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Labiaplasty Procedure The vaginal labia are used by some women, which are located in the middle area of the female genital organ. Turk Aesthetic Center deals with this issue in some detail due to the recent resort of many girls to this cosmetic procedure.

the following schedule show quick information about Labiaplasty:

The time to complete the operation1 Hours
Stay in the hospital after the operationOne night, must stay in the hospital after the operation
Return to daily activity1 day after process
Sexual intercourseAfter One month
Turk Aesthetic Cost2000 USD

Labiaplasty – Video

Surgery reasons

In normal conditions, the vaginal blades go from the inside out without any overflow and with a small size, but with repeated sexual intercourse and childbirth as the most important reason for this problem, the two blades extend outward to become larger, which leads to some problems over time, we mention the most important of them:

  • Discomfort while wearing underwear.
  • Difficulty while urinating.
  • The occurrence of infections results in itching with some unpleasant smells.
  • Not having sex.
  • The annoying shape that causes permanent anxiety and embarrassment as a result of excessive size and dark color with ripples that cause difficulty in completing the hygiene.

Other reasons for enlarged vaginal blades

Collectively, the aforementioned factors cause a real problem that requires a radical solution based on removing and reducing excess blades to return the reproductive system to the normal shape, and away from repeated sexual intercourse and childbirth, there are many reasons for enlarging the vaginal blades, including:

  • Genetics play an important role in the emergence of the problem. Once puberty, the blades may be eligible to increase the size.
  • Obesity, when losing extra pounds produces blades.
  • Other anatomical reasons, such as uterine prolapse or prolapsed posterior vaginal wall.
  • Menopause or for hormonal reasons such as estrogen deficiency.

Labiaplasty near me – Turk Aesthetic

Due to the increasing demand and demand for miniature vaginal blades in Turkey from abroad, and for privacy considerations. Turk Aesthetic Center offers a full treatment package for two or three days, including reception to and from the airport. In addition to staying at the hotel with transportation to and from the hospital until the completion of the process, taking into account the translation service and support package of medicines. To request the package cost or the transaction cost only, you can request support with full privacy from our staff via the link.

Labiaplasty types

There are many operations that fall under vaginal plasticization, including:

  1. Narrowing or reducing the opening of the vagina.
  2. Enlargement of the vagina.
  3. Cystoplasty.
  4. Landing operations that depend on the repair of the pelvic floor looseness.
  5. Inject fat to enlarge the blades.
  6. Bleaching the skin around the reproductive system.
  7. Clitoral repair and appearance.
  8. Repair and restoration of the hymen.

Beautify vaginal blades

Surgery is the most important medical solution used in vaginal plasticization. It is carried out under the influence of local or general anesthesia according to the patient’s desire, in addition to some criteria that the doctor determines according to each individual case. The duration of the operation does not exceed half an hour, as the doctor removes the appendages without the need for surgical sutures so that he can resort to ironing, but when resorting to sutures, there is no need to untangle the sutures after a while as they dissolve and merge with the skin.

The patient can return to the home after three hours and without the need to stay in the hospital as soon as the doctor makes sure that the bleeding has stopped and the patient’s safety.

Recovery period

  • The recovery period is from one week to ten days. Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used when needed, but care must be taken carefully with regard to hygiene to avoid any infection or infection.
  • You can shower after 24 hours.
  • Intercourse and sex should be avoided for four weeks, and the result will appear after about two months or less.

Labiaplasty surgery Complications

  • Rupture or bleeding if the operation was performed just before birth.
  • Persistent pain in some cases.
  • The scars are in the genital area, where the best results depend on the doctor’s skill.
  • More chance of transmitting genital infection in the first periods after the operation.
  • Sometimes it may reduce the feeling of sexual pleasure.

Vaginal relaxation symptoms

There are some symptoms that girls feel in addition to the enlarged size of the blades, including:

  • Pain in the lower back.
  • Heaviness and swelling in the vaginal area.
  • incontinence.
  • Sometimes constipation.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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