Lips Reduction For Men

Lips Reduction for men
Lips Reduction For Men

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Lips Reduction For Men


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Lips Reduction for men many people want to enlarge and inflate the lips, so the aforementioned title may shock the reader to come to mind. Is there anyone who also wants to reduce the lips?

  • Yes, the stability of something is not the rule of beauty, but the secret of beauty lies in harmony and harmony between the components of the body.
  • One may have large lips as many would like to have, but at the same time the shape of the face does not fit the owner, which forces him to reduce it, and vice versa to keep one’s pursuit of harmony and harmony, not fashion or other.

Here Below some quick facts about Lips Reduction For Men Surgery:

Procedure duration1-2 Hour
Results AppearanceImmediately
Continuity of resultsLifetime
Convalescence2 days
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Lips Reduction Surgery For Men

  • Lips consist of tissues and fat cells that give them expansion in size whenever the percentage of fat cells increases to exceed the acceptable limit and goes out of harmony with the face, which requires reducing the lips by getting rid of excess tissue and fat cells and tightening the skin to reach the required size.
  • Widening size may be large and sometimes medium and does not require surgical procedure, but it is sufficient to make a simple adjustment to restore gravity and leave a positive impact on the psychological state of one.

Lip Reduction Candidates

  • Anyone born with a birth defect that makes their lips larger than the normal limit will resort to the operation, especially when size negatively affects the integrity of speech or the psychological state of a person.
  • Also, those who underwent a lip augmentation procedure were not satisfied and were not satisfied with the results.
  • The person who wishes to undergo the operation must be healthy and not suffer from any health problems that prevent him from anesthesia or recovering from surgery, such as those with blood diseases or those who have a viral disease such as hepatitis, for example.

Lips Reduction For Men – Surgery Steps

  1. Pre-operation

    Those who wish to undergo surgery must refrain from smoking and be prepared to continue stopping it during the recovery period.
    Selecting the optimal doctor for surgery and starting with medical tests to ensure the integrity of the body.
    The process is simple and does not take long, and there are no risks or complications if all of the doctor’s instructions are adhered to before, during or after the operation.

  2. The operation

    The process begins with anesthesia, then the doctor makes a surgical incision from the inside of the lips and proceeds to remove excess tissue causing inflation, then tightens the skin and gets rid of the excesses in cases of severe inflation.
    The goal of the operation, as mentioned, is the consistency of the lips with the face in general.
    The duration of the operation does not take more than an hour at the latest, and the process may be complementary to other operations of the face, such as minimizing the nose.

  3. After the operation

    The first thing that a person suffers from is swelling and bruising that goes away with the use of painkillers and ice packs, just as the electrode disappears automatically.
    The results appear after bruising and swelling atrophy, while the final results appear after two months have passed and are permanent for the rest of life.

  4. Recommendations

    The patient must clean and care for wounds to avoid any infection or inflammation.
    Avoid hard foods that need to be chewed and move the mouth firmly.
    Drink fluids and water.
    Avoid citrus fruits and acids because they cause severe pain.
    Raise the head from the body level while lying down to sleep.
    Rest during the first period.

Lips Reduction For Men Cost

  • The cost varies according to many criteria, such as hospital, doctor, and country.
  • In Turkey, the average cost ranges between 1500 to 2500 dollars.

To get the cost from the Turk Aesthetic Medical Center, you can contact directly with our team via the link.