Kybella Injections

kybella injections

Kybella injections where many thinks that the cause of the emergence of double chin is obesity.

Due to a misconception of the problem, the remedy was to lose weight.

With the development of medicine, it became clear that treatment is simpler than getting rid of excess weight, and there is no need to waste time or money.

The kybella injections technique, Turk Aesthetic will talk about at length in this article, is the ideal solution to get rid of double chin, so what is that technique?

Kybella Injections Session

  • The Diocolic Acid, or the same Kybella substance, is excreted naturally in the body.
  • The function of this substance is to dissolve excess body fat.
  • The body sheds the fat and excretes it with the rest of the extra fluid through sweating or urinating.
  • The substance is extracted to be injected into the area of excess fat, specifically at the double chin away from surgery.

Causes of double chin

The fat cells combine at the bottom of the chin to look with the original chin like the extra chin and are medically called double chin, which causes embarrassment to their owners.

The most important reasons for the accumulation of fat cells under the chin are extra weight.

Fat also builds up under the chin sometimes, despite the lanky bodies of its owners, so the origin of the problem is genetically.

Another reason for the double chin is the sagging muscles in the lower chin due to age or sudden weight loss.

  • Liposuction and Kybella needles
  • Both liposuction and Kabyle needles agree on the problem of sagging skin after removing fat and the need for skin tightening.
  • The liposuction is carried out with the intervention of surgery. As for the kybella injection, it is merely needling that are injected into the fat area so that the injected substance works to liquefy the fat so that the body can get rid of it more easily.
  • Kybella needles are safer than liposuction because they need surgical incisions and thus the possibility of infection or infection, and this is not possible in the case of injection of Kabila.
  • Priority liposuction by the World Health Organization, whereas the kybella injection has not yet been approved by the World Health Organization.

Recommendations for pre-injection of kybella

  1. From the beginning, one has to search for a skilled and well-known specialist in the field of cosmetology by inferring from friends, acquaintances, the Internet and medical forums.
  2. The Kybella substance is already present in the body, but injecting it when it is outside the body may lead to an allergic reaction, therefore it is preferable to conduct an allergy test before the beginning.
  3. If a person loses extra pounds before the injection, otherwise he will not benefit from the results.
  4. Getting rid of health problems if they exist to avoid any complications from the injection. For example, a pregnant woman prefers to give birth, and if one suffers from shortness of breath or thyroid problems, it is advisable to first of those problems.

During the session

  • During the injection, there is no need to use local anesthesia, as pain is possible, but some prefer anesthesia to avoid tingling.
  • The doctor chooses where the fat is concentrated in the neck and determines it in advance by drawing some lines in addition to determining the number of injections per session.
  • The amount of kybella is fixed and fixed in each injection, but the number of injections varies according to the situation.
  • The number of shots ranges from 10 to 20 shots during a single session.
  • The patient is required to complete the treatment from four to five sessions, separating each session to another for a maximum period of thirty days.
  • The duration of one session ranges from 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Results start to appear after the end of the third session, because getting rid of body fat needs time and patience.

The cost of kybella injections in Turkey

  • Cost of liposuction is cheaper compared to the cost of injecting Kybella because one injection session is not enough, but the patient needs about four sessions at least.
  • The cost of one session is about 500 dollars on average, or 2000 dollars, the cost of four sessions.

You can contact with Turk Aesthetic to obtain the prices of a full treatment package via the link.

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