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Chin Augmentation


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Chin Augmentation Everyone, young men and women, aspire to get the common face, which is the broad face, or what has become popular in the name of the Texas face, as the vast and renewable world of cosmetics, which surprises us every day with the presence of advanced technologies, sometimes uses this technology for a cosmetic purpose more than a medical purpose.

So, with the development of cosmetic methods, the fashion for the wide face has begun to spread greatly recently, which is the process of Chin Augmentation.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the technique of Chin Augmentation, how to perform it, for whom it is conducted and the best countries in which it does many of the things that we will discuss in this article.

Chin Augmentation

It is about increasing the size of the lower jaw by a certain percentage through surgery or by making a surgical incision in order to install a certain filling inside this incision and then sew it or by a non-surgical way, using filler injections in several specific points and on both sides of the jaw in order to enlarge the area In specific proportions, the shape of the face is completely changed and its features are further defined.

In recent times, this technique has achieved great popularity and success, due to the ease of its procedure and its immediate results, and because of the large places of its procedure in the Arab world and around the world.

Procedure candidates

  1. Those who do not have defined and sculpted facial features.
  2. Those who suffer from the presence of excess fat in the chin area, or the so-called second chin (the wattle).
  3. Those with long faces.
  4. Those who suffer from deformation of the jaw bones as a result of a specific disease or accident.
  5. Those who need a larger space in the jaw in order to complete the dental implant process.

Chin Augmentation reasons

There are many reasons and motives for the process of Chin Augmentation, between cosmetic motives in the first place to increase the definition and consistency of the shape of the face, and therapeutic motives to treat the effects of deformation of the jaw bones as a result of certain accidents or diseases, or for the purposes of dental implants or to remove wrinkles and so on.

As for the Texas technique, different age groups can resort to it, as well as adolescents and young adults, as this technique is unlike the Nefertiti technique and other surgical skin tightening operations, where it is not performed to combat the effects of aging, but rather belongs to more facial fattening operations.

Statistical reports issued by the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery indicated that Texas needles and similar techniques have witnessed a rise and demand from younger groups in order to improve the appearance of the face, especially in the slender chin area, and even press reports confirmed that many Hollywood stars who performed By undergoing cosmetic procedures and exposing the face.

Chin Augmentation options

01- Surgery

Where the surgeon makes a small surgical incision under the jaw or inside the mouth, then installs a suitable filling inside it and closes the wound.

One of the most important of these types is the filling made of silicone, or the one made of polyethylene that is crumpled and contains holes that enable body tissues to grow through them and fuse with them, as these fillings are characterized as non-infectious and the body does not deal with them as a foreign body to cause infections and then Refuse the filling.

The surgeon also implants or fills the incision through cartilage from the patient’s own body.

Advantages and disadvantages of surgically Chin Augmentation

One of the most important advantages of surgically Chin Augmentation is the continuity of results and the absence of the need to repeat the operation again when it is successful.

As for its disadvantages, the possibility of pain, inflammation and scars after the operation, in addition to the length of recovery and convalescence compared to the non-surgical procedure. Also, it is necessary to repeat the operation when the filling is moved, but this possibility remains weak and unlikely.

02- Non-Surgery

Chin Augmentation with fillers A technique called the Texas injection technique has recently spread and was named by this name because of the general formality of the people of Texas in terms of a wide chin and a face tilted to rotate. In this technique, the cosmetic specialist injects the filler or fillers into several specific places in the jaw to expose it without surgical intervention.

The types of fillers that are used when performing Texas injections in order to Chin Augmentation.

The most common types of fillers that will be used when Chin Augmentation or using the Texas technique are:

Juvederm Voluma XC

This type of filler contains hyaluronic acid, which helps in enhancing volume with the ability to get rid of fine lines.

Restylane Lyft

This type of filler also contains hyaluronic acid and also helps in defining the jawline, lifting the cheeks and getting rid of fine lines.


The filler is injected based on polylactic acid that is injected into the skin, which helps boost collagen and thiam production by maintaining youthful skin.

