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Inlays Onlays usually take about 30 minutes. Successful dental restoration perform after the correct diagnosis of the patient’s current oral problems, analyzing patient’s oral health, and defining patient’s requirement and needs. Dental restoration or teeth repair, the damaged ones by the erosion of the surface layer or decay and necrosis, the treatment of these teeth applied to restore its appearance and function.

Dentists treat deep dental incisions that cause food and fluids to leak into the dental nerve canal by placing a protective layer made of solid, durable materials lasting for decades. The molars have deep fissures on their surfaces, which help grind the food.

In the molars fissures food leftovers accumulate and it becomes difficult to clean it properly by using the toothbrush, which causes bacteria

In the top layer necrosis begins causing dental sensitivity and severe pain when drinking cold water or hot drinks.

Using dental restoration, these dental incisions are block in order to return to its normal shape and function.

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Treatment Advantages

There are several benefits in dental restoration:

  1. First of all, it helps to treat tooth decay, curing allergies, we can change their color to look natural and fit with other teeth.
  2. The materials made of high-quality mixtures of solid and durable materials, which last for up to 30 years.
  3. Dental restoration helps strengthen teeth by 75%, unlike traditional metal fillings that can actually reduce tooth strength by up to 50%.
  4. Dental restoration gives long-lasting teeth and prevents any additional dental treatments in the future.

All these reasons make teeth restoration the best option for those who want to replace the unattractive or metal-made fillings.

Inlays onlays Crowns

  • Dental fillings are use to restore and repair teeth. In the past, it was common to use a filling that contains mercury. The disadvantage of using mercury is because of the substance toxicity and the non-aesthetical form of the filling. Nowadays, these materials replace with modern composite fillings.
  • At Turk Aesthetic we use the best composite fillings with advanced technology and high-quality materials to ensure long lasting natural results, taking into consideration aesthetic shape.
  • Inlaying or dental filling is a medium technique between full dental filling treatment and dental crown installation.
  • This technique is based on pure porcelain or resin to match the shape of the fine fissures on the teeth.
  • It is a suitable technique for broken teeth. Unlike the white filling, it does not cause any pressure on the tooth walls.

Inlays VS Onlays

  • Dental restoration inlay and onlay are techniques use to repair the back teeth that suffer from moderate or advanced caries, which are associate with necrosis and molar tooth damage.
  • Dental restoration or tooth repair cannot apply for badly damaged and cracked or broken teeth. They need a dental crown to fully restore the teeth shape and function.
  • Onlay use to cover the surface of one or more tooth humps, while Inlay Restoration use in several ways, such as filling the space between two tooth humps.


Is dental restoration a painful process?

It is not painless at all, because the dentist applies local anesthesia before starting a dental repair.

How are teeth restored?

Most often, a patient who wants to have his teeth repaired should visit the clinic nearly twice.
The doctor should make the shape and size of the fillings exactly similar to the shape and size of the basic tooth.
In the first session of dental restoration or inlaying, the damaged part of the teeth is removed.
In the following session, a filler is applied, which matches the size and shape of the basic tooth.
The shape of the tooth will determine the amount and shape of the restoration fill.
The dentist will insert an object between your teeth to get the shape of the missing part.
This shape is obtained as a replica of your tooth’s basic form, which will be restored later.
The newly acquired part is fixed permanently on your teeth.
The dentist will do a simple finishing to give the tooth natural and shiny shape.

How long does dental restoration last (Inlays Onlays)?

Dental restoration or teeth repair can generally last for decades.
This duration is associated with many factors that depend on the patient’s actions and teeth care after treatment.
These effects are:
The chewing way whether strong or normal.
Food choice.
Oral health.
Dental care.

It is very important to visit the dentist regularly to make sure that the filling is in good condition. You can anytime contact us for more information