Laser Thigh Reduction

Laser thigh reduction
Laser Thigh Reduction

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Laser Thigh Reduction


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Laser thigh reduction of legs is considered an enlarged legs and fat deposition in this part of the body one of the results of obesity.

And with the development of medical research, methods and methods have emerged that do not require surgery, the most important of which is laser.

Turk Aesthetic in this article will talk about laser reduction of the legs, process steps, results and all that matters to the reader on this topic.

Here below some quick information about Laser Thigh Reduction process:

Procedure duration3 Hours
staying at hospitalone night after process
Continuity of resultsup 10 years
Convalescence10 days
Turk Aesthetic CostProcedure cost starting from 3000 USD

Laser thigh reduction Video

How the process is Done?

  • Lasers are used as a substitute for surgery, which avoids multiple complications, such as bleeding, infection, and infections.
  • The legs are sculpted and slimmed by getting rid of fat and tightening the skin or by reducing the muscles of the legs.
  • Before turning to the laser, it is preferable to try naturally.

In the event that the body does not respond or in the event of a need for rapid results, then the laser can be used under several conditions, namely:

  1. Enjoying good health or having a health problem under control, such as controlling the level of sugar, for example, in patients with diabetes.
  2. There is no inflammation, cracking or allergy to the skin, i.e. the skin is in good condition before the operation.
  3. It is not recommended to use lasers if cortisone has been used for skin indication, because cortisone causes thinning of the skin.
  4. It is not preferable to use a laser for less than twenty years.
  5. That the rate of obesity be within the normal limits.

Sagging thighs Causes

  1. The most important causes of obesity in the legs is the accumulation of fat, particularly in the thigh and calf areas.
  2. Also, among the causes of obesity in the legs is a blockage of blood or lymphatic vessels and an enlarged muscle tissue in addition to the elasticity of the tissues exactly as it happens in the abdominal area.
  3. Lack of exercise, especially walking, which greatly helps burn fat accumulated in the legs.

Before Laser thigh reduction

It is recommended to follow the following general instructions before resorting to laser sculpting the legs. These recommendations are:

  • stop smoking.
  • Control the level of sugar and blood pressure and stop using aspirin and other blood thinners.
  • Inform the doctor of all types of medications used, especially dermatology, if any.
  • Drink plenty of water in addition to conducting sensitivity tests for the substance that will be injected.
  • Ensure that the cause of obesity in the legs is fat, not vessel blockage or muscle enlargement.

During the process

  • The operation is done under the influence of local anesthesia, with the use of some hypnotics when needed, and the doctor may resort to total anesthesia in special cases.
  • After that, a substance under the skin layer is injected into the area of ​​the legs to reduce bleeding in the internal tissues.
  • The doctor then sheds laser light on the areas of obesity in order to break down fats and pull a device out of the body.
  • It is not permissible to withdraw fat from the front bone area of ​​the legs, but rather from the posterior region directly behind the muscles.
  • Finally, after getting rid of the fat, the skin is tightened in cases of severe skin sagging. In the event of a slight sagging, it goes away by following the instructions prescribed by the doctor after the operation by natural methods and exercise.
  • The duration of the procedure varies depending on the amount of fat in the legs and ranges from two hours to four hours.

You can leave the medical center an hour after the completion of the operation and practice the usual routine of life, following the following recommendations:

  1. Wearing tight clothes or laces at the liposuction site to prevent fluid build-up after the procedure and to help the tissues to heal.
  2. Avoid sunlight.
  3. Avoid strenuous activities.
  4. Not taking aspirin or any other blood thinner.


  • The results appear as soon as the process is finished, but the appearance of minor swelling and redness of the skin prevents clarity.
  • Therefore, the difference can be observed after a month at the latest.

Laser thigh reduction Cost

  • The cost ranges between 2500 and 4000 dollars, according to the amount of fat and the size of the enlarged legs.

You can contact the Turk Aesthetic to get the exact cost via the link.