All of them are safe materials to use and have the effective ability to Chin Augmentation.

Texas injection

First, the doctor determines the sites on the face that will be injected and the amount of dose that the patient will need, as it varies from case to case.

Before injecting the Texas needle, the injection sites will be anesthetized locally and depending on one of the anesthetic creams used.

Then, wait for about 10-20 minutes, until the numbing cream takes effect.

Where the Texas needles are injected at the specific points that the doctor identified previously, and usually the injection is done in the two sides of the jaw (temporal) in order to fill those areas with the filler that will give the face beauty, tightening, freshness and roundness, so the jaw and sides of the face will appear relatively wider than it was in nature .

Advantage of Chin Augmentation with filler

One of the most important advantages of this technique is the avoidance of side effects from surgery such as postoperative pain and scars that result from surgery, and for the recovery phase there is no time and the result is noticeable immediately and satisfactorily in most cases, and in terms of cost it is much lower than surgery.

But in the case of Chin Augmentation non-surgically, it takes 20 minutes, unlike the surgical intervention, which takes from one to two hours. The non-surgical intervention enables the work to be carried out on the same day or the day following the exposure, unlike the surgery that imposes rest for a period ranging from one week to two weeks.

Even surgery also requires anesthetic and some fears may be created due to infection after surgery.

Dis-advantages of Chin Augmentation with filler

The results are not permanent as the results last from nine months to eighteen months and the emergence of some sensitivity, swelling and redness, but the swelling quickly disappears in a very short time.

Chin Augmentation before and after

Before performing the technique of Chin Augmentation with filler, where the plastic surgeon determines several specific points in the jaw in preparation for being injected with the filler, then anesthetic creams are placed in the injection sites locally in order to avoid the occurrence of any significant pain as a result of the injection. Where the injection process takes only a short time and does not exceed half an hour.

And the person can see the immediate result after the injection process, for complications, some slight swelling may occur, which will disappear quickly.

Chin Augmentation for men

Recently, we see men are very interested in plastic surgery, as cosmetic techniques are no longer limited to women, but have become approved by men who are performing cosmetic operations such as facelift and cheek augmentation through the use of Botox and fillers with high accuracy.

Of course, the technique of Chin Augmentation for the sake of cosmetics has met with a great success among men looking for handsomeness and attractive shape, due to the successful effects it has given in highlighting and defining the features of the face, in addition to increasing its attractiveness and beauty.

Among the most famous men who have undergone this technique is the Arab world: the artist Tamer Hosni, where we saw his recent appearance of a different chin and wider than his face.

Chin Augmentation Results

Chin Augmentation to the long face makes the face more rounded, this increases the smoothness of the facial features and works on its consistency, in addition to increasing the definition of the facial features of people with slender features, as this technique helps in tightening the chin and neck and this leads to giving a more youthful and lively appearance, which is what Explains the spread of the process, as people flock to this technology of all age groups, as this technology is not linked to a specific age group.

Consult your doctor before taking any procedure

Before performing this technique for cosmetic purposes, it is necessary to ask the doctor whether this technique suits facial features or not, because it does not suit all shapes, so the doctor should be asked about the procedure followed, especially if complications such as sensitivity or swelling occur.

Also, ask about the routine followed after the operation to ensure the best results and to maintain the success of the operation for a long time.

Traditional ways

There are some exercises that Chin Augmentation, such as moving the jaw in circular motions or chewing harsh gum (male) and their duration is from half an hour to an hour a day, and of course these exercises need to last for a long time as their results are less clear than other cosmetic techniques.

Chin Augmentation Cost

As for the cost of Chin Augmentation with fillers, it is suitable for a large segment of people when compared to surgery, its cost ranges between 800-1500 dollars, and in some countries it increases up to 2500 dollars.

Surgical cost between 3000 and 6000 dollars.

As for the Texas technology, the average cost in Turkey ranges from $1,200 to $1,700.

Finally, to inquire about the cost of Chin Augmentation to a small face, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube