Kidney treatment in Turkey

Kidney treatment in Turkey
Kidney treatment in Turkey

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Kidney treatment in Turkey


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Kidney treatment in Turkey In this article, we deal with everything related to kidneys (problems and treatment) in Turkey

Kidney’s Function

  • One of the organs that falls under the category of urology and is located in the lower back the size of a fist
  • The function of the kidneys is to filter or filter the blood from impurities and toxins and drain them into the bladder system, which in turn discharges them outside the body through the urinary tract.
  • Kidney damage may occur as a result of chronic long-term diabetes or blood pressure

Kidney Treatment in Turkey

Treatment varies according to the type of problem. The following are the most common kidney diseases

01- Chronic kidney failure

  • Blood pressure is the primary effect on kidney failure because it increases pressure on the small blood vessels that filter the blood and with the increased pressure, these vessels are damaged and negatively affect the kidneys’ performance until they reach the point of no return, where the patient needs dialysis to filter them from toxins, and this is not considered a radical treatment Rather, it is only a periodic treatment that must be performed continuously, and the radical treatment is considered a kidney transplant
  • Diabetes is one of the other causes of kidney failure (failure of the kidneys to function) as a result of high blood sugar, which hinders the kidneys’ performance and functions, and the body becomes overloaded with toxins.

02- Kidney stones

  • The stone problem occurs when some compounds in the blood crystallize to form hard lumps that cause great pain during their movement in the bloodstream inside the kidney.
  • The stones can come out of the urethra if their size is small, but in the event of their enlargement, a laser fracturing session must be performed to reduce them and to facilitate their exit from the urethra.
  • It is mentioned that the pain of stones in the kidneys is very large, so we will give some details about the treatment
  • To prepare for the lithotripsy session, the doctor locates the stones with X-rays, and they appear as a dark mass
  • The patient must stop taking some medicines that may affect the effectiveness of the anesthesia or the blood thinning
  • During the session, the doctor may resort to an endoscope in order to reach the stones
  • The endoscope passes through the urethra and up to the ureter and kidneys, and the stones are removed through the scope if they are small in size.
  • In the event that the stones are large, they are broken up with a laser and then removed through the endoscope, which means that it is treated in two stages.
  • After lithotripsy, doctors recommend some medications and painkillers, in addition to drinking an ample amount of water

03- Kidney transplantation

This option is used after the kidney has completely lost its functions and is unable to filter the blood from impurities and toxins as a last resort after dialysis.

As mentioned, the kidneys can be damaged due to chronic diseases such as uncontrolled diabetes or blood pressure

Kidney transplantation is prohibited in the following cases:

  • Old age
  • Chronic disease such as heart or cancer
  • Alcohol addict
  • It should be noted that not every kidney donor may agree with the condition of the kidney patient, only the results of laboratory tests determine compatibility or deny it in addition to other criteria such as blood group and tissues of both the patient and the donor
  • The operation takes place under the influence of complete anesthesia and it is worth noting that drugs must be taken for life after the kidney transplant
  • These drugs are two types of immunosuppressive so that the foreign body on the patient’s body (the new kidney) is not rejected.
  • And another medicine to strengthen immunity

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