Dermal Fillers in Turkey

Dermal Fillers in Turkey 2020
Dermal Fillers in Turkey

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Dermal Fillers in Turkey


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Dermal fillers in Turkey has become one of the most important cosmetic procedures, but many of us, when deciding to do a Filler or Botox, feel frightened about these two procedures, and that results from what we see due to the unsuccessful procedures. Turk Aesthetic Medical Center talk in this article about what is filler and how we choose the right place to inject it without fear from the results.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration10 Minutes
Process aimFace lift
Continuity of results15 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost300- 350 USD per 1CC

Dermal Fillers in Turkey (Video)

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What does Dermal fillers mean?

First, you must make sure that the one who injects the filler is a plastic surgeon, not a specialist.

Secondly, you should ask about the quality of used filler. Turk Aesthetic used to use two of the most important types of fillers in the world, which are Swiss and French products.

Third, the question about the doctor’s reputation in his field, as well as the reputation of the aesthetic center.

Filler is a soft tissue that is injected into the face, especially in the lips, because Botox in the lips may give a bad effect to the lips, and therefore it is preferred to use the Filler.

Filler is not harmful because it is not permanent and it is made up of substances that are absorbed by the body and dissolve after 6 months.

Who can inject the filler?

  • Everyone who the signs of aging begin to appear.
  • It is also possible for those who are at the age of twenty to inject filler for a more beautiful and attractive appearance.

Dermal fillers uses

  1. Lips

    Filler is injected into the lips to obtain a beautiful and acceptable shape, and this is done for several reasons, the most important reasons are:
    Old age.
    Birth defects.
    The shape of the lips resulting from poor weight.
    Lips are small and not suitable for the shape and features of the face.
    The filler is injected to give the lips a suitable and beautiful shape and it is preferable to stay away from the excess injection so that the shape will be familiar and not exaggerated.lips enlargement turkey

  2. Light filler

    is a special type of Filler that is usually injected under the eyes to get rid of dark circles under the eyes as a result of either aging or excessive fatigue.light filler turkey

  3. Cheeks

    Filler is usually injected into the cheeks to get a beautiful cheeks shape and usually has the same reasons as we mentioned previously, such as aging, and we add to this sudden weight loss or after surgical weight-loss operations such as Gastric or Bariatric Bypass.cheeks filler turkey

  4. Smile lines

    Smile lines, or as they are called, nasolabial fold. at a specific age they appear annoyingly. A person may have to make filler injections into these lines to care again about the normal shape of the face.Botox In Istanbul

  5. Special cases

    Dermal fillers is sometimes injected into many different areas of the aforementioned conditions such as hands and other areas to reshape or add more beauty.

Side effects

Dermal fillers in Turkey, as we mentioned before, is a very safe substance that does not harm the body and dissolves after 6 months, and it can remain until a year, depending on the nature of the body and the speed of its absorption to the Filler.

It is possible that some injections show a slight redness, as a result of the injection, but it disappears after three days, and the redness doesn’t leave any effect.

Cost of Dermal Fillers in Turkey

The cost of the filler varies from place to place and also from country to country, according to several factors:

  • The type of filler used is preferable to be of high quality such as Juvéderm or Teosyal
  • The number of syringes required.
  • The experience of the doctor.
  • And the reputation of the medical center.

You can get the detailed cost of the filler from Turk Aesthetic Medical Center by contacting us.