Laser Body Sculpting

laser body sculpting turkey
Laser Body Sculpting

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Laser Body Sculpting


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Laser body sculpting The title seems attractive to the reader, especially when he sees or remembers ancient Greek statues.

Turk Aesthetic in this article talks about laser body sculpting and its uses.

first of all here below some quick information about body sculpting:

AnesthesiaFull body
Procedure durationVaries depending on how many body area (around 2-5 hours)
Staying at hospital after Operation1 Night
ResultsStart to appear after a month
Return to daily activitiesAfter a week
Procedure’s aimHarmonize the body
Procedure effectivenessPermanent (Conditional on dieting)
Turk Aesthetic procedure’s cost2000 USD per body area

Laser Body Sculpting Video

Sculpting process

  • It is a process in which laser rays are used to dissolve the accumulated fat in order to adjust body scales and highlight muscle tone.
  • The laser for body sculpting is different from the laser for liposuction.
  • When you need to sculpt the body, the purpose is to tighten the skin, not lose weight.
  • After completing the process, the results are evident in the different sizes of clothes and the overall tight body appearance, which seems to have just ended with exercise.

Sculpting Device

laser body sculpting machine
laser body sculpting machine

There are three types of lasers used in body sculpting:

  1. Cole Lipo This type of laser is based on dissolving fat if it is concentrated in a large percentage in the body.
  2. Soft Lipo produces medium-range vibrations for medium-fat concentrations.
  3. Smart lipo is the lowest type in the production of vibrations, and it is allowed to be used in precise places, in addition to its function in tightening the skin and eliminating cellulite.

Laser Body Sculpting Treatments

The decision to make a laser body sculpting procedure depends on the shape and mass of the body. If the body is highly fat, then the patient must think about losing weight first, in any way or method, whether by performing a gag or balloon or other options. Read about gastrectomy in Turkey.

But if the body is obese, but to a moderate degree, because of the accumulated fat, the patient must liposuction.

After the body reaches the ideal weight, the patient can think about performing laser sculpting, knowing that the ideal age for performing the operation is over twenty years, provided that they enjoy health and there is no chronic disease.

What is Laser Body Sculpting?

  • A simple operation is performed under local anesthesia and takes about two to four hours as a maximum, according to the patient’s condition itself.
  • After the operation, the person suffers from only some of the possible pain that can be controlled with analgesic tablets.
  • In addition to the possibility of swelling of the skin, it is disposed with moisturizers and creams.
  • The doctor advises the patient to be completely comfortable and wear pressure-sensitive clothing to prevent swelling and fluid accumulation.
  • As for the risks of the operation, it is safe if it is carried out under the supervision and implementation of a doctor with extensive experience in this field. Otherwise, the patient may be vulnerable to nerve or muscle injury or the occurrence of skin burns.

Laser Body Sculpting cost

  • The cost of the operation is relatively high and the development is monitored by the hospital for the acquisition of modern and new devices over time, which provides better features that make the cost higher and more valuable.
  • The doctor’s experience is also included in the evaluation of prices, so everyone who has experience and technical sense gets a high wage.
  • So the medical center and the doctor are essential to determining the cost.

The cost of laser body sculpting also varies from country to country

The cost in the United Arab Emirates and Qatar may rise to 7000 USD, due to the fact that these countries seek to acquire the best and the latest equipment continuously. Therefore, the doctor requires experience in using these devices in order to travel and learn, which all this affects the total cost of the operation that the patient returns to the result. .

The cost in Thailand drops to 2,500 dollars.

As for Turkey, it remains on the average level, costing about 2,500 to 3,500 dollars on average.

Turk Aesthetic Medical Center offers a comprehensive package that includes residence, treatment and translation to eliminate the language problem that is considered an obstacle for patients.

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