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Botox in Turkey is one of the most important and most effective cosmetic treatments at present.

Whereas the person’s work nature, sunlight exposure, and aging play a large role in some wrinkles and facial lines appearance, especially forehead, around the mouth wrinkles, fine wrinkles on the eyes edges and between the eyebrows.

Turkey and other countries are a temporary solution to these problems done in the mimetic muscles, which are responsible for showing facial expressions (during frowning, laughing) and wrinkles that some people experience as a result of aging.

Its effective substances (Botulinum Toxin) relaxes the nerves that control the mimetic muscles which is the reason for wrinkles, it causes simple wrinkles disappearance, and you get a younger looking skin.

Every day, dozens of men and women come to Turkey’s most famous clinics and cosmetic hospitals to have Botox injections, especially those who do not want to do plastic surgery.

It is a simple cosmetic procedure and sometimes takes up to 5 minutes.


Why Turk Aesthetic To have Botox done In Istanbul Turkey?

  1. Turk Aesthetic center is one of the best beauty centers in Turkey, Istanbul.
  2. In Turk Aesthetic, we always seek to make the patient as satisfied as possible with the cosmetic procedure that will be performed.
  3. The doctors and medical staff’s scientific competence and practical experience, make the person who wants to have any cosmetic procedure done, assured about the results that he will have.
  4. The large number of cosmetic surgeries in general and Botox injections in special, which have been done by our center.
  5. The appropriate cost for most society segments.
  6. Credibility and reliability in communicating with our customers and giving them all medical information before starting any cosmetic surgery.

Who can have Botox injections?

It is also used in non-cosmetic treatments as well as for facial cosmetics use.

It is used in many cases such as:

  • Hand neural stress.
  • Botox injections in the armpit in cases of hyperhidrosis and some chronic pain.
  • Some cases of muscle contraction.
  • Some people have slight facial wrinkles that are not as deep and chronic as the ones that need to be treated only with a surgical procedure.
  • To get rid of the forehead and around the eyes wrinkles.
  • It is also most of the time associated with Filler injections for the lips or face.

It is preferred for people who want to have Botox to be in a good health and they should tell the doctor about any chronic diseases if any existed, or any other skin problems.

Before a Botox injection

Before the injection, a specialist in our hospital asks the patient about his or her health.

He makes sure that his case is proper for injection and it is agreed with the doctor to determine the areas to be injected with Botox, whether in the face or body.

Before thirty days

Avoid using blood thinners and tell your doctor about any medications used, if any existed.

Seven days ago

Decreasing smoking as much as possible during the week before having Botox injection session.

Refrain definitively from drinking alcohol a week before Botox injection in Turkey.

During Botox injection in Turkey Istanbul

  • It does not usually take more than 15 minutes as it is very fast and is done without anesthesia because it is an easy and simple procedure.
  • The specialist doctor injects it using a fine syringe in the area where wrinkles are to be removed.
  • A local anesthetic cream is applied to decrease the injection pain as much as possible.

After having Botox injections

First day

Do not rub or massage the place where the doctor did the injection and apply ice.

Take a rest for a few minutes.

The healing period is very short, the patient can immediately return to his daily activities.

First week

After the first session at the end of the first week, the results start to appear.

These results vary from patient to another, the Botox injected facial lines and wrinkles fade away.

Its efficiency lasts about 8 months to 10 months and then you can come for another session.

Expected side effects:

  • Feeling temporary simple pain caused by the injection disappears quickly.
  • Slight redness in the injected areas.
  • Small bruises in form of swellings appear directly after the injection then immediately disappear.

The most important questions:

When does the injection efficiency start?

The result immediately starts to appear after the injection, the wrinkles begin to disappear after about 6 days, and its effect ends at the beginning of the eighth month and sometimes lasts up to 10 months.

Who can give the injections?          

The doctor is the only one who can give Botox injections; no nurse or another technician can give it because it requires expertise, accuracy, and skill.

How much pain will the patient feel from Botox injection?

The injection pain is very simple and there is no need for local or general anesthesia because of its fine syringe, and a local anesthetic cream can be applied to decrease the injection pain as much as possible.

How much does a Botox injection cost in Turkey?

Its cost varies according to the patient’s case who wants to have Botox. Depending on where the doctor injected it.

Turkey is one of the most important places in the world for cosmetic surgery in general and Botox injection in particular for several reasons such as:

  • High experience.
  • Average and reasonable cost.
  • Its strategic location in the middle of the world, being near many countries and it’s easy to travel to Turkey for tourism and medical tourism.
  • You can contact us at any time to book your procedure appointment in Istanbul Turkey or you can return to the homepage.

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