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Laser liposuction become one of the most important pioneering processes that have been famous recently in Turkey, and the percentage of those who provide it has become large, as it is considered a fundamental solution to the problems of excess obesity and the accumulation of fat. That happen after the procedure is very rare.

We can summarize this process in a simple way, which is a cosmetic process in which the excess fat and fat are sucked into the body, and the fat and fat is broken down by sucking it from the concentrated areas.

The areas where the operation takes place

  1. Fat is sucked first from the stomach and stomach.
  2. The thigh, which is more granular, because it creates a gap between the thighs, as you know, due to the accumulation of fat and excess obesity, the thighs appear as if they are attached to each other because of the accumulated amount of fat and fat.
  3. The third region is the buttock area.
  4. Chin and neck area.
  5. Fat accumulated in the hands.
  6. Gynecomastia in the chest in men and then reduces the size of the breast in men.

The accumulated fat and grease in the stomach, thigh, and buttocks area are called stubborn fats that are difficult to remove from these areas through food diets or sports. Here, the patient uses the laser liposuction process to shorten a great way and get a big difference in body shape and weight.

We must note that doctors do not prescribe it for weight loss, but it is only used to redraw and reshape the areas of the body and we do not recommend them for those who suffer from an increase in obesity.

Laser liposuction techniques

Previously, surgery was used in liposuction operations. Now, there has been a major development. Now more than one technique is used for liposuction, it is possible that the liposuction can be done by laser or by using the Phaser technology.

How is the laser aspiration process performed and its benefits

  • The fat is first shredded and then withdrawn. By performing this process, we can get rid of a large amount of fat.
  • We can also tighten the skin after getting rid of fats and grease.
  • The incisions are small so do not leave too much scarring.
  • The risk of nerve damage or nosebleeds is less likely.
  • The recovery period after the operation is short.

The approximate cost of the laser aspiration process

The cost of laser liposuction is determined by the number of areas from which the liposuction will be extracted.

It should be noted that the patient needs a recovery period after performing the operation for one night, and he needs to stay in Turkey for about three days in order to see a doctor and check on his condition.

The cost for laser liposuction includes:

  • Medical advice.
  • Analyzes that are performed before and after the operation.
  • Hospitalization of the patient.
  • Transportation from the airport to the hotel and hospital.
  • Therapeutic bag used after the operation.

And by communicating with the special consultant before coming to Turkey, the patient is informed of all the details before and after the operation, and the amount is determined after the medical consultation and according to the number of areas from which the liposuction will be done by laser.

Tips to adhere before laser liposuction

Before performing the operation, the person should stop taking any blood thinners, such as aspirin, some vitamins, or herbal teas.

If the person is a smoker, he is advised to stop smoking, drink a good amount of fluids, and eat for 6 hours before the procedure.

How long is the recovery period after laser liposuction?

The recovery period that the patient needs after performing the laser liposuction process is according to the areas from which the liposuction was done and according to the amount of fat as well, as a maximum we need from 5 days to 14 days as a recovery period and after which the patient can return to practice his life normally and practice the exercises that are recommended The doctor and do not forget to deny that the compression garment and compression garments should be worn because they speed up treatment and healing.

Scars that occur after laser liposuction

The surgeon opens cracks in certain places, these cracks are usually small and heal after a while.

What are the side effects expected after laser liposuction?

The side effects expected after laser liposuction are some swelling and some bruising or possible numbness of the site of the operation and these symptoms quickly disappear after two weeks have passed and when the pain and numbness increase in the treatment area, which usually ends within two weeks and in the case of increased pain the patient can take some analgesics That the doctor prescribes.

After the fat is removed from the waist and abdomen area, the stomach muscles are tightened, while in regular surgeries the fat tissue is removed from the body.

Summary of laser liposuction in Turkey

The process of liposuction has become one of the most important operations in medical tourism, as more and more tourists are coming to Turkey with the aim of tourism and treatment together, and the main reason also that foreigners and Arabs mean Turkey is because of the low prices and costs compared to the rest of the countries at the same time.

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