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Nasal Filler

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Nasal filler It is illogical for a person to undergo a complex surgery for a slight deformation of the shape of the nose.

Thus, its important to have a cosmetic solution with simple medical effort and low cost with slight pain through nasal fillers.

In this article, Turk Aesthetic will talks about what is related to this topic in the following lines.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration15 Minutes
Process aimreduce nose defects
Continuity of results15 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost300 USD per 1CC

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nasal filler
Nasal Filler

Nose problems Types

Most of the nasal problems are caused by a genetic inheritance, starting from grandparents to grandchildren, and there are problems that appear due to accidents that change the shape of the nose

As for the most prominent types of nose problems, we mention:

  • Small nose.
  • Snub nose.
  • The hook has a curved and pointed tip.
  • The protruding nose.
  • Two ends of varying size or length.
  • The uneven nose. All the problems mentioned can be solved with fillers, but plastic surgery is involved if the deformity affects the functionality of the nose

What is a Nasal Filler?

  • Many people afraid of nasal fillers as a result of not being aware of what it is, such as thinking that it will cause problems and harm as a result of absorption by the body.
  • In fact, the filler consists of compounds that are already present in the body and are not considered foreign substances, therefore there are no complications or disadvantages of using the filler, but rather it benefits the body more than what is expected.
  • As for the mechanism of action of the filler, the injected compounds fill and repair the cavities in the face and modify the shape of the deformation of the nose thanks to the elasticity and viscosity feature of the filler material, taking into account that there is a more coherent texture of that substance, whose main component is fat cells.
  • In short, filler technique can be applied to people with minor nasal problems or when needed to perform a supplementary session for complex surgery.
  • But on the condition that the patient’s body is not sensitive to fillers

Before nasal filler

  • The patient must get rid of all skin infections before embarking on a nose filler operation, and make sure that the nose and face are in complete health to avoid any complications.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and water.
  • Rest, relax and not stress the body before the operation to get the expected results.
  • Avoid blood-thinning medications.
  • Informing the doctor about diseases, medications, and general problems that the patient suffers from. Be realistic and logical because the filler is a simple procedure that does not give a radical change to the nose after the operation, but rather makes a simple adjustment

Nasal filler session

  1. It is done simply and without the need for anesthesia and takes about an hour at the latest.
  2. You begin by drawing lines that will be injected inside, which vary according to the problem to be treated.
  3. After that, the injection is done and then the areas are massaged so that the filler material is distributed over the entire place.

After nasal filler

  • You can leave the medical center immediately after the process.
  • It takes a few hours for the skin to feel comfortable after the injection.
  • It is not allowed to massage or touch the nose during this period in order not to affect the wrong distribution of the filler material.
  • Medical creams should not be used without informing the doctor, nor should powders and cosmetics be used.
  • Avoid wearing glasses because they are placed directly on the nose, which negatively affects the operation.
  • Pay attention to the sleeping position, because sleeping on the face or resting the pillow on it will definitely negatively affect the results of the operation. By following the recommendations, we have mentioned, a routine life can be practiced without any problems


The results appear immediately after the injection, and the difference can be noticed after a period of about a month, and the results last for a year or two or may last for a longer period depending on the response of the body and its tissues to the filler material

The cost of nasal filler in Turkey

The cost of the session ranges from 150 to 400 dollars according to several criteria:

  • The number of injections needed.
  • The quality of the filler injection.
  • The size of the required change, be it simple or complex.

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