Chin Augmentation in Turkey

Chin Augmentation in Turkey
Chin Augmentation in Turkey

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Chin Augmentation in Turkey


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Chin Augmentation in Turkey Every day we look in the mirror and examine the smallest details of our face, and most of us lack confidence in him as a result of his sense of unattractiveness and wish his face had a wide shape in terms of the jaw.

Some people may have some deformity in some parts of the jaw due to an accident or a fracture in the jaw caused by damage to a part of the jaw, so the best and optimal solution would be to use Chin Augmentation technique or the so-called Texas technique, through plastic surgery that has become a cornerstone The basis of our daily life, and the jaw exposure technique was called the Texas technique because of the people of Texas who have a wide jaw shape and this is what makes their face distinctive and attractive.

One of the most famous countries that distinguished in this procedure is Turkey, which was and still is one of the best countries, which is the most famous country in medical and cosmetic tourism.

So, in our article today, we will talk about the process of Chin Augmentation and how it is performed? And for whom it takes place…..and other things.

Chin Augmentation in Turkey

It is a very modern and advanced technique in facial beautification in Turkey in order to give it a look similar to that of Hollywood stars, as it gives an attractive appearance and the plastic surgeon in Turkey exposes the lower jaw to the mouth, as it is considered one of the operations that does not require prior preparation for the patient and does not take It takes a long time to do a cosmetic procedure, and there is more than one way to perform Chin Augmentation operation in Turkey.

Candidates for Chin Augmentation Technique

Although facial plastic surgery in Turkey is performed by middle-aged people, who will need to hide the signs of aging and facial wrinkles that will begin to appear after the age of fifty, but on the contrary, as the technique of Chin Augmentation in Turkey is directed to young people, adolescents and the elderly, and it has become a way In order to expose and fatten the jaw area in order to give an attractive appearance and safely.

Where medical reports in Turkey show that many Turkish heroines have undergone Chin Augmentation technique or the so-called Texas injection, and this shows how popular this type of plastic surgery is.

Process options

01- Non-surgical method:

Chin Augmentation by filler injection (Texas injection)

Or the so-called Texas technique or Chin Augmentation in Turkey, which is a process that is more suitable for people with thin skin, so that the plastic surgeon in Turkey injects the filler into several specific parts of the lower jaw in order to give a protrusion that gives exposure to the jaw area.

Fillers (Texas technique) in facelift

Beginning with the injection session using Texas technology, the patient must be subject to a pre-session examination, where this examination is in order for the doctor to know several information related to the patient’s health status and daily practices, so that the doctor gives an appropriate list of instructions to be followed before the injection, such as stopping Smoking, three days before taking the injection.

Session steps with Texas technique

  1. In the beginning, the places that will need the injection are determined accurately, which will help in forming a jaw proportional to the rest of the facial features.
  2. Then the injection sites that were identified are numbed with local anesthesia.
  3. Then the injection needles are prepared with a proportional amount of injection material.
  4. After that, the injection material will be inserted into the places specified by the drum, taking into account the balance between the two sides of the jaw.
  5. In the previous stages and during a certain period, the injection will take place, as the injection session does not need more than 30 to 40 minutes, approximately, and after the injection of the amount that the jaw will need, the results will appear within a few minutes. The step of injecting the filler into the lower jaw is the last step in the process of Chin Augmentation

Advantages of using the technique of Chin Augmentation with fillers (Texas)

Despite the spread of many plastic surgeries that reshape the face and build its cells, the technique of exposing the lower jaw is a major leap in the field of plastic surgery, and it has become one of the most prevalent operations. One of the most important features of Chin Augmentation technique in Turkey:

  1. This technique gives tangible and quick results after the operation.
  2. After that, there are no swellings or scars like other operations that cause the patient to be exposed to infection, bacteria and fungi during the operation.
  3. The jaw is not deformed after the operation, especially with the selection of a qualified and experienced doctor in the field of Chin Augmentation technique.
  4. There is no conflict in the jaw surgery using Chin Augmentation technique with other cosmetic procedures such as Nefertiti injection or Botox injection and facelift
  5. Although the results of Chin Augmentation technique are not permanent, its effect remains for a considerable period of time.

Complications and side effects after Chin Augmentation with fillers (Texas)

There are no major side effects or cause for concern after the procedure, but some effects may occur for those with sensitive skin, which are:

  1. Exposing the skin to inflammation at the injection site.
  2. Inflammation of sensitive skin.
  3. Swellings and bruises occur at the injection site, which quickly disappear.
  4. In rare and bad cases, we see the occurrence of death of the facial cells that have been injected, and this is due to the experience of the treating physician.

02- Surgical method:

Surgical Chin Augmentation in Turkey.

Where the plastic surgeon in Turkey makes a small incision in the lower jaw or inside the mouth, after which a suitable filling is placed inside it and then the wound is closed.

As for the type of filling chosen, it varies according to several factors, including: the doctor’s opinion, the patient’s condition and desire, and the cost of the types of fillings.

The most important types of fillings are silicone, or polyethylene, which contains holes that make body tissues grow through and merge with them. These fillings are characterized by not causing infection and the body does not reject it as a foreign body until infection occurs, and then the filling is rejected.

The incision is then implanted or filled with cartilage from the patient’s own body.

As for the advantages and disadvantages of Chin Augmentation surgically in Turkey.

As the procedure for Chin Augmentation surgically, its results are continuous and there is no need to repeat the operation again when it is successful.

As for its disadvantages, the occurrence of pain, inflammation and scars after the operation is a possibility, and the length of recovery and convalescence is longer, unlike the non-surgical procedure, and the operation is rarely repeated when the filling is moved.

Chin Augmentation VS Nefertiti injection

▪ Nefertiti injections are injections that are injected into areas of the neck and face in order to restore collagen in order to tighten wrinkles and show the face in a young and fresh look. It is performed in the advanced stages of age in order to hide the signs and manifestations of aging.

For Texas injections, or the so-called jaw exposure technique with fillers, they are used to fill areas in the face, fatten them and expose them in order to appear in a new and wonderful appearance. This technique is suitable for all different age stages.

These two types of plastic surgeries do not conflict with each other, as each of them has a different effect that complements the other. In Nefertiti injections, the famous Botox is used, while in the technique of Chin Augmentation, fillers are used.

Doctors and cosmetic experts in the world have agreed that in the event that there is a need to inject both types, the two operations will be performed in the same session, as there is no conflict in the use of the two types.

Always remember that Chin Augmentation technique is a quantum leap in the field of facial aesthetics, which gives the western look to Hollywood stars and everyone who dreams of this view so that the person can trust himself to a large extent in a way that does not affect his health.

Chin Augmentation cost in Turkey

The prices of Chin Augmentation technique in Turkey are different from one place to another, and this is due to a number of factors, including:

  1. The efficiency and experience of the medical center that offers Chin Augmentation technology and the advanced medical performance it provides.
  2. The dosage amounts that the treated person will need in order to inject it into the face.
  3. The extent of competence and experience of the plastic surgeon.
  4. The quality and type of filling used in the injection.

Therefore, the prices of Chin Augmentation vary, where the price of the technique ranges between 500 and 700 dollars.

Finally, to inquire about the cost of Chin Augmentation in Turkey, you can contact us via the link or visit YouTube