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Neck Lift in Turkey or double chin. In this article, Turk Aesthetic centre explains what is a double chin, its causes, and the reasons why people want to undergo neck lift surgery.

Turk aesthetic will also talk about the used treatment techniques in addition to the procedure costs.

Here below some quick information about Neck Lift process:

Procedure duration2 Hours
staying at hospitalone night after process
Continuity of resultsup 10 years
Convalescence10 days
Turk Aesthetic CostProcedure cost starting from 2000 USD

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Neck lifting Surgery

  • People want to undergo neck lift surgery when the distance between the chin and neck is larger than the normal or appears to be doubled.
  • The surgery aims to remove the excess fat and give the distance between the chin and neck a streamline and smooth shape to appear as a right angle starting from the jaw lines passing through the throat and ending at the neck
  • Obesity is not the main cause of a double chin. Sometimes, slim people also have double chin because the neck does not consume excess fat, which gives the double chin shape.
  • Sometimes double chin causes are genetic factors or loose skin and flabby neck muscles factor and also maybe because of jaw deformity.

Neck lift to get rid of double chin..

  • There are many reasons why people with double chin undergo a cosmetic surgery to get rid of it:
  • The neck unlike any other part of the body, it cannot be hidden with clothes.
  • Double chin also gives an obesity and aging look
  • Furthermore, exercise does not help to solve double chin problem, therefore, people should consider many medical solutions that have proved their results, to be applied according to the patients’ differences and cases, and the doctor’s decision to choose the best.

Neck lift Techniques

There are many double chin non-surgical treatment techniques and there is the surgical technique, so as medicine techniques are developing there is no longer a need for general anaesthesia and surgery. It is possible in some double chin cases to avoid methods that may be sort of painful.

  1. Fat dissolving injection

    This technique is used by injecting the double chin with enzymes that dissolve the fat accumulated in the neck area to look slimmer and naturally shaped after a short period of time. Some skin creams are also used to help tighten the skin, especially in double chin simple cases.

  2. Laser

    The laser penetrates the skin, dissolves fat, and tightens the skin and muscles; it also stimulates collagen to produce new sustainable cells.
    The process takes half an hour, but the final results appear only after three months.
    The laser treatment cost increases according to the patient’s case and how many sessions that he needs.

  3. Double chin surgery

    The surgery removes the neck excess fat under general or local anaesthesia by making two small incisions behind the ear, and another one at the end of the chin and then liposuction is applied to make the neck look slimmer.
    The doctor then performs other complementary procedures such as flabby muscles lift, excess skin removal, incision stitching.

  4. Other techniques

    Using radio frequencies and Lipo Cavitation devices without surgery.
    This method is characterized by accessing to the excess fat under the muscles; the resultant frequencies dissolve the fat, stimulate collagen and lift the muscle to appear tighter.
    It also improves blood circulation and stimulates the lymphatic cycle, thus removing the sagging skin.
    Treatment by this technique requires six sessions, a session per week, the session lasts only thirty minutes.
    The results appear almost immediately after finishing the sixth session.
    The patient does not feel pain during this process, but on the contrary, he feels relaxed and comfortable, especially in the first sessions. Sometimes, in the final sessions, fat burning may cause pain, but it is considered an endurable pain, according to medical reports.

Neck lift Cost

  • Costs vary according to the medical centre and its location also according to the technique that will be used in the neck lift treatment.
  • The cost of a laser session, for example, ranges from 500 – 1000 dollars.
  • Single radio frequency session (Method 4 in our article) is 500 – 1000 $.
  • The cost of surgery is relatively high, ranging from 3000 to 4,000 $.

For more information about double chin surgery or neck lift treatment in Turk Aesthetic medical centre, you can contact our staff directly through the link.