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Lips Reduction
Lips Reduction

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Lips Reduction


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Lips reduction where the size of the lips and their inconsistency with the shape of the face in general calls for a lip reduction process, especially when the matter affects a person’s self-confidence.

Turk Aesthetic Center in this article talks about everything related to the topic of lip reduction.

Here Below some quick facts about Lips Reduction Surgery:

Procedure duration1-2 Hour
Results AppearanceImmediately
Continuity of resultsLifetime
Convalescence2 days
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Lips Reduction Before – After


Lips Reduction Process Steps

  • Drug therapy: Drug therapy is of limited benefit for the treatment of large lips, and the use of the drug may be limited to some cases that the doctor himself determines as a treatment for the cause of large lips when an acute inflammation or infection occurs, for example where anti-inflammatory is used.
  • Surgical treatment: The surgery begins with the patient’s total or partial anesthesia.
  • The duration of the procedure ranges from thirty to 120 minutes, depending on the patient’s condition.
  • Performing the operation either from inside or outside the mouth.
  • As for surgery from inside the mouth, it is done by means of a horizontal or vertical incision on the lips from the inside according to the problem. Then the excess fat and tissue is removed and the wound is finally sutured by medical threads that dissolve automatically after weeks.
  • As for the reduction of the lips from outside the mouth, it is done by creating a horizontal incision between the nose and the lips, then removing the extra tissue and tightening the skin, then the medical suture of the surgeon, which must remove the sutures used after a period of seven days after the operation.

Reducing lips, what are the criteria for lip beauty?

Aesthetically, some specifications apply to the lips to look attractive and beautiful in appearance

  • Proportionality with size and division of the face.
  • Beautiful teeth consistent in appearance.
  • Gum does not appear when you smile.
  • Consistency in the thickness of the upper and lower lips.
  • A dividing line appears between the skin and pink tissue.
  • Straightness and consistency of the corners of the mouth.
  • No wrinkles appear around the lips.

Large lip reasons

  • Genetics are the most important causes of the expansion of the lips, as dental diseases affect the health and safety of the appearance of the lips.
  • The genetics composition plays a role in the emergence of general traits in human races, as is the case with black skin.
  • Of course, the treatment plan is appropriate according to the cause of the problem.
  • Some girls try to hide the big flaws of the lips in makeup, but it is considered a partial and temporary solution to the problem, so what are the reasons for performing the lip reduction process?
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Lip reduction reasons..

  • The reason for performing the procedure exceeds the cosmetic motive and eliminating the excessive expansion and unwanted shape.
  • Anyone who loses some oral functions as a result of the widening of the lips, as a cause of salivation and the inability to close the mouth adequately, may resort to the operation.
  • The breadth of the lips also affects the verbal correctness of the letters, leading to problems with sound and speech with others.
  • Finally, the widening of the lips may affect chewing and extend it to the health of swallowing food.
  • So, these things together influence the decision as a cosmetic procedure for the lips.

Recovery period

  • The patient can continue his life normally immediately after the operation, but he must make cold compresses to relieve occasional pain, swellings, and use of analgesics and anti-inflammatory.
  • The raised pillow can also be used to maintain a correct position of the lips during sleep.
  • Final results appear two months after the procedure.

When should the operation not take place?

  • In there is inflammation leading to an enlarged lips, the cause should be treated, because the enlargement of the lips will go away with the disappearance of the cause, so the purpose of the operation is curative, not aesthetic.
  • Also, some people have exaggerated their feelings about the size of the lips, so the problem can be considered to have psychological origin and not real.
  • Finally, in the event of a congenital skull deformation leading to the emergence of the lips, the lip surgical operation does not have any benefit, but the position of the facial bones must be modified to solve the problem.

Lips Reduction Cost

Surgically reducing lipsticks start from $ 700 to $ 2,500, according to many criteria.

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