Laser Tattoo Removal

laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal especially young people after a period of time of getting a tattoo, they may feel remorse because of things sometimes related to aesthetic reasons, or the need to join a new job or a certain company where tattooed look does not seem suitable.

Whatever were the reasons, many people had to think about removing tattoos, but:

  • How.
  • Where.
  • The cost.
  • Guarantee and skin care after tattoo removal.

All these questions come to the minds of many people. In the past, due to the lack of medicine development and its techniques, tattoos removal procedure was one of the hardest procedures with relatively unacceptable results to most people.

Many people have preferred to keep away from undergoing the procedure than getting rid of tattoo.

With the development of medicine, and new techniques emergence it has become possible to perform tattoos removal procedure easily with excellent results.

In this article, Turk Aesthetic medical center discusses laser tattoo removal technic as one of the safest, easiest, most modern and best methods in terms of results.

Here below some quick information about the process:

AnesthesiaLocal / No need
Process duration30-45 minutes depending on Tattoo size
Session number6-8 sessions
Continuity of resultslifetime
ResultsGradually depending on Tattoo’s age and color
Turk Aesthetic Cost100-150 USD per session

Laser Tattoo Removal Video

Before and After

Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal
Tattoo laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal Techniques

  • It is one of the latest and safest techniques as we mentioned. The highly focused laser rays are used to destroy the pigment molecules in the tattoo and all of its colors from dark to light colors.
  • This is done by several sessions ranging from two to four sessions according to the tattoo area and its depth.
  • The deeper it was the more sessions are required. In addition to other factors such as tone and color type, for example, using laser on dark colored tattoos can give better results than using it on light colored ones.
  • Skin tone, tattoo place and the age of the tattoo also play a role in determining how many sessions will be proceeded. Finally, the used laser type plays the main role in tattoo removal procedure quality. It should be noted that the laser used to remove dark colors is different from the laser used for light colors.
  • There is no need for anesthesia during the laser session. The degree of pain is not severe, it is endurable but the doctor may use a moisturizing cream so that the patient does not feel the laser heat.

Laser tattoo removal session       

  • In the beginning the patient wears a visor or glasses to protect the eyes from laser radiation.
  • The specialist cleans the tattoo place and then put a moisturizer cream or anesthetic cream if needed.
  • The laser is then projected on the tattoo.
  • Finally, moisturizers are applied to relieve pain.
  • After the process, Tattoos look lighter, these steps are repeated according to the patient’s case until the tattoo disappears permanently.

The advantages

  • Non-surgical process and does not require anesthesia.
  • Causes some endurable pain.
  • Harmless to skin.
  • Its results are impressive in case of dark colored

Laser Tattoo Removal Side effects

  1. Skin redness, sensitivity and some fluids-filled acne.
  2. Change in skin color it can be lighter or darker than the original skin color.
  3. Skin scars in addition to bleeding in rare cases.

Aftercare instructions

  • Use cold compresses in case of redness.
  • Use moisturizing cream.
  • Avoid perfumes and cosmetics on the treated skin.
  • Avoid direct sun.

Laser tattoo removal cost

The cost of laser tattoo removal procedure is relatively high in some countries, like France. The session cost may be around 700 $.

And decreases in England to about 200 $.

Turkey is the most suitable place to compete with European countries, with a cost of around 150 $ per session.

And of course, this cost varies in Turkey according to the center and its medical reputation and the used medical equipment in addition to the medical staff.

Finally, to find out the laser tattoo removal cost at Turk Estec center or if you have any specific question, you can contact our team through the following link.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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