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Microblading technology where one of the most prominent problems that affect the beauty and attractiveness of the face is the appearance of eyebrows.

  • The density or color of the eyebrows and the degree of their inclination are details that many girls seek to care about to improve the overall appearance of the face.
  • The makeup may contribute temporarily to changing the shape of the eyebrows, and the tattoo also helps to hide some defects and for a period that lasts more compared to cosmetics, but both are temporary.
  • Also, many do not prefer it because of the appearance of some damage as a result of their use.

From here the microblading technology appeared, what is that technology and what are the problems that you solve in addition to many details, Turk Aesthetic will talk about in the following lines

Here below some quick information about Microblading process:

Process duration30 Minutes
Process aimEyebrow forming
Continuity of results6 Months
Turk Aesthetic Cost200 USD per session

Microblading Video

Microblading Eyebrows

  1. One of the modern methods that cosmetic experts have come up with that determines the shape of the eyebrows, intensifies them, and gives the required surface when necessary to add charm to the shape.
  2. Thus, it is a technique that completely changes the shape of the eyebrow to give a beautiful touch to the face in general and to the eyebrows in particular.

Microblading Benefits

  • The technique is very simple, it is not surgical, that is, there is no need for anesthesia, there is no bleeding as a result of the operation, and plastic surgery experts and technicians can perform it without the need for a specialist doctor.
  • This technique uses an eyebrow pencil designed to draw eyebrows, so that each hair is individually drawn.

As for the problems that this technology solves, they are:

  1. Weak density of the eyebrow as a result of falling due to pathological or genetic reasons.
  2. Birth defects of the brow.
  3. Fix defects resulting from the tattoo.
  4. The eyebrows can also be reconfigured from scratch if they are dissatisfied with their shape.

Session steps

  1. Anyone who wants to beautify the eyebrows with a microblading must choose a cosmetic expert or a known specialist because committing any slight mistake will expose one to unwanted results.
  2. The expert begins applying anesthesia to the eyebrows, because some people do not want any pain, however slight and possible.
  3. Anesthesia follows the external drawing of the eyebrow as desired, whether long or short, thick or thin, and this takes about an hour.
  4. After that, the hairs are drawn inside the outer shape, which is defined for each hair separately, and this takes a different time according to the shape of the eyebrows.
  5. The color of the bristles is selected according to the skin and the color of the original eyebrows.

the Advantages

  • Safety The technique is applied to a simple depth with safe materials that do not cause allergies or any harm to the skin.
  • The results are closer to the normal look unlike the temporary tattoo.
  • The durability of the results is evident upon the completion of the session and lasts for three years, which is a longer period compared to the tattoo.
  • Low cost.
  • You do not need surgery or anesthesia because pain that occurs is possible.


Anyone who wishes to adjust the shape of the eyebrows because he does not want their current shape can make the amendment using the technique except for the following:

  • People who suffer from skin disease or have skin ulcers in the area of the eyebrows.
  • Everyone has a chronic and contagious disease such as HIV.
  • Who suffers from heart disease and pregnant women.
  • Who takes blood-thinning drugs.

Microblading aftercare

  1. Not to wash the face immediately after the operation.
  2. Avoid cosmetics and sunlight directly.
  3. Use a moisturizer or ice packs in the event of any swelling or swelling.

Microblading cost

  • The cost varies according to the skill of the plastic surgeon, and in America and Europe in general the cost of the session is about 700 dollars, knowing that one session is considered sufficient.
  • In Turkey, which is famous for its plastic surgery skill, the cost does not exceed $ 250.

You can get the cost from the Turk Aesthetic Center by contacting us via the link