Nefertiti Lift Injection

Nefertiti Lift Injection
Nefertiti Lift Injection

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Nefertiti Lift Injection


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Nefertiti Lift Injection is one of the latest fashion in the world of cosmetics and beauty, which recently spread around the world and doubled the rate of demand for it in a relatively short period not exceeding four years.

  • This procedure is part of the injections used instead of the plastic surgery.
  • It does not require anesthesia and does not involve the risks of normal surgery in addition to its relatively low price.
  • As for the goals of the Nefertiti cosmetic process, they are plastic surgery, neck lift, jaw area and lower face.

This process has been called by this name as an expression of the beauty of the queen herself, which is considered a symbol of beauty with a long tight neck and straight jaw, which is considered one of the criteria of beauty that all girls want. Leaving Static in this article talks at length about this technique in cosmetology and beauty.

Nefertiti Lift Injection Video

Nefertiti Technique

  • The technology aims to remove the effects of aging and aging, specifically on the side of the neck and under the face.
  • The turnout of this process was restricted to women, but men also began to accept it, to include both sexes recently.
  • The process consists of a mixture of Botox and Therapy injections, which earned them better, faster results, and safer exposing the person to the lowest percentage of risks and side effects at overdoses compared to other injections.
  1. Starting from medical tests to ensure the safety of the body and its sensitivity to the materials used in the injection.
  2. Draw advance lines as a plan for restoration of the damaged area, which needs to be modified.
  3. Putting a signal to locate the injection accurately.
  4. Local anesthesia by a cream left for about fifteen minutes until it takes effect.
  5. Finally, the injection is carried out according to the signs drawn and agreed upon by the surgeon and the patient

Nefertiti technique benefits

  • Fix neck and lower jaw defects by masking neck sagging, wrinkle removal and double chin filling spaces.
  • Get rid of wattle.
  • The procedure can be used to inject an area above the brow in order to eliminate front wrinkles.

Who and when to turn to the needles of Nefertiti technique?

Medical documents and statistics recorded that most of the people who resort to Nefertiti needles are adults and middle-aged people, due to the appearance of this process specifically in order to face the signs of aging and aging.

Because the muscles of the lower jaw begin to harden at this stage of life and lead to sagging skin to repair Nefertiti needles, such defects and deformities of the general appearance.

Pre-operation instructions

To ensure better results, the following instructions should be followed:

  • Stop using aspirin and inform the doctor about the name of the treatment used or any health problem if any.
  • Stop drinking alcohol.
  • Complete recovery from skin bruises, cuts and scars, if any.
  • Stop using cosmetics.
  • Adequate sleep, especially within 48 hours prior to the operation.

Post-operative instructions

  • Not sleeping or lying down for 4 hours immediately after the operation.
  • Avoid sleeping on the stomach during the first two days.
  • Stay away from excess physical exertion for three days.
  • Avoid cosmetics.

Nefertiti Lift Injection Prohibitions

  • It is forbidden to perform the operation for anyone suffering from toxin allergy or any of the Botox compounds.
  • For everyone who suffers from muscle weakness.
  • Pregnant

Nefertiti Lift Injection Results

  • The results of needles Nefertiti are almost instant, but like other plastic surgery, the results are not permanent, but relatively temporary.
  • The permanence of the results ranges from six to twelve months, according to the quality of the materials used.
  • Repeat the process to maintain desired results.

Nefertiti Lift Injection Cost

The cost of the operation varies according to the doctor, his skill, the medical center, the country, and the most important and most influencing the cost is the injection sites. For example, the corners of the mouth cost about $ 300. Neck $ 250. Jaw and mouth corners $ 350.

Finally, to request the cost of needles from Nefertiti from the Turk Aesthetic , please contact our staff via the link.