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Juvederm injection is one of the types of Filler used to correct minor and moderate wrinkles in the area of the mouth and nose, which last for a whole year or more.

The technique has not proven effective for lip augmentation despite its adoption for this purpose in many beauty centers, so it is advised to use it only to get rid of wrinkles.

Turk Aesthetic in this article will address all the details that are important to the reader about the injection of Juvederm.

How Juvederm injection works?

The substance is injected into the dermis layer to fill the voids between the tissues in addition to absorbing fluids in the body and transferring them to the affected area to give the skin the appearance of youth and vitality.

The doctor adds to the injected substance some vitamins and substances that stimulate the production of collagen to help tighten the skin and make it healthy and fresh.

Pre-use recommendations

In order for the patient to get the maximum benefit from Juvederm injection, some instructions must be followed before treatment, and they are summarized as follows:

  • Non-use of liquid drugs that stimulate bleeding, such as aspirin and provin.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking.
  • Conducting a test for allergy to Juvederm, if the substance causes skin irritation, the patient is forbidden to use it.
  • Juvederm is prohibited if the patient has already had laser or chemical peeling sessions for the affected area because the use of the substance causes severe skin inflammation.
  • It is not permissible to inject the substance into the blood vessels because it causes atherosclerosis.
Its features
  • The injections give results that are closer to normal due to the smooth flow of tissue between them.
  • It contains an anesthetic that does not cause pain during injection.
  • The results are immediate and appear after a week and last for a year.

During the session

  • As mentioned, there is no need for local anesthesia before the injection, and the session lasts only twenty minutes.
  • The session begins by identifying the affected areas and then wiping them with sterilizer, so that the doctor begins the injection until the necessary amount is completed according to the degree or severity of the wrinkles.
  • After that, the patient can leave the medical center directly without any harm or harm to him.
  • Direct sun exposure is prohibited, and the patient must use NSAIDs for a week.


Juvederm injection is used for wrinkle removal, acne removal and face fattening.

Whatever the goal of the operation, the results appear after a week’s duration only, and the results are clearly noticed after the disappearance of swelling and redness with the help of anti-inflammatory.

The results last for a year and the session can be repeated as soon as the wrinkles appear again.

Can the results of Juvederm injection be prolonged?

Juvederm injection is a relatively temporary solution, but the effects of the injection can be prolonged and the results preserved for as long as possible by avoiding excessive sunlight exposure, following a balanced healthy diet, sleeping long enough, and drinking fluids.

You should avoid using cosmetic materials, poor quality makeup, and using moisturizing creams for the skin to avoid dehydration and stay away from smoking as much as possible.


Juvederm injections are classified as safe solutions that do not cause serious complications, provided that a reputable skilled doctor is selected for their procedure.

The injection does not affect the pregnant or breastfeeding woman, and there is no compound in the substance that stimulates the human immune system. The compound is produced naturally by the body.

The cost of injection Juvederm in Turkey

The cost of injections ranges between $ 350 and $ 600, according to several criteria, such as the severity and depth of wrinkles.

Its cost also varies from one medical center to another, and of course the cost is not included in health insurance because it is a cosmetic process.

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