Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment

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Hyperhidrosis Treatment


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Hyperhidrosis treatment with BTX for excessive sweating treatment is one of the most critical current solutions.
Sweating in humans is a good health indicator as it is one of the ways to remove excess salts from the body. Still, when the sweating rate increases, it becomes a problem that requires a solution, especially if sweating is accompanied by annoying smells.
Deodorants are considered one of the methods used to get rid of bad odors. However, they do not address the problem, but may lead to skin pores clogging and exposing the person to health problems that may be severe because these products contain some carcinogenic chemicals chemicals.
So, some assisted medical solutions have emerged; the most important one is the BTX to remove sweating.
In the following article, Turk Aesthetic will show you all the information related to the sweating issue.

Causes of Hyperhidrosis

There are two types of hyperhidrosis:
Hyperhidrosis in the hands, feet, underarms, and face. This type of sweating is not caused by pathological reasons, but it is only because of the body’s exposure to an excessive heat source, physical effort, hormones, or emotion and tension for some reason. People with dark skin are the most susceptible to this problem.
Hyperhidrosis in vast areas of the body. It happens as a result of pregnancy, obesity, diabetes, or exposure to any infection.

BTX Injection for Hyperhidrosis Treatment

It can be used to treat of the first type of hyperhidrosis, but it does not fit for the second type. You should consult a specialist to determine the problem causes and choose the more suitable procedure than the injection procedure.
BTX injection does not prevent sweating entirely but reduces the amount of sweat produced by the body.
Biologically, BTX injection paralyzes or relaxes the muscles in the armpit area, thus impairing the functioning of the sweat glands in the same area, and as a result, reducing the sweating rate.
The effect of the injection is temporary for a period of 6 to 12 months. It is recommended to repeat the procedure after the expiration of nine months to maintain permanent results.

Treatment Methods

No need for anesthesia before the injection because it is a simple procedure.
If the patient is afraid of injections, a topical anesthetic cream can be used before starting.
The patient should take a shower before coming to the clinic.
The doctor will determine the injectable areas, clean the area under the armpit and dry it, then start the injection.
The procedure does not take more than five minutes, and then the patient can go home and practice a normal life without any problems.

BTX Injection Features for Hyperhidrosis Treatment

  • There is no surgical intervention, which means no need for anesthesia, and there is no pain.
  • Non-high costs.
  • Semi-immediate results.
  • There is no need to convalescence, and routine life can be practiced directly.
  • Get rid of sweat and annoying smells.

As for the symptoms that may be observed after using the injection to treat hyperhidrosis, summarized as the following:

  • Feeling discomfort under the armpit with minor pain.
  • Feeling headaches and /or high body temperature.
  • Allergies, in rare cases.
  • These symptoms can last for three days. If they last longer, you should inform your doctor immediately.

BTX Injection Costs For Hyperhidrosis Treatment

BTX injections cost vary based on the country, city, and even between the medical centers in the country and city themselves.

In general, the cost of BTX hyperhidrosis treatment is not considered high, but also acceptable even in countries where healthcare is expensive.

As for the average prices in some countries:

  • Egypt, the cost of one BTX needle is about $ 300, and in Qatar, it rises to $ 500.
  • Europe, the cost generally ranges from $ 400 to $ 1200, and France is the cheapest European country in this field.
  • Turkey, the cost ranges from $ 200 to $ 400, according to the medical center where the injection to be done.
    Finally, to request the cost of hyperhidrosis treatment by BTX injection from Turk Aesthetic, you can request prices from our support team via the link.