There are many face-lift operations in Turkey to:

  • Face lift.
  • Neck lift
  • Eyebrow lift.

Facelifts contain techniques such as traditional facelifts, and those that involve making an incision along the hairline and below the ears.

Tightening the muscles and removing the accumulated fat, after which the surgeon professionally conceals the traces of the incisions.

There are innovative techniques that have effective results, including:

  • Threaded face lift.
  • Laser face lift.

There are procedures to tighten the face by non-surgical means such as Botox, fillers and freshness injection.

Therefore, we will learn more about a detailed explanation of face-lift methods in Turkey …

Procedural options

Facelift operations have spread in Turkey, some of them are surgical and others are non-surgical.

The method used in the face-lift operation is chosen according to the patient’s desire and then according to the doctor’s opinion.

Face-lift surgical methods

It is one of the methods used frequently in Turkey, and the type of operation is chosen according to the patient’s need, the most important of which are:

01- Mini face lift

It is one of the techniques used in the case of light wrinkles in the face and simple sagging, so it is called a mini-face lift, and it is done under the supervision of specialized surgeons, who make small and short incisions in the face and tighten the facial tissues again, and these cracks are present along the line of wrinkles surrounding the area of ​​the ear or Along the hairline.

These incisions allow to renew the shape of the face, remove wrinkles and signs of aging, and restore the youthful appearance by lifting the skeletal tissues around the cheeks, and this operation treats some small defects in the face, such as repairing the jaw, and so this operation is one of the best options.

And this process requires anesthesia, either local anesthesia, half anesthesia, or general anesthesia, according to the patient’s desire and the doctor’s opinion about the disease.

02- Traditional facelift

It is the most comprehensive operation than the mini-facelift and it is considered the most popular.

It is based on the treatment of wrinkles, signs of aging on the face, and the removal of medium, moderate and advanced wrinkles, not only the face and the neck as well.

The operation is performed by a specialist surgeon who has experience and high competence and is based on incisions that are located behind the hair, starting from the front of the ear and ending there as well, and with these incisions, excess skin is removed, sagging is tightened and the position of deep tissues under the skin is repositioned.

Steps of a face-lift by surgical methods

Facelift is done in Turkey according to specific steps, namely:

  • The doctor diagnoses the patient’s condition and determines the type of wrinkles. Is it simple? Medium mother? Or advanced?
  • Determine the type of face-lift surgery used.
  • After that, the doctor puts the patient under general anesthesia, either with general anesthesia for pathological cases that suffer from advanced wrinkles, or locally in cases of simple wrinkles.
  • Then the doctor makes the initial incisions in the face along the line of wrinkles, and these incisions allow the skin to separate from the facial muscles and its underlying connective tissues.
  • Then the doctor changes the position of the deep facial tissues, removes excess wrinkles and wrinkles on the face, and removes the excess skin beautifully.
  • To give the skin a more youthful, attractive and youthful look, the remaining skin is utilized by returning it to the face again.

Non-surgical methods of facelift

There are also non-surgical methods for removing wrinkles and sagging and face lifting in Turkey. Among the most famous of these methods is thread face lift, which is an excellent non-surgical alternative to face-lift operations in Turkey, as well as laser face lift, and we will talk about each method:

01- Face lift with threads

It is one of the face-lift surgeries in Turkey and I search for a lot of circulation, so the doctor tightens sagging and wrinkles around the jaws, neck and cheeks, with little cost, risks, and without surgery.

How is a thread facelift performed in Turkey?

It is done through specific steps, which are:

  1. Opening a file about the patient’s condition and diagnosing the type of wrinkles in the face.
  2. Then the type of yarn to be used is chosen. The most popular threads are: golden, knotted, transparent polypropylene and others.
  3. The doctor opens holes suitable for the patient’s condition, and the existing wrinkles and wrinkles are looked at, after which the holes are opened at the beginning of the head. If the small and medium wrinkles are, the holes are opened on both sides of the face.

Then the threads are fixed and the threads inserted through the holes are tightened to get a more youthful face

02- Laser face lift

In the recent period, the use of lasers has spread in cosmetic surgeries, and since Turkey is the first in face-lift surgeries, lasers have been used more often.

Where the laser works to tighten the skin, wrinkles, hide sagging, signs of aging and skin pigmentation by shining laser beams that stimulate collagen works to fill in the voids in the skin and restore its youthfulness.

In order to obtain a guaranteed and desirable result, more than one session must be performed, where each session lasts for an hour.

The advantages of a face-lift in Turkey

  • The face-lift technique is one of the methods taken very widely in Turkey, and it is one of the methods that are recommended if it is a surgical or non-surgical method, and the patient chooses the method that suits him under the supervision of a specialist doctor and a cosmetic expert.
  • Of course, centers in Turkey, such as Tick aesthetic, offer the latest advanced and advanced methods and technology that are used in face-lift operations in Turkey.
  • Facelift operations do not cause any scars or bruises on the skin.
  • The cost of facelift operations in Turkey compared to its counterparts in other countries is very low.
  • Our center in Turkey is characterized by honesty, honesty, integrity, integrity and high experience in dealing with individuals, and cases are diagnosed based on the person’s desire to determine the appropriate process.

Side effects

It is considered the easiest procedure and does not cause excessive fear and anxiety from the patient.

But like other operations, it results in complications such as:

  • Infection.
  • The incisions can be difficult to heal and sometimes feel loss.
  • The sutures may be visible translucent.
  • One of the most feared injuries of the facial nerve is damage and disfigurement of the face with scars.
  • Burns may occur when exposed to the sun, so you must stay out of the sun for two weeks after the operation.
  • Prolonged facial swelling and other complications may occur.

Facelift cost in Turkey

Due to Turkey’s location in the continent of Europe and its mediation for countries, thanks to its location in the important Middle East region, the interest of Arabs and foreigners has increased, so Istanbul connects the continents of Asia and Europe and is also considered one of the important global destinations for tourism, especially medical tourism, thanks to Turkey’s famous centers. During recent years, Turkey has paid great attention to the health and cosmetic care sector and plastic surgery, and this contributed to Turkey gaining an advanced and sophisticated position, especially in the fields of medical tourism, and Turkey has many advanced cosmetic health centers with the best means, techniques and modern equipment in the field of face lift. It provides all surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery services with the best and highest quality and competitive prices for the surrounding European countries.

Turkey is known for reducing the cost of facelift operations in it for the rest of the European and Arab countries, and despite the low cost, it is distinguished in the levels of health care and Turkey also includes the best surgeons and plastic surgeons in the world who are highly qualified and experienced.

The cost of a facelift in Turkey ranges from 2000 to 5000 US dollars.

While the cost of thread facelifts is between 3000 and 4500 US dollars.

As for the cost of botox injections, it may reach $ 500 per session.

Whereas, fillers start at $ 300 for the substance used, whether it is hyaluronic acid or polymer.

Finally, when you need any inquiries, you can contact us via the link, or visit YouTube for more information.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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